Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maggie is a big girl sort of..

Despite my efforts of trying to keep my baby a baby she is growing up so fast! I am trying to keep her in her crib but she always wakes up at 10:30pm and cries. I think they are night terrors because sometimes she just wont go back to bed. The other night she insisted on sleeping in her toddler bed... She has a crib, toddler bed and full bed in her room. I blocked off the door with the baby gate and just went with it because I wanted to sleep. Well the girl went to sleep and did not make another peep. I found her in the morning on the floor with boots on. It was really cute.

Anyway, I have now "Maggie" proofed the room. Tonight she insisted on sleeping on the full bed... This girl knows her stuff!


Just did freezer meals to try and make my weeknights less stressful. My feet are tired and I'm ready to relax for the  rest of the day! *I made Breakfast burritos, Penni pasta with sausage and ricotta, Sausage and mushroom lasagna, cheese and sausage stuffed mushrooms. Also made chicken tenders, Asian Salmon, bbq Chicken, Goulash and Chicken curry. lol I am torturing Brit...he wants to eat it all now.  I am now set for 20 meals!!! AND 3 weeks of breakfast! Whoop Whoop! Fridge is empty and Freezer is FULL!