Saturday, October 10, 2015

Robin going to the temple

I never wrote down my thoughts and feelings the day I went through the temple just because I still did't feel comfortable talking about it and didn't know what was and what was not allowed to be shared. I remember being pregnant and uncomfortable for a few hours but that had nothing to do with he temple. It was also the day I got sealed and so everything was just all rolled into one crazy day. I do remember having Uncle Dave and Aunt Kelli playing a special part and how special that was for me. If I would have picked a couple in it would have been them. Good thing it was in Heavenly Fathers hands and he knew just what I needed.

I have now been endowed for 10 years and understand much more than when I went through for the first time. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Robin's special day by being her escort.I have never been so excited for to go to the temple or to have someone go through the temple and it was just perfect in every way. I think it is because I knew how special it was and was so excited for her to take the next steps to draw closer to Heavenly Father and understanding his perfect plan for us. It has just been a wonderful experience to help her along her conversion process and be a part of each step in that process. I have never been so close to someone to be able to testify each time I talk to her of the blessings of the gospel. Doing this has strengthened my own testimony and helped me grow even more.

One special thing about that day was that she found lots of family names and we have been doing their work to prepare them for endowments. So on the day that she went through all of the ward members that were there to support her did  a family name for Robin. Robin might be a convert and not have any family here on this earth that is a member but on this day she had over 15 family members get endowed with her in addition to the love and support that she had from the ward.

The best way I can describe everything is that the gospel is so "SWEET". That term has a new meaning and I have a deeper understing as to why the gospel is compared to fruit. It's just the best way to describe the gospel.

I loved every minute of everything with Robin. FHE lessons together, missionary discussions, baptism follow up lessons, baptism temple trips, late night talks, life lessons learned the hard way, temple prep classes, general conference talks, and just a great friendship. I loved being a part of it. It's not wonder we are encouraged to have every member a missionary because it is an awesome experience.

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