Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who needs boys?

Maggie was dying to go help dad cut the grass today. She helped him do the whole back yard.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 cheers for UOPX

Well I was the one and only person to get an in-line promotion in my new department. I feel like a rock star and I have only been there a week. I have been working my butt off for 4 years and it is starting to pay off. Hip Hip Hooray!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The thoughts of a 6.888888 year old

Zoey-Mommy why do you wear that (bra)?
Me- To hold my boobs up.
Zoey- Ohhhhhh So they don't flop all over the place?!

I tried really hard to hold it together but I almost peed my pants!
Gosh I love that girl!


So 6 months ago we started addressing Zoey's hands that were filled with warts. This is a bad picture but you can still see the warts that covered her thumb. I can now say she is just about wart free! I'm amazed! Thank you do terra!

A new JOB and Calling

I got a new job...kind of
I still work for UOPX but I transferred to a different department. I now enroll people all across the WORLD for our certificate programs. It's a change, new faces, new managers and for that I am happy. Same pay, same benefits, and hopefully some better hours.

I got released from the BEST calling in the world(building scheduler) it was a 100% online and was awesome! Now I will be in Cub Scouts with Brit! I will be the Cubmaster Assistant. Everyone is excited for me because now I can go to Woodbadge(I told them it was not gonna happen...but I think it will).

Friday, April 6, 2012

Queen Creek North StakeTrek 2012

-->Going on Trek was Amazing!
Brit and I were asked to go on Trek but he was unable to go because of a new job. I showed up to be just extra support. I looked on the list to see what family I would be with and there was my name...OLD WIDOW MILLER. It was a name that stuck! I was being called old widow miller by the kids and the adults.
We set off for San Tan mountains were we put our own handcarts together. The first day was brutal. There were steep hills on a path that was only 3 feet wide that we had to take the carts through with cacti on both sides of the trail. It was up and down, and up and down. I was amazed that our cart did not tip over. Then after most of the hills we hit SAND. It was the worst! Soft, deep, hot sand. One of the boys said that he is sure that there is sand in Hell and we all agreed with him. Then the Mormon Battalion showed up and took all of our Men. We watched them as they went ahead of us and marched up a big steep hill. Then they all stood at the top cheering, encouraging and motivating the girls for the woman's pull. (As I write this there are tears streaming down my face because it make me think about all the people that are beyond the veil that do the same exact thing for us every day! Without the encouragement from the men it would have been impossible for us to push through that hill.) It was hard work and we were tired but the girls amazed me by going back and helping other carts make it up the hill. After the woman's pull we got water and lunch(at 3:45pm). It was a needed break and when our lunch buckets showed up we were in heaven. 2 big summer sausage, 1lb of cheese, fresh rolls and Cinnamon bread. It does not sound like much but we were starving. It was like a brand new bike on Christmas day! After we had lunch we walked, and walked, and walked! We hit more sand then finally we make it to camp. We pulled out our tarps, laid out our sleeping bags and let our feet rest. At camp they had fun things to do like milk a goat, catch a chicken, catch a greased up pig, hair washing station, feet soaking station, and you could buy pies. I was just happy to tend to my feet. We had a devotional from the bishop and then went to sleep. I'll admit I took a sleeping pill and was out in no time.
Day 2
We were greeted with MUSH for breakfast. Good thing I am not a breakfast person. I had an apple that was left over from lunch and was done. We headed out and the hills got steeper and closer together (they were like Vs). This required us to take the cart down really slow then when we got half way down we let gravity take over and we started running so we could have enough momentum to get up the next hill. It was scary I was so afraid someone was going to get trampled. I learned on day one I needed to let the kids be more in charge learn to work together. I knew they would listen to me but knew that it was important for them to jump into leadership roles and work with their peers. On day 2 Ma, Pa and I hung back and let them work out their strategy. That is why I was so scared... I was not in control. I learned that I like to be in control because I trust myself. If I'm not in control I get nervous or scared because I am unsure if other people with step up to the plate and get the job done. I realized that a. Dan Woolwine is an awesome worker and b. It's ok if things are not exactly how I planned them out in my mind because life will go on and it will be just fine. I would say that is a pretty good life skill to learn on Trek.
After I had that Ah ha moment we had an angry mob on horseback that stole our pies out of our lunch. Then they tarred, feathered, and beat up our Bishop and Stake President. After lunch we made our way out of the dirt and sand. Over a huge hill that allowed us to see most of the San Tan Valley, Gilbert and Chandler (You could see the temple in the distance and it was encouraging) . But the best part was...we hit pavement! Once we hit the payment the kids were so excited they started to RUN because the cart was easier to push. We RAN AND RAN AND RAN for 3 miles. I had to hold on to the cart so it/they could pull me, otherwise I would have fallen behind. We finally made it to camp and enjoyed dinner. We had a fireside and our guest speaker was General Young Women President, Elaine Dalton. It was fantastic! She truly is a servant of the lord, a pillar of light that is contagious.
Day 3
Ahhhh the last day! In the morning we just could not stop thinking about sleeping in our own beds, taking a shower, and getting a foot massage. Only 8 more miles! Then we had the Anti-Nephi-Lehi experience. Let me tell you that was an experience! Helaman and a few of his people were there and said that they buried their weapons of war because they made a covenant with the Lord not to fight so He could bless them. Helamen asked us to do the same and bury our weapons of war so that the Lord could protect and bless us. There was this deep hole and we all wrote a "weapon of war" that we wanted to bury on a slip of paper threw it in and walked away. It was a very touching moment that will be forever branded in my mind. Then we walked along the canal all the way through the city. Cars were honking, supporters were cheering us on and police officers escorted us across busy roads till we reached an ally in the middle of a neighborhood. We walked along the ally and then we heard people singing...Come, come, ye saints. As we popped out of the ally there were family members singing to us and we could finally see our destination. The new Gilbert Temple! It was a great moment to see family and friends embrace that they had been away from. It made me imagine the reunion that we would have in heaven. It was hard to choke back my tears of joy and appreciation for my ancestors.
We went to the temple grounds and walked through the visitor’s trailer. After that we has a devotional to recap our trip and the feelings we felt. It was truly an amazing experience. Most of the kids said, "I didn't think I could do it. But by having the motivation from my peers and seeing them do it, I realized that I CAN DO hard things if i just put forth the effort." We all have hard things that we will have to deal with in this life but if we put forth the effort we can accomplish hard things. It really ties into one of my favorite quotes, "Two people can accomplish anything if one of is the Lord!" There were small miracles all along the Trek that I witnessed and I know that it was the Lord's hand was helping us so that we could accomplish that hard task.
After our devotional I RAN to the church with both of my buckets in hand. I was so excited to be reunited with my sweet family. Brit, Zoey, Maggie, and Margaret welcomed me home!
First order of business: a dip in a freezing cold pool and a shower!
Day 4
Okay so the Trek was over but church was very exciting because sister Elaine Dalton came to our ward because her son is in our ward. There were 2 official speakers and then a few were asked to bear the testimony (2 youth, Sister Dalton and ME!). I can't remember what was said but I remember that during sister Dalton's testimony as she was bearing witness that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church it started HAILING! It was so loud she was practically yelling. Satan was not happy at that moment. It was a powerful and inspiring meeting. For the 3rd hour Margaret and I went to YW because Sister Dalton was going to be speaking (somewhat about Trek). She talked about adding the new value of virtue how she came up with the color and what it stood for. She talked plainly about real world situations and how hard it is to be a youth right now. She was so REAL with the girls and they were moved and inspired by what she said. One of the girls pretty much said that all her friends treat their bodies so casually. Now she feels confident through the Trek experience that she is going to save herself till marriage. Another girl said that she is going to change her choices so that she is fully committed to the gospel. My heart was touched by the strength of our youth. Not only because they are strong enough to push the handcart for me but they are so strong in their testimonies and desire to do good is so strong, so powerful!
I understand why the kids today are different! I understand that they are stubborn. It's because they have to be in this world today. They must be stubborn and firm so they can stand up for righteousness.
I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to go on Trek. It strengthened me as a person, taught me new, and retaught me old principles as to how I can be a better Mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

-Love Old Widow Miller