Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Christmas EVER!

This Christmas has been wonderful!
Our doorbell has been ringing non stop! We have had 3 sets of carolers and many Delicious and thoughtful gifts from friends. We are truly blessed with great friends who have big hearts. We had a secret Santa that did 12 days of Christmas for us. Zoey enjoyed running to the door each time the door bell rang. The gifts were small, thoughtful, and meaningful. Each one had a special quote but this is what they brought

Candy Canes
Santa Train
Christmas Eve- Zoey read Luke 2 out of the scriptures. Then we headed to the Zezulka's house for dinner and to open presents from Grandma and Popsie. Brit got a cot for camping. Maggie got a dancing Elmo, Zoey got clothes and zuzu pet stuff, and I got clothes and money. Dinner was calm and peaceful which was a blessing.

When we came home we looked on the porch and found the manger from our secret Santa. It was a perfect for the evening. Zoey made milk and cookies for Santa, thanked Dancer elf for watching her this month (Elf on a shelf) and then the girls started their bath. The Christmas Brownie brought them their pajamas Maggie and Zoey were soooooo excited. I was amazed at how excited Maggie got over her new pjs squealing and giggling as I zipped them up.
After we put them to bed we got a magical visit from Santa. Zoey opened the door and had a nice visit with a "helper" Santa. He gave everyone candy canes and advised Zoey to go to bed. When he left Zoey said, "That was not the real Santa. That was just a helper Santa. I know who that Santa was. It was the man who does the announcements at church." Ha ha she is so smart! Brother Hemmenway did a great job and fooled me! It was wonderful!

The REAL Santa watched Christmas Vacation and filled the stockings with care.

Christmas- Brit and I woke up at 7am. We turned the tree lights on, made sure everything was ready for the girls... And waited...we opened our stockings, started breakfast expecting the girls to join us soon, we finished breakfast and then got ready for church... The girls FINALLY woke up 8:30am! Zoey was very excited for her watch from Santa! And Maggie got a tea kettle for her kitchen that she inherited from Zoey. They opened the rest of their stockings and ate breakfast. Before getting ready for church I told Zoey to check to see if the reindeer ate the food she left them. She opened the door and her face lite up! MOM LOOK! SANTA' IS REALLLLL! There are his foot prints, snow fell off his sled and it's all over the yard! She preceded to walked outside and saw the reindeer's foot prints on the driveway. Then she ran inside to see if Santa ate his cookies. He did! Again, with excitement she said, "MOM SANTA REALLY IS REAL"!

We went to church and had a great day remembering the true meaning of Christmas!
When we came home we ate lunch, put Maggie to bed, and played with the toys we already opened. Then we opened gifts one by one. It was slow and enjoyable. Zoey tried on clothes, played with toys as she opened them, and we enjoyed the time together. After presents I napped while Zoey and Dad played Battleship. Maggie woke up at 2:30pm and she opened her gifts from everyone(She really loved her animal book from the Morans). She loved every minute of tearing open the presents.

We had a nice turkey dinner (thanks to our secret Santa), with mashed potatoes and cream of corn. Again it was enjoyable and mellow. We played with the new toys, had tickle time, put laundry away, gave the girls a bath, and put the new toys away in the girls room.

By 7:00pm Brit and I were twiddling our thumbs wondering what to do... We watched True Grit and Sherlock Holmes.

Honestly, the BEST Christmas ever! Magical, enjoyable, special, humble, and spiritual.

I love our new nativity set and the girls got lots of play time out of it!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the people who made our Christmas so wonderful!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Program

Zoey was a Sheep but Maggie stole the show with her hands in her pants

Thursday, December 15, 2011


We have had 2 nights of Christmas carolers. It's nice to know people still carol. I use to think that it was super lame(teenager) but it has really touched my heart this year. I'll admit I had tears both times. It's the small things in life that cost nothing that really mean a lot to others.

I'm grateful for the people who care for my family and me.

Every girl needs a good girlfriend

Last Sunday, I called my girlfriend crying. She said, " You never call on Sunday, what is wrong?" I said, "I was having a bad day". She started laughing and said, " I can handle a bad day, I thought you were going to tell me something worse." I picked her up and we went to the mall. It was great to just get out and enjoy time with a friend. Maggie played at the play-place... she would go up and DOWN the stairs but not down the slide. She was wearing tights so she would slip on the stairs every time!!! Zina and I got a kick out of it. I also found out that I don't like the Chandler mall play-place. The elevator is TO close to the play-place and when you are in heals and your kid wanders out and the elevator is open it can be scary... Not saying that I lost my kid...but I no longer like Chandler mall and heals!

Honestly, it turned out to be a great day. I am grateful for her outlook on life. It reminds me to laugh off bad days because things could be worse.

Note to self... be REAL, don't care what other people think, and laugh at the small stuff!

A moment to reflect

Yesterday, I volunteered at the Winter Classic with some people at work. It's an event that UOPX and the Diamondbacks put on together. 500 kids that are homeless or on the verge of being homeless got to come meet the players, run the bases at Chase field, take pictures with Santa, get new shoes, get 2 brand new books, lunch, and make a fun craft. I was at the reading station so I got give all the kids 2 books and then sit down and read with them. It felt good to spend time with kids who were in more need then my kids. It helps me realize that kids are kids! They just like to have fun and spend quality time with people that care about them.

I also talked with a student today who just found out her daughter has leukemia. She is so determined to finish school even in her tough situation. She was doing homework in the doctors office and is praying for clear test results...not that the Cancer will go away but for clear test results.

In short, I am grateful for my family's health, the shoes on our feet, and the love that I share with my spouse and kids.
I hope I can continue to see the blessings that I do have through my trials.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's been a while since I have updated the blog but only because it has been a tough few weeks.
As you know Maggie got kicked out of daycare and it rocked my world for a few hours. Little did I know that is was actually a blessing. The next day I started to get my head on straight and Brit came home WAY early... He was let go at work. Then a week later the job I was hoping to get was given to someone else.

On a brighter note
Thanksgiving was wonderful! Betsy, Scott, Jack, Grammy, Justin, Ashlee, Boston, Jackson, and Charlotte all came to visit. We had a mellow and yummy dinner. Black Friday shopping was also mellow and delightful. Honestly, I am so grateful for the Miller family and the LOVE, Peace and Joy that they give to my family and I.(We missed the Morans at Thanksgiving.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011