Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maggie Moments

Maggie is a crack up!

  • We went to the park after allergy shots yesterday. The girls were playing on the playground  for 10 mins and then Maggie came running over, "I gotta go potty". No restrooms so we went for bushy bushy. However, she peed her pants a little so I just took her underwear off. It was probably a bad idea since she was wearing a dress but hey! I pulled her dress down and sent her back to the playground....Fast forward 10 mins and she comes running back..."Mommy I accidentally went poop!" Oh, she sure did go poop but I don't think it was an accident! She had poop smeared all over her legs and was walking like she just got off a horse. lol I cleaned her off with napkins and water and put her in the car. Then I had to go pick up the GIANT poop that was all sandy at the bottom of the playground ladder. It was pretty funny. We went home and we ALL took showers. :) When Brit got home he asked his normal question, "what did you guys do today?" Without skipping a beat Maggie responded, "I went poop at the park!" Gotta love Maggie!
  • The other day Maggie was in the garage and came running in saying, "Daddy, Daddy, look what I found!" She found a moth that was huge and brought it in the house to show us. Zoey got all girly and freaked out. Brit was disgusted that she picked up a dead bug and I was just laughing that she was so excited about it. Once she learned that it creeped out Dad and Zoey she giggled and proceeded to inch it closer and closer to them. Which made them both freak out in disgust.  Maggie and I got a good laugh out of it. I didn't know those 2 were so afraid of bugs. 
  • "Mom my ear is juicy"- It sure is!-She has an ear infection and it is draining

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dishonest people make me sad; body checking people into a wall make me happy

Today was not so fun. Found out that my debit card was hacked…again! In July I had my credit card number stolen by a skimmer in a shady part of Riverside on my way to Disneyland. The bank caught it and was able to reverse the charges right away so it was not a big deal. Then last month we got a call from the bank asking if we were in California shopping…Someone hack Brit's debit card and went on a shopping spree at Janie and Jack for $500 bucks. This was kind of annoying because paperwork was required to get the charges reversed. And today my debit card was stolen off of Amazon, someone put it on their account and decided to go on a shopping spree. This too will require paperwork but at least my bank is awesome and refunded the charges. The issues have been resolved each time but it sucks to be the victim. This time was especially depressing because Brit and I got into a huge argument over it. Not having money is stressful, having your spouse think you spent money that you didn't have makes the situation more stressful and then finding out it was fraud should make anyone a stressful basket case….right? 
I just broke down crying because I was just so stressed and I took it out on my husband. I'd like to think that I can handle a lot but it turns out I can only handle so much then I just snap. Not proud of my inability to keep calm in stressful situations but it's a work in progress. Sorry babe for being a crazy wife- glad you accept me with all my flaws and are ALWAYS willing to forgive me and move forward. 
On a brighter note the girls were funny this afternoon. 
We went to Chick-fil-a after our busy afternoon of doctor appointments…Yes, spending money that I shouldn't; don't judge, I needed to relax and read my book. 
My books always put me in a good mood and I was at a fun part so there was a smile on my face and I was chipper (Janet Evanovich I love you!). Then I noticed Maggie was running from the play place to the counter of goodies. (She found that mints were free and easily accessible). She would come running out of the play place, go to the counter, and run back with a huge smile on her face. After 2 trips Zoey convinced Maggie to go get her some. When she came running out a forth time I stopped her and "read her mind" she thought it was crazy that I knew where she was going. So with a silly smile she ran back to the play place. 30 seconds later I see Zoey run out. So I stopped her in her tracks and told her her no more… it was said with a smile so Zoey had a "disappointed smile". Then they started to get creative…They passed up the mints and were collecting straws, every few pages that I read I saw one of the girls run by with a hand full of straws. I finally decided to pull my eyes away from the pages and noticed that the girls had made a tower by sticking straws into each other, made fangs with straws and shoving 5-10 straws in their drinks. It was funny for a little but I finally had to take them way. Then they were back to the mints. I giggled at their attempts to get mints. We had a few good laughs of me catching them and attacking them with kisses. All in all I'm glad I was able to calm down enough to be a good mom even if I was a horrible wife for an hour. I love that the girls are always forgiving and are silly enough to put me in a good mood. 
I also realized that my meltdown/fly of the handle moment was on a Thursday afternoon…and you know what that means right? It means I have not body checked anyone into a wall or kick the living daylights out of a soccer ball for 7 whole days!!! I tell ya without soccer I would go bonkers! Let me just say if felt GREAT to kick some butt at soccer tonight. Scoring goals, running my out of shape body, and body checking a few guys…Better watch out annoying mean people who steal my credit card information!!!
Here's to another week of trying to be a better person!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peaches and Tomatoes

Want so peach pie? This one was AMAZING!

Got a ton of tomatoes and they were so yummy! 

Made tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes

I told maggie no more snacks after dinner….So she had to get sneaky!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last day in NY!

Since we had to check out of the hotel we were required to cart around our luggage for any of our tourist stuff that we wanted to do. We ended up going on a boat cruise. Saw most of the stuff already but it was still fun to get it from a different view and was something to do. 

Ellis Island

How awesome are these clouds?

Famous Tiffany co on Wall street

Not the famous Trump tower but hey...

This is where our first president- George Washington was sworn into office and the Bill of Rights was written.

Just had to...

Old train tracks above