Thursday, November 22, 2012


Thanksgiving was at my place this year. My parents, Don, Jessica and the kids made it. it was low key but enjoyable. I enjoyed getting to know Jessica more.
I was scouting out a place to take family pictures. What do you think? I really want a Cacti in the photo.

The new temple with the core fields

Last minute preparations

My maple, bacon, stuffed turkey 

All the fixings

Sleep is wonderful

This was Turkey number 2 he was on the smoker. I did not have enough turkey for my turkey pot pie on Sunday so I had to make another...or Brit did I guess.

I lost my kids at dinner on Saturday night but I came home with these cute Tigers! What do you think...should I keep them? Oh and check out Maggie's shirt!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Photos

I love this photo! Maggie is looking at Zoey to see if she is smiling!

This shot was prompted by Maggie. She sat and wanted us to join in so we did...I have no idea what Brit is doing!

Last photo of the day is hard work even if your in a tree...