Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No more monkey's jumping on the trampoline

The skinny jeans were a PAIN to get off. I was afraid I would have to cut them but we managed to get them off with little pain for Maggie.

Maggie broke her foot jumping on the trampoline. She is a trooper and is doing great just chilling with Rosie. This is her outside while we made belts at Uncle Dave's house.

This was Maggie in the car ride home from California. She was multitasking...talking to Jack(Betsy) and playing on the Kindle. 

Poor kid is going to miss out on a lot this summer. I  just remembered that swim lessons starts today! Bummer deal...
Boo for broken bones!

Update* So we went to urgent care on Saturday. They told me it was a fracture, put her in a splint and that I should follow up with an orthopedic. It was a very quick visit and it did not seam like it was a big deal. Everything was closed Sunday and Monday because of the holiday so we stayed in California as planned. She was not in too much pain and so we managed. The car ride was slick we propped it up on a suitcase and added some pillows for comfort. It was elevated the whole way home. 

Monday I did a half day at work, researched pediatric orthopedics found an awesome one in Scottsdale.   Maggie and I went into the appointment planning on getting a cast and dealing with that. However, the doctor hemmed and hawed over the x-rays and then wanted more. We went to the other room and did TONS of x rays (much easier that at urgent care).  It was movable x-ray machine kind of like the one at the dentist so Maggie got the x-rays taken while sitting in her stroller. Totally awesome! Minute by minute I started to realize it was not a simple break.

Update #2 Turns out Maggie broke her LEG in a very unique way. I'm not a  doctor but here is what I understood... She broke her Tibia on the bottom of the bone which IS the growth plate (I originally thought the "growth plate" was a different bone). The bone was broke through 3 layers and has a zig zag break which is splitting the bone. The doctor had to put a screw in at the bottom of her Tibia to hold the bone together so it does not split any further and so it can heal properly.
Here is a picture of both of her legs side by side on Tuesday before surgery. CRAZY!

SO he scheduled us for surgery right away and she was admitted to the hospital. They had an amazing pediatric department and were so good with Maggie. They had a child care nurse that stayed with Maggie through all the tough moments. She had a doll and showed Maggie everything that they were going to do (at a 3 year old level). She had an Ipad to distract her while they placed the IV, she did dress up to show what the doctors and nurses would look like, she gave her dolls, coloring stuff and everything that a kid could want when in the hospital. It was also very reassuring for me to know that one nurse was dedicated to comforting my child(the whole day) so the others could do their job. Maggie dealt with roughly 30 nurses and doctors and it was nice that she always had a familiar face that would explain it to her and try and make her happy. I was very pleased.
Anyway, surgery went well. She woke up for a little then fell asleep (it was bed time) they she woke up a few hours latter and they let us go home. She slept through the night. 

She has a cast on now that goes from her toes to her thigh. One of many that she will have in the next few months. She will be in a cast for about 3 months but should get out of the full leg cast in 3 weeks.
We won't really know any of the real damage till the bone starts to heal and as she to grows.

Maggie has been an AMAZING, TOUGH little cookie and I could not be more proud of her. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brit's Birthday

Brit's Birthday was just another day but with a date in the middle of the day. A treat for both of us.
We went to Joe's BBQ for lunch, lounged in the pool for an hour, went to Zoey's school presentation, ate watermelon, had dessert at Joe's farm grill and let the kids run around!
It was a fun and relaxing day.

Happy Birthday Brit!

Cute Girls and Yummy Watermelon

 I love these girls! They are so dang cute!
 We enjoyed eating watermelon yesterday. It was refreshing in the heat.We are very excited for the summer.
Check this girl out...One in her hands and one on standby.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day WEEKEND

Brit is the best! I have to say he spoils me pretty good all the time but when it really counts he does a great job.
Friday I got flowers and went to girls night with my friends
Saturday was a baptism, pool fun, and a dinner date
Sunday was a lovely day which included a nap, amazing lunch, and swimming and dinner at my parents
Best part was BRIT SHAVED HIS WHOLE FACE! If you haven't seen him lately he WAS sporting a pretty long goatee with a handlebar mustache. I hate facial hair so this was a BIG treat for me.

Zoey and Maggie spoiled me too.
Maggie colored a flower pot and gave me a flower, also made me paper flowers
Zoey wrote nice notes to me and posted them all around the house. She also made me a craft, a few cards and had good behavior all day.
Oh and the girls also bought me chocolate covered strawberries too (okay, I might have bought them for myself and said they were from the girls)!

A perfect Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kid Moments

We went to ward baptisms today. At dinner time Maggie dunked her bracelet in the water and said, "my bracelet is getting baptized".

After 5 years of non stop eczema we took a huge gamble on a steroid shot. In the total of 5 years we have only gotten her legs and arms cleared twice which was for less than 2 days and we could not pip point what really solved the problem because we were not doing anything different.
We have tried MANY different types of solutions and nothing has fixed it. Some have helped maintain it more than others but nothing fully complete. Yes, if we did more frequently I'm sure it would have helped but with school it's just not possible.
The shot is the same kind of medicine that we put on her topically. The shot goes directly in her blood and tries to cure it from the inside out rather than from the outside in. It was a gamble because when she did her allergy testing there was not a huge reaction to anything just mild to moderate irritation. The shot she got is designed to help allergies. I am OVERLY PLEASED to see my Zoey with "pretty legs"! The shot worked wonders! She got the shot on Tuesday and by Friday her legs were clear and smooth. Zoey is so happy she is not required to wear tights this weekend. I am eager to see how long it lasts...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zoey's Piano Recital and Maggie's Skittles

Zoey has worked 3 LONG and HARD years to get through the Let's Play Music program. She has does an amazing job at practicing 5 times a week on top of her her school homework. Sometimes she loved to practice other times it was like pulling teeth. She cried at the thought of hard songs but with time and lots of practice she was able to master all the songs. She amazed me on each lesson with her ability to understand difficult pieces quickly. She is so talented and playing the piano and I am so proud of her progress.

For this recital she created her own piece. Every line, measure, and note was created by her.  She calls it "Butterfly Wings"- She says, "If you listen closely you can hear the wings flapping in the broken cords." She loved making this piece and making changes to it every time it "felt" off.

She also played a very difficult piece for her level "America the Beautiful". My girl was AMAZING and did an awesome job! I am one proud mama!

Maggie also had a performace that night too. It really shows my poor parenting skills for the moment... which is sad but funny...To keep Maggie quite at the recital I pulled out the "King Size" bag of Skittles that she got for her birthday and just let her go to town. Well, the recital was an hour long and Maggie ate the WHOLE bag! Needless to say she sat still and was great...as long as she had her skittles.

*Note: I rarely give my children candy!

Fast forward 3 hours and she started puking...and puking and puking! She was puking all night! It was so sad. Brit observed that the puke was "not that bad" to clean up because it smelled fruity (gross and funny, I know!).  The poor girl was so miserable. I told her she was sick from having too much candy.  And she really understood it. When I reminded her the next day about candy and how she can get sick she was happy to pass it up.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maggie turns 3

Maggie turned 3 on Wednesday. A few days before her birthday she got her present from Grammy Miller in the mail. The placed the box on the floor in the hallway so when she got home I told her it was her birthday present. When she got home she sat on top of her box and was pleased as punch! She said her "Birthday Party was in the box". It was supper cute. She had a cupcake party at daycare, we went to Joe's Farm Grill for dinner and had a cake party/presents with my family. She loved her new quilt from Grammy but I loved it MORE!

  • She got cute outfits from Grandma Zezulka  and Popsie
  • The Klase's got her a Mikey mouse phone and water bottle and she LOVES it.
  • Grammy Miller made her a quilt, a purse and gave her 3 dollars (which she used to buy ice cream from the ice cream lady).
  • Brit and I gave her a purple bike
  • The TomoAma's gave her LOTS of gifts for her dolly (highchair, swing, carseat) Yes, Rosie is definitely a member of the Miller family. 
  • Her FAVORITE gift that she go that day was a king size bag of Skittles from our home teachers *see story on the May 9th*
It was a great little party and Maggie was a happy girl!