Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas Eve was the first time we have ever been by ourselves. It was enjoyable to relax and not rush. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner together. Then we watched a Christmas movie, laid cookies out for Santa, and put the girls to bed.
Santa then worked his/her magic and was done by 9:15pm

Christmas was pleasant...we were woken up at 7:30 by 2 eager grandparents...After we let them in and settled back into bed, the girls woke up :)
Maggie got a Jeep she was excited yet nerves to drive it. Once she got use it she was all over the place!

Zoey learned that Santa does not bring everything that she asks for. Well she did not get an Ipad, an Iphone, or an Ipod. She also did not get a rainbow loom (because her uncle got it for her). Instead Santa brought her a Pogo stick. She was a little disappointed for a spit second but moved on and just decided to be happy. I was SO proud of her attitude that she chose to have. She got the rainbow loom that night from her Uncle and was thrilled! When talking with Zoey about Christmas she would also talking about how the savior was born. She said because Heavenly Father gave us the best gift, our savior, Santa brings us gifts to remember him and give to others. She is growing into such a beautiful strong, selfless, young woman and I could not be happier. I think her and Maggie started a new tradition in our house this year. Since it is Jesus' birthday they wanted to sing him Happy Birthday and eat cake! It is their personal way to remember him and celebrate his birth. So we did!

We enjoyed a movie at Harkins as the girls played in the play place- gosh I love that! We had Christmas dinner at my parents, my brother David, my sister and her family. We TRIED an unusual  white elephant gift exchange that made Maggie cry and Jacob mad. Once it was over we did the normal white elephant exchange with the same gifts to cheer the kids back up. We exchanged real gifts and I was happy to see that my siblings enjoyed their gifts. I also surprised Brit with a gift that he thought I didn't get...but I did. :)

It was a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

A NORMAL Monday!

For the past year and a half my Monday's have looked like this
Drive home
Grab the girls
Start Zoey's homework
Make dinner
Kiss Brit in passing then drive all the way back to school in Phoenix to attend class for 4 hours
Drive home then head to bed...
To say the least, it's a long day.

This last Monday was gift! No class! We actually got to have FHE on Monday and not Wed. or Thurs.
Elfey our house Elf took us on our traditional "Christmas Express". He hid in the car, left hot chocolate, popcorn, and an I SPY list on the table. Then we all went to look at Christmas lights and looked for things on the I SPY list.The girls loved it. It's our own little treat that makes looking at Christmas lights more fun.