Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Beach

From the left Jackson, Boston, Jack, Grammy Miller, Charlotte, Zoey and Maggie.
watching the surf at sunrise!
Grammy Miller

Baby on the beach and she knows what she is doing
What more fun then a sand hole...I mean sand castle. Maggie thought she was helping.

Maggie and Brit taking her first dip in the ocean

The END!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Party for a Princess

For Zoey's 6th Birthday party she had a tea party! With a real live princess! The girls had a ball!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Birthday

A great birthday is...
Brit making me Breakfast
Getting an IPOD dock
Enjoying Relief Society all by myself
Easy pizza for lunch
Gabrielle coming to visit...with Birthday cake
Going swimming at my parents
Eating fried rice and Beef Rendang(Indonesian)
Eating more cake
Spending it with Brit, Zoey and Maggie
...My wish has already come true

Thanks for a great Birthday!


Last October I canned chicken. I can say that the 4 cases lasted me 9 months and it was great. I now have my system down pat and canned chicken this time I was done all before 11am!

I have a Christmas wreath, a pink spring one...and that's it! I have been thinking about buying one that is for the summer but they are so small, the big ones are so expensive, and they are very specific to each holiday. I got this idea when I was cleaning up all of Zoey's flip flops. I bought size 1-2 and made this cute wreath and it will be up all summer long! Best part it cost $11!

(If you decide to do it hot glue them together the way you want, then screw them together once the glue drys.)

It's time!!!!

Time for me to blog! I have so much to catch up on you are welcome to anticipate....
4th of July
The plan of salvation
My Birthday
My Projects
Father's day

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Death is hard to any age

When I was a kid I lost my grandparents at a young age. I don't remember my Grandma Smith nor do I remember the funeral. I lost Grandpa Zezulka when I was about 6 and Grandma Zezulka when I was about 8. I only remember seeing my extended family at these funerals or right before they died. When I was in 8th grade I lost my cousin, in high school, I lost a friend, and my best friend lost her Dad. I felt like death was a normal and was a part of life. I remember being sad but knew that they were in a better place. I mean who would not want to be in heaven with Heavenly Father? I remember thinking that death was better understood to those that were older. Likewise, death would be easier on the family if they were older. Since High school I really have not had to think about it. I've thought about my parents dying and I AM NOT READY FOR THAT.

When I married Brit I got to understand his thoughts on death because he lost both his brother and Dad. He copes with things VERY differently than I do.
I never imagined that I could become so close to people that have passed on. I can honestly say that I feel like I know Art and Stan just as well as I know Margaret. I have felt their spirit and support often in my life and am so happy for the angels that are beyond the veil that support me and my family.

Last week, my dear friend in the ward lost her Mother-in-law who was also in our ward. Who was also Zoey's babysitter's grandma. We went to the viewing and the funeral to support them. We brought Zoey and Maggie because we thought it would be a experience. It was the most amazing experience ever! We explained the situation to Zoey before we showed up and talked about Uncle Stan and Grandpa Art. She stood and stared at the body and was just mesmerized! She was very reverent and in tune with the spirit and mood of the night. She had so much empathy it was amazing to see her reacting to the situation. She was sad for Elise and hugged her to make her feel better.

After we left Zoey was filled with questions. Her mind was working so hard to understand the Plan of Salvation. We were truly able to explain to her that the body is dead but her spirit is very alive up in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus. We went home and read Moses and she was able to put the pieces together. I am just so amazed at how smart and in tune with the spirit she is. This was a moment in time that I felt so honored to be partnered with God to teach His daughter about Him and his wonderful plan.
If you want to learn more about Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness you may visit

Needless, to say I cried like a baby. I think because the moment was so touching. And I realized that death is hard at any age even if they lived and long and happy life. Another touching moment was when Dean Kishpaugh spoke a few words and the service. While weeping he said, "I love Betty so much! I was with her for everything in our lives. And I was with her up until she took her last breath and cant wait to be with her again." It was such a touching moment I can only hope that Brit and I can live a love filled life all the way to the end like they did.

Families can be together forever!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July

Zoey decked out her bike for the bike parade... That we were 2 days late for...She still enjoyed her cool bike. We hung out at the Ferrin's house and swam! Brit smoked ribs and we enjoyed a relaxing day with great friends. We did our own fireworks then went down to the end of the street where some "amatures" had some AWESOME fireworks that lasted a good thirty mins. It was almost like Disneyland.

We missed being in Cedar city but had fun enjoying Arizona!