Monday, November 29, 2010


Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?
Zoey started in on the "Are we there yet?" in Surprise... Only 1 hour into our 7 hour trip. Over all the girls were great. Brit and I listened to a book on tape and it made the drive go by soooooo fast. It was like we didn't have enough drive time...we had a long book.

St George was wonderful! We have many things to do. Grammy found out that I told Betsy we would leave when we got bored... So she made sure we did not get bored. Maggie started out the trip by waking up with croop on Wednesday morning. After a Dr. visit and medicine we headed to the DI to see Grammy's mission which was quite impressive. After that we had lunch and then split up. Betsy and I went shopping at Target and Brit, Grammy and Zoey went to the dinosaur museum. It was perfect for all of us.

Thursday we had Turkey, salad, rolls, sweet mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and ONE PIE. It was a very healthy and yummy lunch/dinner. I took a very long nap and enjoyed every hour of it...That night Brit and I went to see Harry Potter.

Friday I woke up at 2:45am to start the fun of my Black Friday shopping. I have come to a conclusion that I do Black Friday shopping simply for the thrill. There is something about racing to grab the item of your choice and hoping that there is enough for you. Then racing to the check out line to make sure your not stuck in the long line. It's not about buying the hottest, cheapest, or most popular item. It's simply thrilling just trying to do it. This year I waited in line with my book to make the time go by quicker but people watching was just too awesome to pass up! There were fights, there was snappy moms mad at each other for cutting and there were police officers doing crowd control. It was great! That afternoon we went on a few small hikes in Zion's National Park.

We also went bowling with Scott and Betsy. Zoey got 9 pins down on the first bowl. Maggie and Jack played musical chairs and were passed around for everyone to hold. It was lots of fun..I didn't want to say that I had the highest score and Betsy had the lowest but Zoey kept asking her if she needed bumpers! It was a fun night with GREAT company!

Saturday we started off the day shopping. We dropped Zoey and Brit off at the Sugar loaf so they could play on the rocks for an hour and Margaret and I did some shopping and a few returns. That night we all went to see Tangled. I think that is my favorite Disney movie to date. And of course we played a game of scrabble... Margaret won.

I think my savored moment of the week was an hour before we left. Zoey mentioned to Grammy that she dreamed that Grammy made her a purse...That was music to Grammy's ears. She made the simple wish come true. As I was packing the car Zoey and Grammy were speedily making the perfect purse. A few times I heard Zoey say, "No, the purse was not like that in my dream it was... but this will do".
Zoey knows what grammy likes and Grammy likes to please her. It was a very cute. Zoey now wants to take the purse everywhere! The bathroom, school, dinner, bath, outside, and shopping. Thanks for always making her feel like a 100 bucks! She loves it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Zoey got sent to the Principle's office on Friday. This is the second time in one quarter. The teacher said that Zoey punched a girl in the face and the girl was crying for a long time. Then Zoey had a bad attitude and refused to do work so she missed recess and was sent to another classroom.

Poor Zoey she was so sad when I picked her up. She walked with her head down and hardly spoke a word. I finally asked her what happened a few days later and she said that a girl was squashing her...against a fence and would not stop. So the second that the girl let up Zoey punched her in the stomach. She said that she tried her words and they didn't work so she hit her to make her stop. Sounds fair to me...

I've taught Zoey NOT to be a tattle tale and whine about things. I've taught her to work things out on her own and solve her own problems. I think I've done a great job. However, I'm angry at the fact that schools teach that the child who cries the loudest or the one who tells a teacher first is innocent.

Don't get me wrong I have taught her a new lesson. When words don't work tell an adult instead of getting violent. But in this situation I am proud to say that Zoey stood up for herself and didn't let a bully push her around.

No wonder Zoey was so sad and refused to do work. She felt injustice and kept getting punished for something that was not entirely her fault. I would be discouraged and unmotivated too!

If you remember she got sent to the Principle's office at the beginning of the year for "biting a girl on the nose". I asked her about that to this weekend and she said she did not bite her. Zoey said she was mad because the girl would not move and was talking sassy back to her so Zoey made a mean face and stuck her bottom teeth out, like a monster, and got close to her face and accidentally bumped her on the nose with her teeth. Again that girl cried the loudest... and the rest is history.

I think the teacher might be mistaking Zoey for someone that she is not...I plan to fix that problem very soon. A parent teacher conference is needed before this week ends to ensure that this does not happen again!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maggie is 6 months

Today Maggie had her 6th month check up. She is 27 inches long(90%), she weighs 15.12(45%), and her head circumference is 16.5 inches (30%). The poor baby had to get 3 more shots and another is scheduled for next week.

Poor sport

While playing an aggressive game of Go Fish we had a me. Let me was my turn we were almost finished and Brit was winning. I asked Brit for a card and got it, I asked Zoey for a card and got it, Zoey's hands were empty and Brit had his hands in his lap as if he didn't have any cards so instead of asking I just drew a card Brit. Brit thought it was odd but didn't say anything. Then Zoey went and was out of cards. Brit then asked me for a card that magically appeared from his lap. That's when the argument started. I refused to give him my card and then I threw a fit. I put my cards down and said it was unfair and then I bitterly quit. It wasn't my best moment to say the least. Zoey then got up from her chair and said, "Mom, I think we need to talk this out". She proceeded to talk to me about how Dad was not cheating and how I needed to play fair and be a good sport. The whole time Brit and I were laughing and Zoey was trying her hardest not to laugh but a few smiles broke through. It was pretty dang hilarious! Once Daddy and I said sorry per Zoey's orders she said, "I just fixded(yes, that is what she said) the World"! We were all proud of her problem solving skills.

After my melt down she needed a potty break. With out skipping a beat she scolded Brit by yelling, "Daddy, when you go to the bathroom you need to put the girl thing down, try harder next time"!

It was a fun night.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dawson fun

Adelyn loved the singing skeletons she played with them all most the whole time she was here.

Gotta love this face

More saving, more doing

That's the power of the HOME DEPOT
She wanted a picture of her outfit and badge. But she made the craft in her Jane dress...I have a princess present 24/7!
Hand crafted by Zoey Miller
Got to love Home Depot's free crafts for the kids. Zoey did all the gluing and hammering ALL BY HERSELF. I simply watched.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Something I thought of on my way home today

We serve those we love but we should serve those we hate so we can come to love them too

6 years and 2 kids later...

I have finally come that time in my life where I do not have the time, energy or desire to clean. What a bummer! And yes, I do enjoy cleaning it is actually relaxing and makes me feel good about my accomplishments. Anyway, I wake up at 3:15am, on most days, and don't go to bed till about 10pm. Breastfeeding, pumping, work, the commute, Zoey's homework, laundry, dinner and everyday cleaning are all I have time for. Well, and the fun stuff like the park, canning, reading, shopping and playing with the girls. So, I have hired a cleaning lady. I found someone that will clean my kitchen(TOP TO BOTTOM) and all of my bathrooms for $30! Is that awesome or what!?! Totally worth every penny in my checkbook!

How long do you think I can fool Brit that I am doing the cleaning...just so he thinks I am a superwoman?

Maggie is on the move

The back round noise is a bit loud Zoey had Craig and Adeline over. But this is Maggie scooting!

Zoey's outfits

I am making progress. None of this matches and I actually let her wear it. I guess when you have more kids you start to let silly rules go. I can't imagie doing this often but it was not worth the fight today.

This is Zoey's "Arora outfit"
A strange hand-me-down shirt that has not found it's way to the garbage yet, pink skirt, pink pants, pink boots, what else does she need?