Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just for Boston and Jackson

Here is my Monday gift to you Boston and Jackson. This is what Uncle Brit is working on right now... What do you think it is? What cool things can you find?

Mother's Day or Easter

Zoey- Happy Mother's day
Me- It's Easter not Mother's Day.
Zoey- Not uh, we sang a song for Mother's Day!
I decided not to argue maybe she would be extra good. At least she listened a little bit in primary.
Since we broke out the video camera so much on Maggie today she wanted to show off her singing... I think we need to work on the second verse.
Thanks Zoey I will take all the Mother's Day's I can get!

Maggie is walking

Maggie was so excited to learn that Christ has risen. In light of that she was motivated to rise in a different way.
Maggie took her first 3 steps in Sacrament today. Then in Sunday school she took 5 steps. This is her talking to Amber and then she showed off for the camera. Love it! Maggie 11 months and 2 weeks.
After bath time

Like a Princess

Eating like a princess.


Sweet girl!

We took a picture of Zoey on her first Easter in this same dress and you really can't tell them apart they look like twins.


Hanging on Amber is fun

It's fun to have Amber around. I have a friend to hang out with when Brit and Zoey are doing lego time. I never go to the store alone any more. We go (fun)shopping together and I don't have anyone asking if I'm ready to go.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


72 hour kits updated for the family...Check
3 month supply of food...Check
6 month supply of food...Check
2 week supply of water...Check
Building my supply of water and savings(money) for 6 months... in progress

I have a testimony in being prepared.

Feelings of the week

I have got many things off my chest this last week and I feel great! Brit and I spoke in church on Sunday and it started of just adding to the list of issues that I am dealing with. However, it was hardly an issue more of a blessing, I think. The talk was on pain and how the Atonement covers all pain. Through this talk I have been able to apply the Atonement more fully in my life and at a perfect time. I have come to realize I ONLY need to worry about MY controllables(I know it's not a word but I like it). I have let go of many hard feelings that I have held on to for a long time. This talk has been a blessing to me at work, in school, with my family and with my friends.
I can't change someones work ethic, I can't force anyone to be nice to me, I can't avoid the pain that someone chooses to inflict on me, I can't change the past, I can't force anyone to do or not do something, and I can't avoid all human interaction to protect my feelings.

Christ chose to experience all pain so that he could know first hand what happiness really is. I too chose to experience all pain so that the happiness that I feel when I am with Brit, Zoey and Maggie is PERFECT beyond PERFECT! Happiness is great and I am happy because I have experienced pain first hand.


Zoey-Mom I would like dessert
Me- You just had a piece of candy
Zoey- That was a snack, I would like dessert now
Last week I was trying to motivate Zoey to do homework without being mean and forcing her to do it...I have learned that it doesn't work that way...duh. AND I have a huge pet peeve about rewarding kids with food or candy so I don't do that. I told her I would do a silly dance or a sing a silly song after each page of homework that she completed. She LOVED it. Tonight she was working on a page and finished it no problem. Once finished she said, "Mom I have a great about you sing a silly song or do a silly dance after each page that I do?" Ha ha she is so smart!
Zoey was learning how many different ways there were to add to 9, 10 and 11. I thought it was going to be hard...but I grabbed nine mints and told her to think of different ways to separate the mints into each of her hands and make it add to 9. Her left hand was the first part of the problem and her right hand was the second part of the problem and both hands added together equal 9. I wrote this __ + __ = 9 on the paper 9 times and told her to figure it out. It was amazing to see her work through the problem, I loved seeing her get excited, write the problem, and then check her work to make sure that it added to 9... every time. I was amazed that she picked it up so well. School is going much better for her since the teacher and I have found how to motivate Zoey throughout the school day. I am excited for her desire to learn and the love and effort that she puts into her school work.

*Had to use the words stand, stop, stomach, star
-I see a star
-It was beautiful
-Maggie can stand without holding anything
-My stomach was hurting
-My car stops
I love her phonetic spelling

She has decided that she likes to write really neat so she is always erasing and wanting to make it perfect! We have compromised by allowing her to erase when she messes up but if she wants it super neat and perfect...she needs to do it on the first time. She likes this and I love it because it means homework get done in a reasonable about of time.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going Green

About a month ago Brit and Amber (One of my BFF's from high school that is living with us) started HCG (I'm not a fan) and it involves eating LOTS of fruit and LOTS of vegetables. I have been at the store EVERYDAY because we are going through SOOOOOOOOOOOO much of them. In doing all of this I have realized that it really is possible to get 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. When HCG stops I want to make sure we are still eating the good stuff. A few weeks ago a friend said cut a meal out by doing a fruit smoothie. Then Ashlee posted her ideas on green smoothies which lead me to the green smoothie girl, which had me doing research through books and the Internet on more green smoothies ideas and facts. Last week I gathered my ingredients and I did it! I made my first one on Thursday and it was great. Tonight I made my smoothies for the next 2 weeks.
I'm sure excited, these are going to take the place of my breakfasts. Brit is a little concerned about taste but I think they are great. I think the color is strange to him but they taste fruity. Sometime next week I will get what I need to make the Hot Pink Smoothie...That's how I will introduce it to Zoey!

Here is what I did...
Large Vita Mix
8 Strawberries
6 Raspberries
7 Blueberries
6 chunks Pineapple
1 Banana
8 slices Carrots
1 rib Celery
3 handfuls Spinach
2 cubes of lemon juice (I freeze them in ice cube trays)
1/4 C Apple juice

This filled 3 or 4 mason jars

I've come to a conclusion that I like them very smooth so I do little to no ice because I freeze them right away.


Zoey and Brit love hard boiled eggs. There is an egg carton labeled hard boiled eggs in our fridge for that purpose! Today we dyed those eggs and Zoey thought it was the greatest! I thought it was great because this is the first time that my kitchen did not have colored dye all over the place. I love that Zoey is old enough to do something without making a mess.

Maggie enjoyed the activities by talking to us the whole time. She is really good at Ma Ma and is just starting in on Da Da but she is better at Na Na...
Zoey got to color 5 and Brit and I each did one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Conference

Hello Maggie...and Brit d no we did not tell her how to pose that was all on her own Amber did her princess hair What a house of girls do... Zoey keeping Maggie busy
Our traditional smoking on Sunday Conference...Well we know Zoey enjoyed it...

More randoms

poor chick
Singing Mom a song
You talking to me... I didn't do it...
Sunday fun

A few randoms

playing hid and seak

I'll help mom...
Dani with Nixon
Dani's what???
Happy Birthday Popsie

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Friday, April 1, 2011

After school activities

Zoey is wearing a bike helmet waiting to go outside
Maggie is chewing on plastic Easter eggs
Zoey is now opening all the Easter eggs, picking them up, and pouring them on Maggie's head hand fulls at a time
Maggie is pulling single strands of hair out of Zoey's head
Fun Fun!