Saturday, August 30, 2014

NYC Day 3- Lindsey wedding

I’ll have to say NYC is pretty awesome but from finding the right subway route to the best food spots to sightseeing spots it can be rather complicated. We’ve done most of it on our own without a smart phone. Apps make things pretty simple but with no technology we are back to an old fashion map. It’s fun but I’m just saying being a tourist takes planning.

 We woke up early and went down to the temple to do a session. It is one of the small temples and boy is it small. It was a busy day at the temple but it was awesome. After the session we ran down to Gray’s Papaya and got some yummy Frankfurts. They make their own hot dogs and they were AMAZING.

Ah can any dancer guess what this is? 
Juilliard School -Directly across from the temple

Mom of the bride is actually waving
Aunt Kelli 

Waiting for then Jacksons

There they are!!!

Clarence asked Brit to teach him how to tie his bow tie

They hired a "drone" that had a camera on it to take video/pictures from the air. How cool! 

3 pretty ladies if I don't say so myself

Chelsea, Aunt Susie and Uncle Bill

Colin, Mike, and Brit

Super cute ramada

They really do have a horse and carriage that can take you through central park

Cherry Hill bridge

Dang girl got in the shot! 

This was a group that sang before the couple arrived

Ring boy and ring girl. So cute!!

I just love her dress!

Lindsey had to go chase after her ring

This reception was so perfect! It was simple and oh so Lindsey. It was so unique I loved it. 

We all sat on blankets and just visited. 

Clarence found a bench to eat his dinner. I thought that was funny. I loved seeing his personality. 
After this the bride and groom went on a boat ride on the lake. How romantic! We headed back home because our feet were tired. It was a wonderful day! Lindsey and Clarence it was a pleasure to be with you on your special day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

NYC Day 2

Lindsey and Clarence opening their gift from Margaret

On the subway

 Behind us is New Jersey

Lower Manhattan and the bridges

Can you see liberty island?

There she is! Lady Liberty!

I found some family! Going to take it home to see if I can do some more genealogy! 

Here Mom and Dad see what you can come up with...

names of Zezulkas that crossed through Ellis Island

Ellis island family name wight the NYC skyline

Brit was one of the last ones on the boat. Can you spot him enjoying the view?

Grammy Miller was saying "oh no" get me away from those snakes

New York Financial District

Cool cathedral near Wall street

$$$New York Stock Exchange$$$

Inside the cathedral

Outside the Cathedral

Old cemetery :)

NY Stalk Exchange is the building to the left but I thought this was an awesome shot!

Yum- Italian sausage and Philly Cheesesteak

Here comes the subway

Love it in motion

Lots of tracks

Empire state building is to the left

Just some cool buildings

An old subway line that was turned into a park. Highline park

Can you see the subway line?

New Jersey behind me

Chelsea Behind me

Highline park(downtown)

Love the clock and the buildings. Dan Porter do you see the clock on the side of the building? It's 3 stories!

Another cool building 

Some famous park

Brit liked these owls 

Houston and Broadway at rush hour. Busy and crazy! 
After this we jumped on the Subway to meet Margaret, Betsy, and Justin for dinner. The subway also had traffic they subways were delayed because all the tracks will stacked just like the taxis were. It was nuts! We got awesome NY pizza and a Gyro that was yummy too. We ate dessert and then went shopping. Brit and I went to get a present for Lindsey and then we went home. 

Best part of the day was face timing with Zoey and Maggie. I love my baby girls!!!