Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween was exciting. I was Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Maggie was an Umpa Lumpa, Zoey was a vampire and Brit was a Zombie. We had our traditional party which was fun. The girls enjoyed trick or treating on halloween and at the trunk or treat. We LOVE Halloween!
These were eyeball cake pops for my party

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

People SUCK and I'm untactful

Mondays are crazy and very stressful. On Sunday Brit and I were talking about how C-R-A-Z-Y the next 3 weeks will be. By far Monday's a the worst and yesterday was no exception. I'm writing this to acknowledge my short comings and so I can reflect on my actions in hopes that someday I will be more mature/calm/controlled in the future.

4:00am- Alarm
4:30am- Feed the dogs leave for work
5:00am-Report to work- Work has it's own set of rules. I feel more calm and collected because I understand that I could lose my job over my actions. I don't feel 100% me, I'm more reserved because I know that big brother is watching my behavior.
2:45pm- Getting out of work late is always an added bonus.
3:15pm- Zoom to Walmart for Animal Crackers(For Tuesday's pack meeting) and a computer case
3:50pm- Grab Maggie, convince Maggie she wants to sit in her hot car seat and not drive with me
4:00pm- Race home to meet Zoey
4:05pm-Start dinner, do piano
4:10pm- Clean up Maggie's poop accident because I forgot to remind her to go to the bathroom
4:15pm- The neighbor kids came over and started pounding on my door and screaming at me to tell me that my dogs were being attacked. I thought this was kind of bogus because I just opened the back door and saw them all. I left Zoey at the front door will the neighbor kids while I walked through the back door. Sure enough my dogs were going crazy barking at a dog on the outside of my fence. I managed to get Princess and Leftover to back off the gate but Frank was still going crazy. Then the "stray" dog bit Franks arm and was yanking on it through the gate. By this time Zoey and the kids we on the "stray dog side of the fence. Frank started yelping and ran away. I then noticed that the "stray" dog was not a "stray" dog but the dog that belongs to one of my neighbors. I slipped through my fence to get the stray dog away from my fence. At this time Zoey freaked out and ran inside and locked the door. I caught the dog and needed a leach to tie him up. Zoey was too scared to open the door but after I yelled a few times she opened up and gave me a leach. As I was doing this all the neighbor kids and Zoey ran in my house to go see Frank....That's when I started to lose it. I had 5 kids in my house that we not mine that were yelled and screaming. I yelled at them all to get out and I will take care of it.
4:25pm -I call my neighbor- wrong number- look it up on the ward list - wrong number, call animal control- wrong animal control, call the correct animal control- there are 9 other calls before me. Then I see my neighbor's  son. He road his bike NEAR my house because the other kids told him had his dog. I asked him if he had a leach to take his dog home- no, he didn't. I asked him for his mom's number called her. She could not understand how or why I had her dog and then she said she would come get her dog.  I was a bit short and my patients were gone.
4:30pm -I hang up the phone and hear a thump, thump, thump and then Maggie started the middle of all this I lost track of where Maggie was... sure enough she fell down the top half of the stairs. I got Zoey to the table for dinner while I attended to Maggie.
4:45pm- My neighbor shows up to get her dog. I explained what happened and that I was just frustrated with the situation. I ALSO let her know that I would be more understanding EXCEPT this is the 3rd time that I have returned her dog to her. On 2 out of the 3 times one of my dogs has walked away injured. She said she would pay for any vet bills but other than that she does not know what to do...."I have my kids and other kids that are not my own going in and out of my house and gate and can't keep track of what goes on, who is where, and what is opened and closed." on that comment I lost ALL respect (what little there was) for that lady. I had so many things I wanted to say but I managed to be a BIT reserved a say, "I don't know either but I'm just irritated that it keeps happening." Then she goes for the low blow..."Well we are probably going to have to put him down because this keeps happening"
#1 You should not be a dog owner if you can't take responsibility for your dog
#2 If you can't parent your kids or have rules in your house for your kids and your kids friends to follow then what DO you do?
#3 If you think that solving a dog's miss behavior is by killing it, do I have that same privilege to do that to your kids when they walk along my back wall for the 100th time?!
There were so many things that I just wanted to go off on and I contained myself with "You do what ever you need to do." And to top it off she came over to get her dog but did NOT bring a leach, so she took mine...
5:00pm- Kiss Brit Hello and Goodbye, kiss the girls goodbye and leave for school
6-10pm- Class in Phoenix
11pm-Bedtime...that alarm at 4 am rolls around real fast!

I wrote this because I wanted to vent about this annoying situation. I can't talk about it to my friends because she is in my ward. I have serious judgement issues to say the least, not only with her but with 4 people.
The guy who fired Brit
The guy who refuses to do his calling so I have to do it from him
The guy who refused to home teach us
And now this incompetent dog owner
Alright and I'm sure some of my family is in here too.

It's me I know, I work on forgiving them and dropping the issue but then they go and do something stupid that affects and annoys me. I just don't know how to get over it, forget about, and "save-face" with these people!
I think I can manage "saving-face" with people right up to the point where their actions affect me and my family personally.  Then I just lose it and everything that I have been ignoring comes up and sits on top of their heads for the rest of their life.
Anyway, I am mad that I could not control my behavior better yesterday. I think the weak bridge that was there is now burnt and I just don't know what to do besides feel like a failure. I feel like all I do is burn bridges.

To be honest some of these bridges I don't want to fix... and maybe that's the problem.

This hermit is now going into her shell!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zoey's favorite question

Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
Mom can I cut my hair??? No
On Sunday in church I saw a Mom with long hair and a daughter with long hair. Then I thought to myself, huh I bet she still "controls" when and how much hair her daughter can cut. Then I thought oh long will I control Zoey by not allowing her to have a choice on a simple thing? What was my reasoning on not allowing Zoey to cut her hair? My best answer was because I love long hair. I want to be a Mom who is understanding and allows her kids to explore their free agency.

After school today Zoey and I had some fun! Pizza, Ice Cream, and a surprise.
Me- We are going to do a super fun surprise!
Zoey- What is it?!
Me- I don't know you'll have to guess...
Zoey- Give me a hint
Me- We are going to do something that you have been asking me for a really long time...
Zoey- A HAIRCUT!!!

I know it's sad that she guessed it spot on. Well here she is! 7 going on 17!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Maggie at bed time

Maggie loves to read books. This is her after I read "Goodnight Moon" to her. Adoreable, I love how she has to get her blanket perfect, feet up, books in the right spot, and of course her puppy!