Thursday, January 24, 2013

California for Grammy's Birthday

 On Friday we were planning on going up to St. Johns to visit a friend. I packed the car and we were all ready to go. I just finished talking to Grammy Miller and heard all about her Birthday plans. I was bummed we could not join her but knew we would have fun up North. I was filling up my gas tank to hit the road and Jenna called to tell me her kids were sick. Needless to say  we were not going to St. Johns. What was I going to do all weekend?! My car was packed and ready for a trip and all I needed was a destination! I figured we had everything we needed but church clothes to go to California. I stopped by the house grabbed a few last minute things and hit the road! It was totally unplanned and perfect! I coordinated with Aunt Kelli but we were able to surprise Grammy at dinner.

The girls were ready to play after being in the car so I knew they would not manage a sit down dinner very well.  We played EVERYWHERE you can imagine at South Coast. We went over the bridge, played at the water garden, played in the wishing fountain, went on the carousel, and looked in fun shops. It was a fun night.

Saturday we went to Laguna Beach to play in the tide pools. Kirk, Alana, and Margaret met us here to look at shops and have lunch.  

Maggie was chasing the waves. As one of the waves was going back she was running toward it when a rock appeared and she took a nose dive in the ocean. 

So she ended up running around a little naked
Good thing I had a change of clothes in the car!

Sunday we went to church at 4th ward. It was fun seeing all of my friends. Five of my good friends have moved back into the ward so it was like a YW Reunion. It was kind of funny because we were talking in the hall and one of our old leaders walked past and said, "WOW, did I just travel back in time to 2000 because I swear I have seen this picture before."   
After Church we we to the Sillasen's to visit and then we headed to Kirk and Alana's house for Grammy's Birthday dinner. 

Monday we played 

and played

Untill it was time to go home. The girls had lots of fun but they sure missed their Daddy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Story time

Maggie is sick and all sick days involve an air mattress in the living room, movies, and snuggle time. Tonight we laid on the air mattress and had make-believe story time. I started it and then Brit made up the next part of the story and we passed it back and forth a few times.
It was a 30 min story but here is the basics...can you tell what Brit did and what I did...LoL the girls loved it!
It started off with a Prince on a quest who ran into some Hobbits and they gave him food. Then the Prince ran off to find his princess who was in the castle guarded by a dragon. The Prince and the Hobbits attacked the dragon and the Prince ran to the top of the castle. In the mean time the Hobbits went down in the basement and found dwarfs that were locked up. The Prince found his princess licked her face like a dog, then shook her wake up. The Prince scooped her up in his arms and ran down the stairs. They ran into the "maid" who followed them in the dungeon. They found a golden key but before they could see if it opened the lock the maid snatched it and ran into the woods on her giant wolf. The Prince didn't want to go but he knew that it was important to care for others. The Prince asked for the Princess to wait for him and her ran after the witch on his trusty horse. Then a Griffin appeared and killed the wolf * some of these details got PG-13 and we had to bring it back to a G rating* and the "maid" ran off into a cave. Then the Prince ran in the cave which caught of fire and he jumped through it and followed the "maid" who turned into an ugly old witch. The Prince threw his shield at the witch and she shriveled up into ash and in the ash was a gold key. The Prince grabbed the key, mounted his horse, and returned to the castle. There he freed the dwarfs, thanked the Hobbits for their help and married the Princess...And they lived happily ever after (except for the witch she died)!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I LOVE Superstition Mountain

Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 was a good year. Not that I ever think I have a bad year
January- We visited Family in Garden Grove and San Diego and played in the snow in Flagstaff. We were grateful for the important things that we did have...Family
February- Maggie got accepted back into daycare and started the transition back
March- Brit got a job, I went on Trek with the youth in our stake
April- I got promoted at work
May- Maggie and Brit enjoyed a mellow Birthday, I joined the PTO board
June- Zoey and I went on a Backpacking, camping trip with a few friends
July- Zoey had her Birthday at Tutor Time and the Miller's came in for a quick visit too
August- Maggie got her ears fixed, Zoey started 2nd grade
September- Maggie got potty trained, I started my Masters
October- Zoey cut her hair off to a cute bob, Maggie became obsessed with umpa lumpas
November- Don and Jessica came for Thanksgiving
December- Brit and I enjoyed a relaxing vacation in CABO

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm bringing sexy back

Well today is the start of a new year. I am motivated and ready to do this. My ultimate goal is getting wedding day skinny by July...155lbs. 42lbs in 26 weeks
I love you food but today I am gaining control of what is mine.
Here are my main focus areas: running, soccer, eating healthy, and drinking water
I'm limiting myself to 1 Diet Coke a week instead of 3 or 4 a day
Defiantly the biggest I have ever been. Without a kid in my belly!