Sunday, September 26, 2010

It needs more cow bell

Check out the cow bell this truck is sporting...ha ha ha
Zoey took this picture
Fun Times

What to do on a lazy Saturday

Zoey made a picture and taped it to this box...we don't know why but she put the picture on backwards so the writing looks backwards but it's not...Brit is the big guy, no pun intended, Zoey is next and I'm the tiny one...
We have been talking about freckles lately and Zoey decided she wanted to look a little more like me so she used marker to add these fine dots to her face. We got a good laugh out of it.
Maggie sleeping
Maggie chilling with the dogs...with protected glass.

A few randoms

Zoey capturing the best of dad

Zoey licking the wrapper of a yummy cupcake...Sugar Mamma's is yummy!

Zoey and Porter at the 2010 family reunion

Porter, Zoey, and Joel looking for fish

Zoey's cool Batman mask, Brit was in superhero heaven

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New daycare for Maggie

Maggie starts a new daycare tomorrow. I'm really excited. It's an in home daycare but they are actually licenced through the state so we reap the benefits of security and consistency. It's a couple from NY/AZ that are grandparents and just LOVE kids. They are very loving and genuine. I am going to love it knowing that Maggie is in a loving place rather than in a crazy chaotic daycare.


We had soccer last night and it kicked my BUTT! I am so sore and I am achy all over...and it feels AWESOME. It really is the first time I have worked out since I was pregnant with Maggie. I think our team is going to be awesome this season!

Friday, September 10, 2010

On my mind

I canned 30lbs of chicken. I opened a jar yesterday and made chicken noodle soup out of Romen noodles. Super yummy and cheap!

Excited about indoor soccer that starts next week. Just need one more female to complete the team and then I will be able to relax. Let hope I don't break my hand this time around.

Super excited Zoey got a 4! Hope she can do it agian!

Can't wait to order my family photos and put them up on my walls

I'm ready for my head to hit the pillow, I'm so tired.

There is a guy at work that is creapy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It felt good

I picked Zoey up today with great anticipation. When I got a thumbs up from the teacher I was pleased. Zoey was beyond excited to tell me she got a 4 for the day! I was so thrilled for her desire, effort and dedication to be a good girl all day! We made a huge deal out of her good behavior. She got to play with Charity, ate at Mc Donald's, got ice cream, and got 40 pennies to put in her happy jar! We were all happy! Good job Zoey! And tonight as I tucked her into bed she said,"I'm gonna be a 4 tomorrow because it felt good!"

You can do it Zoey!

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Maggie is rolling over even though I told her it was not allowed! I just want my baby to be a baby! I feel like next time I turn around she is going to be all grown up and going to Kindergarten. She is a peach! Always laughing and giggling. Only cries when she is tired or wants food.

Zoey changed Maggie's poopy diaper yesterday. Everyone was happy! Zoey was so proud to do it, Maggie liked being changed and Brit and I enjoyed not changing a diaper for a change.

Zezulka Family Renunion

My whole family made it our family reunion this year. It was fantastic! We went tubing down the Salt River, had a pool party, an adult dinner (while my 2 brave babysitters took on 10 grandkids), church, and a family photo! It was all very successful. Thanks family for the great weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I think my kid is a bully

So everyday this week Zoey has come home with a Tiger report. Some days there were 3! One said she hit someone, and two others said she scribbled on another kid's paper. Then she got sent to the Principle's office for biting another kid. Where does this come from? I honestly don't know but am doing my best to stop it.

I'm not going to lie Zoey tests my parenting skills everyday and requires me to be on top of things. Let it be known I love My Zoey O. Even if she is known as THAT kid. Through love, trial and error and patients we will get through this.

I do have to admit that I was sad initially but then I laughed when they said Zoey bit another kid ON THE NOSE for not moving fast enough in the lunch line! Then I cried! Once I was over it I realized that it was an opportunity to love Zoey even more. The poor kid is going through major changes.

We started a rewards jar to try and increase her behavior. So far so good.

I love you Zoey!