Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas Eve was the first time we have ever been by ourselves. It was enjoyable to relax and not rush. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner together. Then we watched a Christmas movie, laid cookies out for Santa, and put the girls to bed.
Santa then worked his/her magic and was done by 9:15pm

Christmas was pleasant...we were woken up at 7:30 by 2 eager grandparents...After we let them in and settled back into bed, the girls woke up :)
Maggie got a Jeep she was excited yet nerves to drive it. Once she got use it she was all over the place!

Zoey learned that Santa does not bring everything that she asks for. Well she did not get an Ipad, an Iphone, or an Ipod. She also did not get a rainbow loom (because her uncle got it for her). Instead Santa brought her a Pogo stick. She was a little disappointed for a spit second but moved on and just decided to be happy. I was SO proud of her attitude that she chose to have. She got the rainbow loom that night from her Uncle and was thrilled! When talking with Zoey about Christmas she would also talking about how the savior was born. She said because Heavenly Father gave us the best gift, our savior, Santa brings us gifts to remember him and give to others. She is growing into such a beautiful strong, selfless, young woman and I could not be happier. I think her and Maggie started a new tradition in our house this year. Since it is Jesus' birthday they wanted to sing him Happy Birthday and eat cake! It is their personal way to remember him and celebrate his birth. So we did!

We enjoyed a movie at Harkins as the girls played in the play place- gosh I love that! We had Christmas dinner at my parents, my brother David, my sister and her family. We TRIED an unusual  white elephant gift exchange that made Maggie cry and Jacob mad. Once it was over we did the normal white elephant exchange with the same gifts to cheer the kids back up. We exchanged real gifts and I was happy to see that my siblings enjoyed their gifts. I also surprised Brit with a gift that he thought I didn't get...but I did. :)

It was a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

A NORMAL Monday!

For the past year and a half my Monday's have looked like this
Drive home
Grab the girls
Start Zoey's homework
Make dinner
Kiss Brit in passing then drive all the way back to school in Phoenix to attend class for 4 hours
Drive home then head to bed...
To say the least, it's a long day.

This last Monday was gift! No class! We actually got to have FHE on Monday and not Wed. or Thurs.
Elfey our house Elf took us on our traditional "Christmas Express". He hid in the car, left hot chocolate, popcorn, and an I SPY list on the table. Then we all went to look at Christmas lights and looked for things on the I SPY list.The girls loved it. It's our own little treat that makes looking at Christmas lights more fun.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My views

I use to think that I was a feminist but I’m not.
I am totally Pro-Women. As in “You go girl”… Do any job, sport, or activity that you are passionate about. Females can be strong, lead armys, and fight back. Don’t let being female hold you back because it is not the status-quo. But don’t degrade men (or women) in the process. Just because you can do “anything” doesn't mean that men can’t or women that choose not to should. Women can still be stay at home moms and should not be degraded for it. I don’t think females are better than males and I don’t think males are better than females. I think they are equal. However, I do think that in order to make things work men and women take on different roles and duties. What those duties are up to the people involved.  In some households the men do the yard work in others the women do. In some households the women do the cooking, in others the men do. Some women are more nurturing then men; likewise, some men are more nurturing then women. You can’t define roles and duties for men and women in one given answer. The shared responsibility looks different in every relationship, family, and environment. With that statement, I also believe that the Family Proclamation to the World is true. Men and Women are equal and share equal responsibility to care for and nurture their children.
I use to avoid politics but now I don’t.
I never got involved in discussion before because it just created drama and voicing my opinion never made a difference in the long run. Now I feel like the gap between right and wrong is too big to be complacent.
I use to not have an opinion on guns but now I do.
I use to think my opinion on same sex marriage was just an opinion but now I know it’s more than that.
I believe that a marriage should be between a man and women. For the simple fact that the creation of humans can only exist because of this union. Yes, I understand that some men and women can’t have kids naturally. Yes, I know some people should really not reproduce because they neglect or abuse children. Yes, I love my friends that are gay. However, regardless of all the circumstances marriage between Man and Women is ordained of God and should not be changed because of the flaws of man.
I use to think that being Mormon meant I had the same views as other Mormons but now I know that I don’t.
Yeah, being Mormon is not black and white. As a child I use to think that we believe ALL the same things. I've learned that I rarely believe the same thing as my Mormon friends…let me explain... Belief about our religion and the truth of it ABSOLUTELY! But political views, parenting styles, how many kids to have and how soon…not so much. I have learned that as an individual I have an opinion. My opinion is simply that. It works for me and I’m happy with it. Don’t assume all Mormons are the same just because they are a part of the same religion. We have many things in common but we can have very different views on other things.
I use to avoid talking about religion but now I don’t.
Ask me what I did this weekend and now I will tell you the truth. My simple answer of “nothing” or “just hung out with my family” will no longer be. I will tell you about my trip to the temple, 3 hours of church, 2 hours of church meetings, visiting teaching appointments, home teaching appointment, mutual activities, missionary dinners, family home evening, and the dinner I gave to a friend. I was embarrassed on what people might think when I told them about my “real” weekend or I was scared of the questions that would follow. I’m also tired of being fake. I never considered myself fake but my religion has everything to do with my life so why would I avoid talking about it. If you really want to know me, what I do with my church is a part of that and I love every minute of it! 

Mad Maggie

Someone was a little angry that I made her go to bed...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A new day

Though there are plenty of things to be angry about, there are almost no good things your anger can accomplish. Rather than reacting with anger, redirect your energy into intentional, positive purpose.

                                                                                            Ralph Marston

Monday, September 9, 2013

A bitter sweet day

The bitter part of today found me seeking ways to improve. The key word was love language...

The sweet part of my day was acknowledging that the Heavenly Father is AGAIN aware of our needs financially. He is blessing us in ways that are perfect for this exact moment...and I am grateful.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Grateful for..

It's not the best day so I am focusing on my blessings
  • Zoey's motivation to be a good student and strive to achieve her best at school
  • Zoey's kindness that she has for her family. She is a great sister to Maggie and is always forgiving her when Maggie is abusing her (it's true maggie is mean to her...most of the time) 
  • Maggie's ability to run and jump and be happy. She was so sad this summer in her cast I am happy her leg is healing. The damage is still yet to be determined so I'm just glad she can be a kid again and have fun
  • Maggie's ability to change her bad behavior into good behavior in a second
  • Brit's job
  • My job
  • The gilbert temple
  • The knowledge of the gospel
  • Margaret's love and support
  • Our house
  • A desire to serve

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trampoline Injury Facts

Everyone keeps asking if I am Anti-trampolines now... I thought it was kind of interesting... honestly it was a fluke accident. She had no contact with anyone, she did not fall off so she really does not fit in the typical trampoline accident group.  But no...I'm still okay with my kids playing on the trampolines. I have definitely learned from this experience but it's not going to make me an overly cautious mom (Well maybe for a little).
Trampoline Injury Facts
  • According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), 246,875 medically treated trampoline injuries occur annually in the U.S. Of this total, 186,405 of these injuries occurred among children aged 14 or younger.
  • According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) hospital emergency room-treated trampoline injuries almost tripled in the last decade - from an estimated 37,500 in 1991 to almost 100,000 in 1999
  • Nearly two-thirds of trampoline injury victims were children 6 to 14 years of age.
  • About 15% of trampoline injuries involved young children under 6 years old.
  • In 1999, injuries to the leg/foot were reported most frequently, accounting for 40% of the total. Injuries to the arm/hand accounted for 29% of the total, head/face/neck accounted for 20%, and shoulder/trunk were associated 10% of the total
Maggie's "little" accident has a current tab in  at $2,500...We still have the removal of the screw to come. Maggie won't be allowed on a trampoline for a while because I want her leg to heal but I'm sure she will be back to jumping...eventually. 


We are happy to have most of our life back to "normal" whatever that may look like...
I am happy Maggie is happy and back her fun self. - A wagon, a bathing suit and Toms...What more could a girl need?
I enjoyed making this ladder thing. No.. it is not a pot rack as I am not a fan of those but I do like it as decoration. I am thinking of all the fun things that I can do with in during Halloween and Christmas. :)
My next project has to do with my ORANGE wall...more to come when I am finished.

We pressure washed the house for the first time since we moved in. Which means it was the first time ever that all the windows were clean on the same day. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All in a week

I didn't want to focus on the negative but I thought it was important to list what happened this week for future purposes. In year I want to laugh at what caused me to have a bad week. I want my kids to know that bad things happen to us that are out of our control,  and in the end it is not the end of the world...
Here goes...
Margaret has been here for the month of July to help with Zoey and they have been sewing up a storm...

Monday was fine and dandy...then just as I was getting ready to leave work daycare calls and says that Maggie has a fever. Uggg *that means no daycare tomorrow* I pick her up and sure enough she has a fever but is still active.

Tuesday we left Maggie home with Grammy and they managed the day together. I thought Maggie would be over her fever but sure enough she still had a fever. On my way home I hit and killed a bird. There were 2 in the middle of the street and like all birds I thought it would fly flew away and the other totally hit my grill with a big thud and then rolled up my hood and off the side on my car. I was shocked. I'm not gonna lie I laughed a little.. then I felt sad for the bird. This was also the day that Margaret found out her uncle had passed and she was trying to make it to the funeral.

Wednesday I took a half day so I could get Maggie into the doctor and get things in order before Margaret left. Maggie ended up having 2 ear infections. We were trying to get Margaret on a flight and use wifi at the Wendys by sitting in their parking lot. Maggie then said she needed to go potty so I got out of the car (one leg out) and BAM!! the car next to me smashed my door into the jam. I was not hurt my door was caught on his bumper and he smashed it into the hinges. He admitted that he just went through the drive-thru and they forgot part of his order so he was in a hurry to get back to work. In the middle of all this Maggie peed her pants (poor thing). Long story short I could not close my door because of the damage. I called my lifesaver-Kim- and she rescued us while I waited for a tow truck.    
Margaret decided that going to the funeral was just not going to work out.
-I could not close my door any further than this picture because it was smashed into the hinges.

Thursday Maggie and I slept in. We ended up sleeping in till noon! It was great. I decided that I better do something fun to be a good mom.  I was going to paint American flags on Maggie's toes...She was begging for weeks. I had her on the stairs, her boot was off, and she was she was staying in one spot. I thought I can just paint them here because moving her would get her busy and walking on her hurt foot. I grabbed the 3 colors and started to paint. Maggie grabbed the red as I was painting and before I knew it there was red nail polish all over my carpet! It was HORRIBLE! I googled and researched and figured it was worth a shot to try the crazy stuff that they recommended. I started with dabbing to get the extra paint up. *Funny/not so funny- carpet cleaner really didn't help much but google came through with 2 winners....hairspray and hydrogen peroxide! I scrubbed for about 30 mins but sure enough 90% of the color came out. You can only see one small spot... and that is if you are looking for it. Uggg my energy for doing something fun was gone...We ended up going school shopping for clothes which was fun and got my mind off all the other stuff.
That night we had plans to go see a movie... just the adults. Maggie was at home not feeling 100% and Zoey had swim. We arranged for Kim to watch Maggie and Grammy Zezulka would take Zoey home to Kim's. When Grammy Zezulka dropped Zoey off they would go to bed and Misty would be home. In the middle of the movie Kim calls and was concerned because Zoey was still not there. Grammy thought it would be good to go get ice cream. All was well...once I tracked them down.  I love stressing about my kids on date night. :/

Friday Zoey woke up not feeling well and I blew it off because she always says that and she really just needs to poop. (All you moms know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!) We had a play date for Zoey and we were headed to the water park for some fun. As we get in the car Zoey pukes...and is running a fever. Awesome right?! After about 10 mins she says she feels fine and I figured she just ate something funny or had food poisoning. We went to the water park and had fun for a few hours. When we left I was backing out of the parking stall when we heard the awful sound of the bumper rubbing on the concrete parking block. Sure enough with my luck the rebar that holds the parking block in the ground was sticking up 6 inches and it caught on the car's undercarriage cover pulled it down which was connected to the bumper and pulled the bumper half-way off. It was a nightmare! We managed to fix it enough to get it home but it was not 100%. I fixed more of it at home but still it was just a temporary fix.
Zoey never really felt better she was pretty mellow all day and ended up puking again that night. So we just had 2 kids on meds. I assume that she must have gotten an ear infection too. Both girls have been in swimming for 2 weeks.

Saturday I was helping my sister by watching her kids. We went to the movies so it was enjoyable for everyone. Zoey and Gammy ended up staying home because Zoey was running a fever again. I got a call from the insurance the guy who hit me was trying to claim it was my fault in the accident. I honestly don't know how me getting out of my car could be at fault for the accident when he hit me with his front bumper. It's definitely a rare accident but seriously! It was not a fun call but whatever! Insurance will work it out. That afternoon I got my car back...only $500 later. Lets hope the other guy is at fault and I can get my money back. -That night the Ferrin's had a party. Again it would have been more fun if I didn't have a kid with a fever
. Zoey ending up felling better and wanted to swim and eat food. :)

Sunday was packing day for Margaret. She was going back home. :(
We kept Zoey home from church so she could rest and be fine and dandy for the first day of school.  She did good but Maggie was a pill in church! I also got a call that Margaret was having issues with the undercarriage of her car coming loose which made me feel horrible! She managed to have someone help her and duck tape it so she could get home with no problems. I was pleased when she made it home safely.
All in all it was a bad week but again not the end of the world!
AND Margaret is WONDERFUL. It was great to have her by my side through all these little issues. Her presence helped me get through them. She looks at everything in life as little hills that we have to get up and then back down from. It's as if we try the best solution possible- the elevator to get to the top. If the elevator does not work then we use the escalator, if that does not work then we use the steps, and if that does not work then we climb up it on our hands and knees. Honestly she is my real life role model and I love her with all my heart. Thank you Margaret, for just being you. You strengthened and helped me more than you know.
*Note to self.
Life has it's ups and downs, but none of the downs will keep me down, unless I let them.
I'm grateful for all trials that make me stronger for the next.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Vacations

Moo Moo's squishie

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A broken leg means nothing to Maggie

Maggie is AMAZING. I was concerned that she would be this poor little kid for the next 3 months just sitting on the couch watching movies and coloring...Boy was I wrong! Maggie has amazed me by how fast she has adapted to her full leg cast.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Date Night

Brit and I went on a date to the Dimondbacks game. His friend from work also works at the field and got us VIP Dugout suites! It was super awesome! Good seats, good game, good food, and AWESOME date!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No more monkey's jumping on the trampoline

The skinny jeans were a PAIN to get off. I was afraid I would have to cut them but we managed to get them off with little pain for Maggie.

Maggie broke her foot jumping on the trampoline. She is a trooper and is doing great just chilling with Rosie. This is her outside while we made belts at Uncle Dave's house.

This was Maggie in the car ride home from California. She was multitasking...talking to Jack(Betsy) and playing on the Kindle. 

Poor kid is going to miss out on a lot this summer. I  just remembered that swim lessons starts today! Bummer deal...
Boo for broken bones!

Update* So we went to urgent care on Saturday. They told me it was a fracture, put her in a splint and that I should follow up with an orthopedic. It was a very quick visit and it did not seam like it was a big deal. Everything was closed Sunday and Monday because of the holiday so we stayed in California as planned. She was not in too much pain and so we managed. The car ride was slick we propped it up on a suitcase and added some pillows for comfort. It was elevated the whole way home. 

Monday I did a half day at work, researched pediatric orthopedics found an awesome one in Scottsdale.   Maggie and I went into the appointment planning on getting a cast and dealing with that. However, the doctor hemmed and hawed over the x-rays and then wanted more. We went to the other room and did TONS of x rays (much easier that at urgent care).  It was movable x-ray machine kind of like the one at the dentist so Maggie got the x-rays taken while sitting in her stroller. Totally awesome! Minute by minute I started to realize it was not a simple break.

Update #2 Turns out Maggie broke her LEG in a very unique way. I'm not a  doctor but here is what I understood... She broke her Tibia on the bottom of the bone which IS the growth plate (I originally thought the "growth plate" was a different bone). The bone was broke through 3 layers and has a zig zag break which is splitting the bone. The doctor had to put a screw in at the bottom of her Tibia to hold the bone together so it does not split any further and so it can heal properly.
Here is a picture of both of her legs side by side on Tuesday before surgery. CRAZY!

SO he scheduled us for surgery right away and she was admitted to the hospital. They had an amazing pediatric department and were so good with Maggie. They had a child care nurse that stayed with Maggie through all the tough moments. She had a doll and showed Maggie everything that they were going to do (at a 3 year old level). She had an Ipad to distract her while they placed the IV, she did dress up to show what the doctors and nurses would look like, she gave her dolls, coloring stuff and everything that a kid could want when in the hospital. It was also very reassuring for me to know that one nurse was dedicated to comforting my child(the whole day) so the others could do their job. Maggie dealt with roughly 30 nurses and doctors and it was nice that she always had a familiar face that would explain it to her and try and make her happy. I was very pleased.
Anyway, surgery went well. She woke up for a little then fell asleep (it was bed time) they she woke up a few hours latter and they let us go home. She slept through the night. 

She has a cast on now that goes from her toes to her thigh. One of many that she will have in the next few months. She will be in a cast for about 3 months but should get out of the full leg cast in 3 weeks.
We won't really know any of the real damage till the bone starts to heal and as she to grows.

Maggie has been an AMAZING, TOUGH little cookie and I could not be more proud of her. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brit's Birthday

Brit's Birthday was just another day but with a date in the middle of the day. A treat for both of us.
We went to Joe's BBQ for lunch, lounged in the pool for an hour, went to Zoey's school presentation, ate watermelon, had dessert at Joe's farm grill and let the kids run around!
It was a fun and relaxing day.

Happy Birthday Brit!

Cute Girls and Yummy Watermelon

 I love these girls! They are so dang cute!
 We enjoyed eating watermelon yesterday. It was refreshing in the heat.We are very excited for the summer.
Check this girl out...One in her hands and one on standby.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day WEEKEND

Brit is the best! I have to say he spoils me pretty good all the time but when it really counts he does a great job.
Friday I got flowers and went to girls night with my friends
Saturday was a baptism, pool fun, and a dinner date
Sunday was a lovely day which included a nap, amazing lunch, and swimming and dinner at my parents
Best part was BRIT SHAVED HIS WHOLE FACE! If you haven't seen him lately he WAS sporting a pretty long goatee with a handlebar mustache. I hate facial hair so this was a BIG treat for me.

Zoey and Maggie spoiled me too.
Maggie colored a flower pot and gave me a flower, also made me paper flowers
Zoey wrote nice notes to me and posted them all around the house. She also made me a craft, a few cards and had good behavior all day.
Oh and the girls also bought me chocolate covered strawberries too (okay, I might have bought them for myself and said they were from the girls)!

A perfect Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kid Moments

We went to ward baptisms today. At dinner time Maggie dunked her bracelet in the water and said, "my bracelet is getting baptized".

After 5 years of non stop eczema we took a huge gamble on a steroid shot. In the total of 5 years we have only gotten her legs and arms cleared twice which was for less than 2 days and we could not pip point what really solved the problem because we were not doing anything different.
We have tried MANY different types of solutions and nothing has fixed it. Some have helped maintain it more than others but nothing fully complete. Yes, if we did more frequently I'm sure it would have helped but with school it's just not possible.
The shot is the same kind of medicine that we put on her topically. The shot goes directly in her blood and tries to cure it from the inside out rather than from the outside in. It was a gamble because when she did her allergy testing there was not a huge reaction to anything just mild to moderate irritation. The shot she got is designed to help allergies. I am OVERLY PLEASED to see my Zoey with "pretty legs"! The shot worked wonders! She got the shot on Tuesday and by Friday her legs were clear and smooth. Zoey is so happy she is not required to wear tights this weekend. I am eager to see how long it lasts...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zoey's Piano Recital and Maggie's Skittles

Zoey has worked 3 LONG and HARD years to get through the Let's Play Music program. She has does an amazing job at practicing 5 times a week on top of her her school homework. Sometimes she loved to practice other times it was like pulling teeth. She cried at the thought of hard songs but with time and lots of practice she was able to master all the songs. She amazed me on each lesson with her ability to understand difficult pieces quickly. She is so talented and playing the piano and I am so proud of her progress.

For this recital she created her own piece. Every line, measure, and note was created by her.  She calls it "Butterfly Wings"- She says, "If you listen closely you can hear the wings flapping in the broken cords." She loved making this piece and making changes to it every time it "felt" off.

She also played a very difficult piece for her level "America the Beautiful". My girl was AMAZING and did an awesome job! I am one proud mama!

Maggie also had a performace that night too. It really shows my poor parenting skills for the moment... which is sad but funny...To keep Maggie quite at the recital I pulled out the "King Size" bag of Skittles that she got for her birthday and just let her go to town. Well, the recital was an hour long and Maggie ate the WHOLE bag! Needless to say she sat still and was long as she had her skittles.

*Note: I rarely give my children candy!

Fast forward 3 hours and she started puking...and puking and puking! She was puking all night! It was so sad. Brit observed that the puke was "not that bad" to clean up because it smelled fruity (gross and funny, I know!).  The poor girl was so miserable. I told her she was sick from having too much candy.  And she really understood it. When I reminded her the next day about candy and how she can get sick she was happy to pass it up.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maggie turns 3

Maggie turned 3 on Wednesday. A few days before her birthday she got her present from Grammy Miller in the mail. The placed the box on the floor in the hallway so when she got home I told her it was her birthday present. When she got home she sat on top of her box and was pleased as punch! She said her "Birthday Party was in the box". It was supper cute. She had a cupcake party at daycare, we went to Joe's Farm Grill for dinner and had a cake party/presents with my family. She loved her new quilt from Grammy but I loved it MORE!

  • She got cute outfits from Grandma Zezulka  and Popsie
  • The Klase's got her a Mikey mouse phone and water bottle and she LOVES it.
  • Grammy Miller made her a quilt, a purse and gave her 3 dollars (which she used to buy ice cream from the ice cream lady).
  • Brit and I gave her a purple bike
  • The TomoAma's gave her LOTS of gifts for her dolly (highchair, swing, carseat) Yes, Rosie is definitely a member of the Miller family. 
  • Her FAVORITE gift that she go that day was a king size bag of Skittles from our home teachers *see story on the May 9th*
It was a great little party and Maggie was a happy girl!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Plans

This summer is going to be great!
Memoral day- CA
June- Girls camp
July-Utah and Vegas
Zoey's Birthday and baptism
Grammy for the month of July

Orange Rhino Challange
I started the Orange Rhino Challenge!
Life is too short to spend it yelling at your kids.
Day 1 started yesterday and Maggie and Zoey are on board. They are great at reminding me and it was a peaceful day even during the tantrums. I love having my self-control back!


The last week weekends have been spent grilling and swimming. WE LOVE THE SUMMER!
We went to the salsa festival again...without the girls, hung out with the grandparents and did chores.
I ditched women's conference to have family fun time at the pool. I considered it the best out of the "good, better, best, options.
My time has become so valuable since I am so busy. There is only one day a week where there is nothing scheduled...Thank goodness for WEDNESDAYS!
Tuesdays-Music and Mutual
Wednesday- FHE
Thursday-Soccer, RoundTable, PTO
Friday- Date night
Saturday- open
Sunday- Homework

It's a busy schedule but manageable. I've ditched out on a few events to spend time with the 3 people I love most!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Regrets

My life is still in the early stages but I am comfortable and happy with the choices that I have made and proud of where I am at this stage in my life. Many people have said that they regret not spending enough time with their kids. People have said that they wish they would have worked less, did fewer chores, yelled less, and played more. I would have to say I'm pretty satisfied with what I have done.

Cheers to more years of no regrets.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zezulka Family Renuion

Best Reunion yet! More importantly everyone made it! The planning for this reunion is going toward my second YW medallion.

Here is what I planned:
BYO Lunch
Family Feud
Scavanger Hunt at the Park
Minute to Win It
Animal Peanut Game
Relay Races
Water Slide
It was an eventful day and we enjoyed every minute it. I was glad everyone could make it!

Friday, February 22, 2013

More fun crafts

Check out my new wreaths!
This cost me about $25
(ehh you can't see the red or orange very well)

This one cost me $6...I am still trying to figure out what this one needs. It's plain...what can I do to make it pop?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

California for Grammy's Birthday

 On Friday we were planning on going up to St. Johns to visit a friend. I packed the car and we were all ready to go. I just finished talking to Grammy Miller and heard all about her Birthday plans. I was bummed we could not join her but knew we would have fun up North. I was filling up my gas tank to hit the road and Jenna called to tell me her kids were sick. Needless to say  we were not going to St. Johns. What was I going to do all weekend?! My car was packed and ready for a trip and all I needed was a destination! I figured we had everything we needed but church clothes to go to California. I stopped by the house grabbed a few last minute things and hit the road! It was totally unplanned and perfect! I coordinated with Aunt Kelli but we were able to surprise Grammy at dinner.

The girls were ready to play after being in the car so I knew they would not manage a sit down dinner very well.  We played EVERYWHERE you can imagine at South Coast. We went over the bridge, played at the water garden, played in the wishing fountain, went on the carousel, and looked in fun shops. It was a fun night.

Saturday we went to Laguna Beach to play in the tide pools. Kirk, Alana, and Margaret met us here to look at shops and have lunch.  

Maggie was chasing the waves. As one of the waves was going back she was running toward it when a rock appeared and she took a nose dive in the ocean. 

So she ended up running around a little naked
Good thing I had a change of clothes in the car!

Sunday we went to church at 4th ward. It was fun seeing all of my friends. Five of my good friends have moved back into the ward so it was like a YW Reunion. It was kind of funny because we were talking in the hall and one of our old leaders walked past and said, "WOW, did I just travel back in time to 2000 because I swear I have seen this picture before."   
After Church we we to the Sillasen's to visit and then we headed to Kirk and Alana's house for Grammy's Birthday dinner. 

Monday we played 

and played

Untill it was time to go home. The girls had lots of fun but they sure missed their Daddy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Story time

Maggie is sick and all sick days involve an air mattress in the living room, movies, and snuggle time. Tonight we laid on the air mattress and had make-believe story time. I started it and then Brit made up the next part of the story and we passed it back and forth a few times.
It was a 30 min story but here is the basics...can you tell what Brit did and what I did...LoL the girls loved it!
It started off with a Prince on a quest who ran into some Hobbits and they gave him food. Then the Prince ran off to find his princess who was in the castle guarded by a dragon. The Prince and the Hobbits attacked the dragon and the Prince ran to the top of the castle. In the mean time the Hobbits went down in the basement and found dwarfs that were locked up. The Prince found his princess licked her face like a dog, then shook her wake up. The Prince scooped her up in his arms and ran down the stairs. They ran into the "maid" who followed them in the dungeon. They found a golden key but before they could see if it opened the lock the maid snatched it and ran into the woods on her giant wolf. The Prince didn't want to go but he knew that it was important to care for others. The Prince asked for the Princess to wait for him and her ran after the witch on his trusty horse. Then a Griffin appeared and killed the wolf * some of these details got PG-13 and we had to bring it back to a G rating* and the "maid" ran off into a cave. Then the Prince ran in the cave which caught of fire and he jumped through it and followed the "maid" who turned into an ugly old witch. The Prince threw his shield at the witch and she shriveled up into ash and in the ash was a gold key. The Prince grabbed the key, mounted his horse, and returned to the castle. There he freed the dwarfs, thanked the Hobbits for their help and married the Princess...And they lived happily ever after (except for the witch she died)!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I LOVE Superstition Mountain

Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 was a good year. Not that I ever think I have a bad year
January- We visited Family in Garden Grove and San Diego and played in the snow in Flagstaff. We were grateful for the important things that we did have...Family
February- Maggie got accepted back into daycare and started the transition back
March- Brit got a job, I went on Trek with the youth in our stake
April- I got promoted at work
May- Maggie and Brit enjoyed a mellow Birthday, I joined the PTO board
June- Zoey and I went on a Backpacking, camping trip with a few friends
July- Zoey had her Birthday at Tutor Time and the Miller's came in for a quick visit too
August- Maggie got her ears fixed, Zoey started 2nd grade
September- Maggie got potty trained, I started my Masters
October- Zoey cut her hair off to a cute bob, Maggie became obsessed with umpa lumpas
November- Don and Jessica came for Thanksgiving
December- Brit and I enjoyed a relaxing vacation in CABO

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm bringing sexy back

Well today is the start of a new year. I am motivated and ready to do this. My ultimate goal is getting wedding day skinny by July...155lbs. 42lbs in 26 weeks
I love you food but today I am gaining control of what is mine.
Here are my main focus areas: running, soccer, eating healthy, and drinking water
I'm limiting myself to 1 Diet Coke a week instead of 3 or 4 a day
Defiantly the biggest I have ever been. Without a kid in my belly!