Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today everyone is HAPPY!
Sue is happy to have Maggie back, I'm happy Maggie gets another chance at my favorite daycare and Brit is happy to start work(3-5-12)!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Still not job for Brit yet. He has a few things in the works but nothing amazing. I am greatful that my prayers have been answered so far. I was so stressed in December and it was really hard on me(and I'm sure Brit). I am amazed at how wonderful January was for me and we are already into the middle of February. I have no stress and know that in time he will get a job.
In the mean time I enjoy fun Monday afternoon pictures like this...
Maggie loves to copy Daddy...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines project

Valentines Day Wreath

This was made out of my angry bird costume so it cost me $0 dollars
Recycled boas, sheet, wire, and I killed a Winnie the Pooh Bear...stole his stuffing.

Bath time

Getting gas...

This is what happens when i stop to get gas and Grammy is in charge...
Lots of FUN!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Miller gathering

All the Miller's gathered for Margaret's Birthday. The Moran's came in town from Baku. And here are a few of our adventures...If I get a chance I will give a recap...


Want me to pack your lunch?
Complete with chicken salad, lettuce, cheese, pita, and blue berries!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A few weeks ago Zoey's friend Abby came over to play. They wanted Maggie to play with them so she did. By the end of the play date Maggie has Abby's name down pat! At church she yells to Abby and waves HI. She just can't get enough of saying ABBY!
When we were in California we stayed at Aunt Kelli's and guess what? They have a DOG named Abby! It took her about 10 mins to realize that the dog was Abby. Since we were there for 7 days she got lots of time to see, play, point and say ABBY! She loves dogs and saying Abby, so she was HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

When we got home and she saw our dogs she pointed and said "AAAABBBBBBBBBYYYYYY"! I corrected her that those were doggies and told her their names but is was no use! Anytime she sees ANY dog she called it ABBY. Everyday she sees our dogs she calls them Abby. So in other words she thinks that a dog is an Abby.

Today was funny because the dogs were barking and I was telling them to be quite...okay yelling at them to stop barking...then I saw that Maggie had followed me outside and was saying, "Abby, Shush" (and she put her finger in front of her lips). It was the cutest thing! Needless to say the dogs are still barking and our efforts did not work...when kids are walking along my back wall.

*Neighbor kids are going from the house to the right of me to the house behind me because otherwise they would have to walk around the block. If I didn't like my neighbors I would be annoyed but I love my neighbors and the boys are too sweet for me to get mad at them. Besides they are the ones who, walk my dogs for me because it's fun, feed my dogs for me when I'm out of town, mow our lawn because they are bored, and babysit my girls.

Jog a thon

Zoey's school Jog-a-thon is this week. It is to raise money for the school but also to promote a healthy lifestyle. Last year she ran but did not collect money. In December they did a mini jog where they ran with Santa and Zoey had a blast. She was amazed that her MOM could run with her. So this year she begged to do it and wanted to win prizes. I made a little script mixed with words and pictures so that she did not go into straight reading mode while asking for donations. The first call was to Grammy and it went a little something like this...
Grammy: Hi Zoey how are you?
Zoey: Good
Grammy: I'm so excited to hear from you, what are you calling for?
Zoey: This Friday is Cortina's Jog-a-thon and I am running. Would you like to...donate...money............Please
Grammy: I would love to, How much would you like?
Zoey:(With no hesitation) A hundred

Another great moment was when Aunt Butsey just flat out laughed and the end of Zoey's speech. We all got a kick out of it.

Zoey called 7 family members and did an awesome job. It was amazing to see her chat in random conversation and then the second she heard something on the lines of "what are you doing?" She started in her script without any cues from me.

Thank you to those who donated money and stayed on the phone for the awkward conversation with a 6 year old asking for money. It took a lot out of Brit and I to contain our laughter.

She is jogging this Friday at 10:30am and is super excited!