Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Maggie Riding a Bike

Today was a busy with normal everyday kind of stuff and a milestone for Maggie. Andrew across the street is 8. He hangs out with the girls a lot and goes to school with Zoey. He just got a new bike for Christmas and it had training wheels on it. Today his mom was taking his training wheels off and Maggie decided she wanted hers off too. Always wanting to be with the big kids. So in the middle of cooking dinner we took her training wheels off and she started to ride a two wheel bike. She picked it up super fast just like Zoey. I held on to her for a few times and she would crash because she was checking to see if I was touching her. So I just let her go and she took off ! That girl rode her bike for 2 hours and loved it.

With Zoey being so much older and riding in the street Maggie is having a hard time learning NOT to ride in the street. She is always trying to keep up with the big kids. She told me that the sidewalk made her go in the street and she didn't have a choice. Always something with her!

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