Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

For Father's day we were in California for a wedding. Brit was able to eat at 3 of his most favorite of all favorite restaurants! It was a great weekend with great company. We also stopped by to visit Art, Stan and Grandma Jessie. I love this photo! Happy Father's Day everyone!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Dresses

The girls have been waiting since Christmas to wear these adorable dress that Grammy Miller made.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zoey first swim meet

She did so good at her swim meet! I'm so proud of her!

Moments to remember with Maggie

I watched Maggie today with love in my heart. When we got home she walked in the family room to greet Zoey for the first time today. She babbled and giggled as if to tell her how her day went.
She walks so well, sometimes, she walks around the house just to check to see where everyone is. And she really likes to chase Zoey around the house.

When Daddy walked in she giggled and ran over for some loves and hugs.

She, like Zoey and Brit, enjoys Lego's too.

Right now her favorite thing to do is have someone stack nesting blocks so she can knock them over. It's great to see her giggle at the simple things in life.

Zoey and Maggie love to play together. I once thought that having a boy and a girl would be perfect but after seeing them play with each other I love having 2 girls. They can enjoy Pink (and Orange), Princesses, makeup, clothes, dresses, painting their nails, playing dress up, doing their hair and other girley things all the while without being interrupted by dinosaurs, trucks and dirt.

After contemplating this thought it made me think more about how Maggie might be my last baby (this is not official). Everyday I embrace the "toddler" moments with her. It’s tiring to have kids but "today” only happens once and "tomorrow" is tomorrow and you can never get today back.

I remember just a year ago watching her sleep in the hospital room. She was on my bed all stretched out with one tiny arm over her head. I remember wanting to freeze time knowing that she would only get bigger. I remember her big smiles at her blessing and how tiny she was in the dress. Zoey was so proud to be a big sister and having big sister responsibilities like holding her and changing her diaper.

On the contrary to all of my parenting books I rocked Maggie to sleep tonight. It was a long day for her and I knew that I could enjoy some relaxing cuddle time. I watched her as her eyes got heavy and finally fluttered shut after a few minutes. She is so big compared to last year. Her hair is long enough to get tangled. She has a button nose that slopes like a ski jump. She breathes softly and I love the breeze on my neck. She has lips that are perfect and kissable. She has soft, chubby cheeks, not as chubby as Zoey's but still cute, even with 1 dimple. I cried out of love when she twitched her leg or arm in her sleep. I forgot how peaceful kids sleep. Her feet and toes are my favorite. When I run my finger on the bottom of them she pulls her leg back just like I do. Her feet are small and bubbly that they hardly fit into shoes. Overall, my Maggie is a petite bundle of pure joy! I love just soaking up her sweetness. Today was good and tomorrow I will enjoy more goodness from Maggie.


Today, I watched Zoey, my first born, with a thoughtful mind. I remember being pregnant with her. Sunbathing in a bikini with my cute pregnant belly. Watching her kick princess (the dog) when Princess lay on my belly (Zoey). I remember doughnut, lemon and tangerine cravings. It was a serial experience being pregnant and feeling another body inside of mine. It amplified by 10 when I held her in my arms knowing that she was my offspring, sent from our creator. The sweet and innocent spirit that filled her body melted my heart. I never imagined the love and patients that I instantly had in that hospital room. I felt our Heavenly Fathers trust, love and excitement in Brit and I as we drive home from the hospital. I was humbled to see life with an eternal perspective. As I took those feeling to heart I knew in that moment that it was my responsibility to teach her everything that is important to our Heavenly Father.

As I watched her today I noted some of our accomplishments.
She respects my car and does not litter in it. She asked, "Mom I have some garbage can you please hold it."
She shared her blanket when Maggie stole it. She was genuine and helpful when apologizing to Maggie when she knocked Maggie over.
She repeated the 4th article of faith by memory.
She does not enter Amber's bedroom until she asks permission
She Listened and obeyed the first time when she was asked to unload the dishwasher.
When I lost my tempter she lovingly reminded me of our family rules. I allowed her to see my mistakes and I owned up to them publicly so that she can see that it's okay to be wrong.

Zoey is amazing! She is so smart and really thinks to understand concepts and ideas. I am grateful for the love that she has. I am amazed by her understanding and respect that she has. I know that she understands that kindness, love and respect is a two way street. She is great at holding us accountable and even more so tries with all her might to be a good girl.

Zoey you truly are a daughter of God and I love you with all my heart! And again I promise to be the best Mom I can be!

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's about time

I have been thinking about getting an Ipod for the last year. My car has an Ipod hook up and I thought it would be fun to play my music in my car. Likewise, I have had my MP3 player for 6 years and everyone thinks I am behind on technology. Brit gave me money and an Itunes gift card for Easter... I think he was tired of hearing me debate with myself. After a few weeks of researching which one I wanted and using the Ipod feature in my car on my Vegas trip I was in love. Today I came home with a used orange Nano. So far I am pleased as punch!

Daddy Daugher Date Night

Zoey said the date was past Maggie's bedtime...I agree, so Maggie let Zoey have one more Daddy daughter date night without her.

Via Las Vegas!

First time taking pictures as a group... The kind person took 2 pictures on 9 different cameras...we learned that we would just take one group photo and then send it to the group. LOL It was a fun weekend!

Katie Katie Katie what are you thinking about?
You are too funny!
Going up
Yes, two bums stealing the quarters out of the fountains at Caesar's Palace. Gotta love Vegas

And the night begins with some booty!

Love Birds

Play time!

Yes, I played The playboy slots...Does the title really matter it's all the same, losing money!
We played some not so loose slots... i put in 5 bucks and walked away with 11 cents
Sexy times
Coca-cola from Around the world
hummm $10 for 1/4 of a pound. I think I will get a bag at Costco for 10 bucks.
I feel Orange everyday!
I love VEGAS
The Girls

Katie and I
Yep told you we were models!
Long walks require rest. It was an awesome group...except for that one girl third from the left... She thought it was weird we were taking picture of her...maybe because because she was sitting in MY SPOT!!! RETARD!

Amanda, Jen, and I
Don't know who these girl's are but we had a great time!
3 Hot girls having a great night out on the town!

Amber's Boyfriend at 3am...but she does not know it yet...
Oh Amber!
Really girls...
This is where Brit and I were sealed!
Friends forever!
Transvestites playing all the famous stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate and bacon what could be better?