Monday, August 13, 2012

Blessings all around

Today was a glorious day! If you recall in March I was on the hunt for a new job. I had many great opportunities and I felt that staying at UOPX was the best fit. The lord gave me an opportunity to transfer departments. I took the position and the new department is very comfortable and management is relaxed. It was a great move and I was happy to have my stress level lowered just from that! On top of that within 3 weeks I got promoted to a senior advisor. Major bonus! Only downside was I was forced to work 8-5pm for at least 6 months. Was not a huge different because I was forced to work the 7-4pm shift in my old position with no room for change.
The other day a 5-2pm shift opened up and many people were applying for it. I have the tenure but I thought that because of the 6 month rule I didn't think I would be eligible and they would have to have someone cover the 8-5pm shift. I knew it was a long shot and had a feeling that I would not get it. I applied and just prayed for Heavenly Father to soften my directors heart so that I could have the shift. I knew that Heavenly Father would know what is right for my family. My prayers were answered today and I was given the 5-2pm shift with the option to have a 30 min lunch AND work 4/9s and a half day on Friday.
WOW ohhhhh WOW! I all most cried...okay I did cry! This experience has taught me a lot!
-8-5 shift is NOT the end of the world
-Sometimes you have to take 1 step back to go 2 steps forward
-I needed to learn my new job and I could not have learned it or built the relationships that I did in these last 5 months
-I am not the best at everything but my effort is acknowledged
-The Lord always has a hand in my life (I would not have looked for a new job because I was comfortable. He knows best and He needed to give me a bad shift so that I made the effort to change departments. In turn He blessed me 3 fold, better shift, better management, and promotion. I would not have gotten this things in my old department.)
My heart is touched, my lessons are noted, and I know that more is always around the corner.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

$400 socks

I made a decision that has the potential to change our lives. Check out these socks! Aren't they AMAZING. They have the "no slip grip" on the bottom of the feet. They are a size small but will fit Maggie till she is like 7. They are red and match most of her clothes. I think we will just have her wear these socks everyday for the next 5 years. No more shoes, no more socks just these...We will never have to worry about which shoes to wear because it will just be these. I got them at a great price too, only $400! Best part about them is Maggie loves them. Great idea right!?
Bahahaha just kidding. Sort of...Maggie had tubes put in her ears and this was the souvenir that we got, $400 socks! Maggie was having ear infection after ear infection. They were so bad she would get a high fever and then start puking when she got them. The poor thing was out for a day or two at a time. It was just so sad.
She did great at the surgery center. She hated her hospital bracelet and knew something was up. When ever someone came in the room she would cover her ears and bury herself in my chest. Poor thing! It broke my heart to give her away to the nurses and doctors while they put her under but the procedure only lasted 7 mins! Once she was back in my arms the only thing she asked for was Zoey!
*She just had an ear infection 4 weeks ago and finished medicine. On Monday she puked and I knew she had another infection...sure enough she had 2 infections again.
I didn't think in affected her hearing or speech all that much but the day after the surgery I noticed her scream went up 3 octaves! I hope it solves her ear infection problem or at least helps it so she does not have one every month! I am grateful for my Heavenly Father who watched over her and guided the doctors to a successful surgery. Truly blessed and the socks will remind me of it every night...Maggie loves them!

Monday, August 6, 2012

1st day of 2nd grade

All the kids on the block!