Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My views

I use to think that I was a feminist but I’m not.
I am totally Pro-Women. As in “You go girl”… Do any job, sport, or activity that you are passionate about. Females can be strong, lead armys, and fight back. Don’t let being female hold you back because it is not the status-quo. But don’t degrade men (or women) in the process. Just because you can do “anything” doesn't mean that men can’t or women that choose not to should. Women can still be stay at home moms and should not be degraded for it. I don’t think females are better than males and I don’t think males are better than females. I think they are equal. However, I do think that in order to make things work men and women take on different roles and duties. What those duties are up to the people involved.  In some households the men do the yard work in others the women do. In some households the women do the cooking, in others the men do. Some women are more nurturing then men; likewise, some men are more nurturing then women. You can’t define roles and duties for men and women in one given answer. The shared responsibility looks different in every relationship, family, and environment. With that statement, I also believe that the Family Proclamation to the World is true. Men and Women are equal and share equal responsibility to care for and nurture their children.
I use to avoid politics but now I don’t.
I never got involved in discussion before because it just created drama and voicing my opinion never made a difference in the long run. Now I feel like the gap between right and wrong is too big to be complacent.
I use to not have an opinion on guns but now I do.
I use to think my opinion on same sex marriage was just an opinion but now I know it’s more than that.
I believe that a marriage should be between a man and women. For the simple fact that the creation of humans can only exist because of this union. Yes, I understand that some men and women can’t have kids naturally. Yes, I know some people should really not reproduce because they neglect or abuse children. Yes, I love my friends that are gay. However, regardless of all the circumstances marriage between Man and Women is ordained of God and should not be changed because of the flaws of man.
I use to think that being Mormon meant I had the same views as other Mormons but now I know that I don’t.
Yeah, being Mormon is not black and white. As a child I use to think that we believe ALL the same things. I've learned that I rarely believe the same thing as my Mormon friends…let me explain... Belief about our religion and the truth of it ABSOLUTELY! But political views, parenting styles, how many kids to have and how soon…not so much. I have learned that as an individual I have an opinion. My opinion is simply that. It works for me and I’m happy with it. Don’t assume all Mormons are the same just because they are a part of the same religion. We have many things in common but we can have very different views on other things.
I use to avoid talking about religion but now I don’t.
Ask me what I did this weekend and now I will tell you the truth. My simple answer of “nothing” or “just hung out with my family” will no longer be. I will tell you about my trip to the temple, 3 hours of church, 2 hours of church meetings, visiting teaching appointments, home teaching appointment, mutual activities, missionary dinners, family home evening, and the dinner I gave to a friend. I was embarrassed on what people might think when I told them about my “real” weekend or I was scared of the questions that would follow. I’m also tired of being fake. I never considered myself fake but my religion has everything to do with my life so why would I avoid talking about it. If you really want to know me, what I do with my church is a part of that and I love every minute of it! 

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