Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Zoey-Devil diva
Maggie- Pirate and pumpkin
Mom- Angry bird (I got 2nd place at work)
Dad- Zombie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not good

Absolute horrible day... actually just the last 3 hours.
I am so fragile right now it is not even funny!
My patients was tried so hard today and I feel like a failure.
I cried for an hour and did not feel any better. I lost control of myself, my emotions, my words, and my actions. Satan got the best of me and used me as one of his slaves in this weak hour. And the worst part is I took it out on Zoey.
My first born, my baby, my angel, my cute pumpkin.

I have never considered myself to be a bad Mom but today I was. I regret so many things that I did today but I do acknowledge the learning experience that I had, unfortunately.
I'm frustrated. I'm sad. I'm hurt.

I am so grateful for Christ's atonement so that I can repent and try better tomorrow. I am also grateful for a forgiving and loving daughter.

*Please don't call, don't email, don't text, I was just venting.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am ready for halloween

Check out this cute wreath that I made. I think I am going to make a wreath for every holiday and season! Super fun!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A random Tuesday...

Today is Tuesday. I took the day off because I have to work Saturday. Heavenly Father guided me so that I was home today. I really wanted to take Friday off because then it would break up my work week. It is fall break so any day would work for me....But Friday would work best!

Part 1
Over the weekend, I was informed of a funeral of a ward member. I decided to take today off to support the family. Brit asked his boss if he could take a few hours off for the funeral too but they just gave him the whole day off. We had a mellow morning and dropped Maggie off at daycare to nap. Zoey joined us for the funeral and it was a very spiritual and emotional service.

Part 2
1:45pm- When we got home we made lunch and decided to have a picnic at the park. Zoey wanted to bring a friend so we went next door to see if Sadie wanted to come. She did and was ready to jump on her bike. I insisted that she ask her mom (our neighbor but good friend too). Her older sister said that she would tell her. Normally this would be fine but for some odd reason I insisted that Sadie asked her mom before we went. I was at the door watching all the kids run around and could hear Sadie asking her mom over and over if she could come but I did not hear Casey answer Sadie. I walked in and Casey was hunched over, her phone to her ear, and crying. I was scared I walked into a personal moment that I was not supposed to be apart of. As I asked what was wrong and if I could help she said, "I think I'm in labor!"
This is Casey's 4th kid. Her induction was planned for Sunday when her Mom, Husband, and sister-in-law would be home to help her.

This was a strange moment for me. Flashes of the at home birth of my niece, and the car birth of a friend crossed my mind.

Casey's main concerns as she went through contractions that were 3 minutes apart were: the kids were not fed, she was hungry, and she did not want to go to the hospital if she was not in active labor. Brit was immediately put to work on kid duty and I took Casey to the hospital. She wanted food so we did two contractions in the Chick-fil-a drive-thru...Good thing they are fast! As we drove she finally informed me that her membranes were striped YESTERDAY and she was dilated to a 4.
Her husband goes to school in Casa Grand and was already on his way. She had strong and consistent contractions the whole way to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital Dan(brother-in-law) was there to give her a blessing. She made it through a few more contractions then her cousin showed up. Once the nurse checked her we found that she was at a 9 and 90% effaced. She was not going home! It was then that I prayed for time! Adam(Casey's Husband) was 45 minutes away. Her cousin took over for me and I waited in the waiting room for Adam to show up. After she got her epidural things slowed down a little bit. That was just enough time for Adam to make it. Adam Showed up and I left to get dinner for the kids. Casey had her healthy baby girl, Presley Kimberly Mack, at 5:45pm. (Picture to come soon!)

Part 3
Zoey requested a park day tomorrow since today's was cancelled. =)
After the craziness had settled down I remember that it was Kelli's birthday at 8:45pm. We are not close but something told me that I needed to do something. I grabbed a jar of salsa and a card and took it over to her. I have tried to stop by her house unannounced and have failed many times before. I knocked and knocked and had the same response as before. nothing. I hate doorbells and never use them but I did today. It worked! Kelli and I ended up talking for over an hour. I learned that her and I think alike. We have kids who are cute but very stubborn. We have husbands who are quirky yet perfect for us. We have lots in common and today was the ice breaker for our friendship.

It's all because I took a day off on a Tuesday.

I am grateful to be the Lords servant. I hope that I can listen to the spirit often in my life and be what He needs me to be. I am thankful for my family and friends who support me so that I can make a Tuesday a little better for someone else.

Friday, October 7, 2011

4 years

I am a Phoenix.
Student- March 21, 2007
Employee- October 7, 2007

And still going...

Sunday, October 2, 2011


He swears he was awake but his snoring was disturbing Zoey and I.
We watched all 4 sessions of conference and Zoey was AMAZING! She listened enough to get the topic of EVERY speaker, found their picture or colored their picture and put it under the topic they spoke about.
Maggie was awake for 2 1/2 of the sessions. She was good but again she is 17 months.
Maggie is a huge climber. She is either on the chair sitting like this or on top of the table. She can even climb in and out of her high chair on her own. Gezzz these kids grow up too fast!

A is for Apple

I(with the help of Brit) made applesauce this year. No sugar, no preserves, JUST APPLES! I got them on Tuesday and did not make it till Saturday. I yelled at Maggie to go put an apple back at least once a day! So when I went to cut them I found about 4 that had one tiny bite taken out of them. It was rather cute!

Peaches, Pies, and Salsa

A bushel of peaches=
peach salsa
and homemade peach pie, Oh my! I wish I remembered to take a picture BEFORE we devoured it. It was PERFECT. I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter to vent the pie and it was adorable!
We enjoyed eating the peaches this year instead of canning them. Maggie LOVES peaches. This kid could not sign "more" fast enough with her hands once she put the last bite in her mouth.