Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Day

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I have no idea what he is opening but this is a great picture. 

Maggie's Favorite present was tick tacks from her primary teachers

Zoey got roller skates from Santa!

We went to see Les Miserables and Maggie loved getting her own popcorn!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We went to my parents for dinner. We opened gifts from them and the Christmas Brownie brought them new Pajamas. I bought all the gifts from my parents and somehow I mixed up Maggie's gift. Tonight she got the Hunger Games instead of Brave. She was super excited and didn't seem to care about anything except that it was hers! I got a bluetooth headset, Brit got Legos, and Zoey got 5 weeks to gymnastics. Everyone was happy! Except for me...I wonder if I Maggie will ever give up the Hunger Games.

I made this for my mom

After that we put out our cookies and milk for Santa (Zoey also made a picture), left food for the rain deer, and took baths.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elfy's gift to the Millers

This year I (by I, I really mean Elfy)  took it up a knotch with the hiding places. To name a few he taped Maggie and Zoey in their bedrooms and taped himself to the wall with a note that said "don't touch me". This was after a few days of Elfy not moving so Zoey was convinced that Maggie touched him too many times and he lost his magic. The funny part was....Elfy forgot to close MS WORD down after he printed it so Zoey said, "Hey Mom, Elfy knows your password and used your computer last night to type his note!" Whoops someone needs to remind Elfy to be more careful!
Another time he toilet papered the Christmas tree. He went fishing in the kitchen sink (he used goldfish as fish). He was on a zipline from the chandelier to the wall. He took a bath in the dishwasher. He was hanging from the air vent. He was in the cereal box. He was drinking syrup from the container. He turned the milk green. He made Christmas angles out of sugar. He hung from the pantry door.

Last night he left tickets for the Christmas Express!

The girls finished their bath, got ready for bed, and then they found the golden tickets! They ran down stairs and found the Christmas express all ready to go with Elfy in the front seat (He was taped to the rear view mirror! He made them Popcorn, Hot chocolate and cookies so we could all enjoy a car ride looking at christmas lights. He also left a list of things to look for. All of them were pretty normal santa, snoopy, 3 deers, a deer with a red noes, a light up wreath, blue lights, snowman, candy cane...and a dolphin! After an hour of lights we were convinced that Elfy was once again playing a trick because he wanted to look at lights all night; he knew we would not find a dolphin. Silly Elf! The girls thought it was great. The last picture is of a house who had HUNDREDS of christmas villages in his garage. His entire garage was a huge city. It was amazing and we enjoyed looking at it.
If you want to do the Christmas Express you can learn more about it here.

Cabo Day 7

A sad yet happy goodbye

One last stop at the taco shop

Carne asada baked potato...uhhh can you can yum!

Sunday- We enjoyed a few hours of pool time and lounging around before we showered packed for the airport. Oh we did get one more splash in the ocean too. After we checked out we went into San Juan to fill up our bellies before we left. We had more tacos and a yummy baked potato but it had carne asada on top with cheese. It was different but good. I’m going to see if I can make it at home. This trip her defiantly encouraged me to be a little bold and try shopping at Ranch Market or the other Mexican grocery stores in Arizona. 

Cabo Day 6

Yeah yeah yeah I know I missed the M and the O. 
Saturday- We though we would get in one more active day. We headed back to Playa Palmilla but it turned out that the tie was low and it was choppy which made for a bad snorkeling day. Then we headed back to Cabo to enjoy more tacos, guacamole, and pina coladas on the beach. It started to get cloudy around 2pm so we went back to the resort and hung out in the pool and spa. After dinner we went back to San Jaun so I could enjoy more churros. Brit got a corn “Mexican style” which includes mayo, lime, red sauce, red pepper and cheese. There was another concert but this time it was more adults putting on the performance rather than the teenagers. 

Cabo Day 5

Friday- We decided that today we would mostly hang around the resort and wander around here rather than in Cabo. We went to the Pueblo La Playa which is San Jose Del Cabo’s new marina. It was a tiny fisherman’s town but they had hundreds of really expensive yachts. Other than that it was a bust. We move on to check out San Jose. We parked and wandered through the old village. We looked through shops, visited the old church and saw the plaza. Then we headed off to find a taco for the locals. We also found a yummy ice cream spot and enjoyed that too. Lunch was 3 tacos each and soda…only costing us 9 bucks.
Elementary school play yard


Lunch Kitchen 1

Lunch kitchen 2

Pool side

            We went back to the resort lounged at the pool enjoyed 2 for 1 happy hour drinks, played ping pong, and hung out. Then we played foosball while we waited to talk to the girls via face-time. Actually seeing the girls made me miss them more but it was nice knowing that they were having fun with Grammy.
            Then we headed back into San Juan. At sunset all the food carts come out so we wanted to get our grub on. We found another taco joint ate some tacos. Lunch tacos were better than dinner tacos. These are the local spots where they understand very little English. We like Pastor, which is pork that has been on the rotisserie for hours and is in a pineapple marinade. They serve it in a taco with diced pineapple and all the fixings. Yum! We think the local high school was performing in the town square because they had a concert. There were many street vendors that were selling toys, treats, and other food. This one cart was selling homemade churros and they were AMAZING. They were tiny and I have 5 which is still not equal to a Costco churro but they were to die for! We enjoyed the music but then headed back to the pool around 7pm. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday with Dad

I had to work on Saturday so Brit took the girls to the Bass Pro shop for entertainment. Maggie insisted that "Moo Moo go on the Moose!" So here is our happy girl! Santa's line was way too long so they just waved Hi instead.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cabo Day 4

Pastor tacos...yummy
Can you spot all 4 vendors?
Fish taco
Thursday- Did I mention that we have had breakfast on the balcony over looking the beach every morning? Well we have and it has been so relaxing. Today we went out to Santa Maria. It is a private cove that is only accessible by a dirt road. It was by far the best snorkeling spot yet. We brought fish food so that attracted them better. They would not leave us alone it was great. Santa Maria had great rocks and it was full of sea life. After Santa Maria we went in to town and found a local taco shop. It had good tacos and they were cheep. After lunch we headed to the beach lounged around enjoyed for a few hours, enjoyed more guacamole and more local tacos from a small taco shop. After that we went back to the resort, enjoyed the pool, spa and dinner. The Highlight of the night was calling the girls. Maggie was more talkative than Zoey but it was great!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cabo Day 3

Wednesday- Today we started off by sleeping in. We woke up and headed back into town for are adventure over to lovers beach, lands end, and the famous arch. We read about hiking over there so that is what we started out for. Unfortunately, we could not find parking near the start of the hike and we could not find the “trailhead” if there was one.
We headed to the mall to park and go find a cheap water taxi. We found one outside the marina and haggled the price.
They dropped us off at the Lovers beach where we got organized to go snorkeling. The tide was high so we could not walk to the arch. We swam over toward the cave that lead to the arch and saw that we could manage getting through the cave if we timed it right with the waves. It was just like in the movies. It was AWESOME. We made it to the arch but didn’t have a waterproof camera to document our adventure. We then swam all the way back to lovers beach and continued on to pelican rock. We did some cliff jumping and enjoyed the ocean life. The schools of fish were huge. We saw thousands of fish within a school is was just amazing.
The following picture is called divorce beach. It is the pacific side of the point. 
Once we got back to the mainland we enjoyed tacos from Cabo Wabo and Brit got his traditional shirt. We enjoyed the “swap meet” best saying yet by the locals is “How much can I rip you off for?”
On the way home we stopped at a local stop and had fresh coconut water. It was also a great look out point. The guy chopped the coconut top off with a machete. Then we drank it and he cup the whole thing open and cut the coconut shell off and scooped out the coconut so we could eat it. We went back to the resort and enjoyed watching the sunset on the beach. Today was exhausting because we did lots of swimming. Relaxing in the pool and spa was a treat.