Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You spent how much?!

I went shopping last weekend 
Farmers Market
American Discount Food
Grand total $509
For this:
3 Lasagnas
6 Broccoli Chicken Penna 
4 Cilantro Lime Chicken
5 Honey Sauced Chicken
3 Baked Penna with Sausage and Ricotta
80 Southwestern Breakfast Burritos
30 Garlic Cheese Rolls
2 pans Ferrin Fudge (not pictured, it's in my tummy)
6 Canned Chili
This is about 27 meals. I make a meal every other day, sometimes every 2 days depending on leftovers and out to eat dinners. This is breakfast and dinner for about 2 months (sometimes lunch). 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We have POOP!

Everyone's gonna think I'm crazy but we are SUPER EXCITED to say the least! We have POOP!
Maggie went poop for the first time in 4 days... and it was in the toilet.
She was proud and she is doing awesome with this potty business!

Monday, September 17, 2012

4th Ward YW Reunion

Can I just say that I love these women! We had many long nights with lots of talking. Lots of tears and love were shared these nights and these friendships will last a lifetime.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beach Bash Potty Party!!!

Meet Rosie she is a big girl

Meet Maggie she is a big girl too!

We spent lots of time on the toilet and it was FUN!

To help make more pee pee so we had more success!

Maggie is in big girl underwear!

I love those BIG brown eyes!

Beach Bash Potty Party!!!
Today was Maggie's BIG potty party. She was begging me last week, in church, to go potty on the toilet. I knew that she has been ready for a few weeks but I just have delayed it as much as I could! This potty party day is from the book, Potty Training in One Day. It worked great on Zoey but IT IS TONS OF WORK. This day requires ME to be SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Day LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG! In a nut shell she teaches her dolly how to go potty in the morning and then in the afternoon, after nap time, Maggie does it just like she taught her doll. The entire day is potty books, potty movies, potty treats, potty drinks, potty talk, potty games, potty dances, and lots of potty get the idea.
It was a successful day and both Rosey (the new potty doll) and Maggie are going potty in the toilet!
I love having BIG girls.
Donna out and heading to bed!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Maggie go on bike ride?

The other day it was nice and cool so we went on a bike ride. Since then Maggie has asked for a bike ride everyday! We have gone to subway on our bikes, across busy streets, through the neighborhood, and on trails.
Evey day after school hear...Mommy, Maggie go bike ride? Aka I will not rest or stop bugging you till we go on a bike ride!!!
I love it! And the Weather!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly schedule

Oh I forgot to mention why life is crazy
Monday- FHE, Zoey homework, piano practice, and starting Sept 25 Donna school at the ground campus
Tuesday- Music class, Brit scouts, Donna Scouts, Zoey homework
Wednesday- Zoey homework, Zoey piano practice
Thursday- Brit round-table, Donna soccer, relief society, Zoey piano practice and homework
Friday- NOTHING!!!

Oh, What to Blog about?

Life is officially crazy!
Friday was Family Fun Night at the school. My first big event on the PTO board. It was Bingo night with pizza and popcorn. There were a few small emergencies that needed fixing but they got solved (missing microphone, and no bottles of water to sell)...Thank you food storage for saving the day. Nancy, the Vice Principle, and I were in charge of reading the Bingo numbers. Somehow reading Bingo numbers is funny and awkward all at the same time...I-21, B-12, G-69...Nancy and I were being silly all night long. People are annoying too. We were getting complaints for going too slow and then going too fast. Really people! End the end it was a FUN night. Maggie, Zoey, and Brit all had a good time. It was at a great price too. $15= 15 Bingo games and a large pizza. We also had additional perks because I am on the board we got 2 pizzas to take home.
On Saturday Zoey, Maggie, and I went to the zoo with Zina and Cassidy. It was a great zoo day. It rained on Friday and I think all the animals were happy to get out of their hideouts and stretch their legs. We saw all the GOOD animals that are usually hiding! The black bear, rhino, baboons, tiger, lion, cheetah, giraffe, elephant, bald eagle, and many more! Maggie was excited to see the cows but was not very excited to pet the goats. We took extra pizza from Friday for lunch and played at the zoo's super duper awesome splash pad/slides/waterfall/water cave area! No really it is the best kid area I have seen yet. This was Maggie's first trip to the zoo that she will actually remember/understand.
Brit enjoyed a morning all to himself. This included the Lego store, Army/Navy surplus store, Bass Pro Shop, and lunch at Jimmy Johns...Lucky him! (Just to let you know, Brit has never been to the Zoo and he really missed out today!)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Grilling

Labor Day 2012 consisted of tubing down the Salt river with my parents, my sister, the Ferrin's, and the Mack's. Then we went swimming at my parents and on Monday we made ribs and swam at the Ferrin's pool.