Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lost Dutchman 1/2 Matathon

It's always been a thought in my mind to do a marathon. However, I knew the reality of actually doing one was something else. I can't pinpoint why I decided or when I committed but it was a combination of wanting to get more fit, lose weight and complete the 1/2 marathon.

I started off with a training plan and did awesome the first few weeks. Some of my Disneyland trips messed up my training but walking around Disney was part of my endurance training. :) The big hurdle that I had to get over was the training and prep for the 10k at Thanksgiving. It required me to stay on my track so I could hit my 6 mile run in 4 weeks. This left very little room to miss training. Thank you Lindsay for the motivation! It was tough doing all my training in through the holidays but it helped me stay healthy. I did my 10k in 1 hour and 15 mins. This was my longest race ever! From there the training was fairly easy. I got over the big hurdle and then it was just a matter of doing it! Brit was a big help always kicking me out the door to go run; sometimes he would even ride a bike along side me. Music helped motivate me and quite, alone time, just thinking was enjoyable too. I have to say running in the winter in Arizona is awesome! I can't imagine running in colder weather. The training was not too bad. I fell quite a few times, had a few injures and was fairly sore all the time!

I ran my first ever half marathon on Sunday. It was AWESOME! I ran the Lost Dutchman half which was near Superstition Mountains. It was a beautiful day! I got to watch the sunrise, and then there was a light cloud cover that make the run perfect! The course had a few rolling hills but it was fairly flat with only 341 feet of elevation change. Normally my first mile is my slowest but this time it was my fastest. It must have been the adrenaline. Mile 9,10, and 11 were the absolute worst! I started to feel the pain... shin splints kicked in, my right foot felt like it had been stung by a bee and my plantar fasciitis was hurting on my left foot. Then at mile 12 the first marathon runner ran past me and a huge wave of adrenaline hit me that caused me to have a small anxiety attack. It was crazy! Then my legs just kicked in and started to move faster. I was so happy to turn the corner and see the end in sight but it made it so much better to see my girls running toward me and excited for me. I'll admit I had tears streaming down my face. They ran along with me for a few hundred feet saying, "You can do it Mom", "Keep up the good work Mom"! That motivated me to kick it up for the last 50 yards. I sprinted it out to passed 3 more people and finished with 2 hours and 45 mins. I could have done a faster race but I had a setting on my phone different so I didn't have my mile average notifications. If I did I could have done better. I guess that leaves room for improvement for the next race. :) I would have to say that I this was the best run/race ever because it was so gorgeous!
Everyone is now asking if I will do a full marathon. I have to say at mile 9 I thought, "there is no way in hell I will ever do a full marathon!" I won't completely rule it out but I think that there are definitely more half marathons in my future...once my foot gets better. I also think I'm going to do a trialathlon or dualathlon.

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