Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding a punishment that fits the crime

Zoey had a rough day today...
Yesterday she came home with TWO Tiger reports (It means she did something bad)! She scribbled in a book with markers and she would not keep her hands to herself. I told her I did not like tiger reports. I didn't dwell on it long because by the end of the day she brought her behavior score up to a 4 at school (4 being the highest).

TODAY she got another Tiger report! This time for pushing someone. AND her behavior score was a 2! Which means she did not improve her behavior over the course of the day. I had her write sentences that said, "I will not push".

Tonight she wasted 1/2 of a shampoo bottle in the bath. And watered down Maggie's baby soap. THEN when she was supposed to be sleeping she painted her nails, feet, legs, chest, hair AND my carpet with red and purple nail polish!

I need a punishment that fits this nail polish crime! I really don't want to take nail polish away from her because I know I would hold my end of the bargain. I already advised her that she is never allowed to paint her toes by herself. I told her she must have an adult and it must be done at the table. But what do I do for a punishment so that she never does it again? Chores, privileges, timeout..? Help!

Monday, August 23, 2010


We went on out ward camp out over the weekend. I was a failure at taking photos. Yep not ONE picture of Maggie's first camping trip(good thing someone took one for me). It was lots of fun. We took Zoey out of school early and got to Payson by 3pm. We picked up a few odds and ins and then headed to camp. We pitched our tent then started the fire for our hobo packs and peach and blueberry cobbler. As always it was delicious. Zoey enjoyed playing with her friends from church. She hung out with mostly boys. There was an interesting conversation at dinner and this is a bit of how it went.

Zoey- Braden, when we get older, I'm going to marry you.
Braden- No. I am going to marry Charity.
Zoey- How about you marry Charity first and then you can marry me too. That will be so much fun.
Braden- Yeah. okay. I guess so.
Me- What?! No, boys have cuties, you don't want to marry him!
Braden's mom- Yep, you'll have cuties till after your mission. See it's right here on your head (pointing to a mole).
Zoey- Oh...

Maggie did great with camping, she was chilling with me in her sling most of the time. When she wasn't with me she was off with ward members that needed a baby fix. She even did great sleeping, we both slept in till hour after breakfast was served! Not to shabby for her first camping trip! We hope to go more before she starts crawling.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greatful for

-The $800 doctor bill that was waived from Zoey's second Birthday!
-Zoey enjoys kindergarten
-Zoey enjoys her extra curricular activity...Let's play Music(We all know how dance class went!)
-A flexible work schedule
-Love and Logic
-I completed my 30 day meal plan for food storage
-A raise at work


Maggie is teething! She has been a little fussy and just wants to be held. Anything that is near her mouth she will grab and gnaw on it. This includes fingers, hands, clothes and even noses!

Let's Play Music

Zoey started Let's Play Music last week. It's a singing and piano class in one. Well she got bells to practice on at home and let me tell you THEY ARE WONDERFUL. IF only you can hear the sarcasim in my voice... I'm just glad she enjoys it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

What lack of sleep does to Brit

Let me prep this little story first...Brit has more patients than I can ever pretend to have. He never raises his voice at Zoey and will dodge arguments with me for as long as he can. On that note…

On Friday we had a late night due to our date and on Saturday we went to a friend’s party and then watched a movie. Both nights had us up hours past our usual bed time. So when Sunday morning rolled around Brit was a little tired to say the least. He woke up showered and started shaving. Both Brit and Zoey tried to wake me up 3 times but Maggie is the only one that really motivated me (I'm her food bank). Once Maggie woke me up I started to get dressed. In the process I told Zoey to do a few things (which included brush your hair) and she ignored or complained through just about all of them. I did not follow through on any of them because I was doing my hair. Then it happened...the funniest moment of the YEAR! Brit said, "Zoey, go brush your hair or... I'm going to take ALL your toys away for the rest of your LIFE!" I turned to Brit and just started cracking up! I felt so bad because I could not stop laughing. After a few seconds he casually said, "I guess I'm really tired." Which again caused me to laugh. Poor guy! Zoey and I made sure he got a really good nap after church. The thought of all of it makes me laugh every time!

Just the 2 of us

We got a baby sitter the other night for date night but this time it was 3 hours later than normal. Why? So I could enjoy a night with just Brit...Yep that is right no Maggie! I put Maggie and Zoey down at 7 and the sitter showed up at 8. Both girls were asleep by the time the sitter showed up. R got to even sleep her self!

What did we do...some shopping at Chandler mall that did NOT include a stop at the Lego store! =) My kind of date! A pizza cookie from BJs and a Movie.

The date had us out hours longer than usual but was well worth it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Zoey's First day of School

We did it! Zoey is in school! Everyone did so well no tears were shed(I only cried during her blessing)! We took a picture with all the kids on the block and then Zoey and the triplets headed off...a mile ahead of the parents.

We took a few unhappy pictures and then Zoey darted into class. When I said "Goodbye" there was no response, she is so ready for school. It was a great day!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to the Grind

Work went well, I've still got my mojo! My first day back and my first call at 5:05am went to the application and is starting next week! I was so worried it would take me a while to get back in the grove of things but I guess not. Im so releaved.

I forgot to mention I chopped off my hair therefore, I have to actually do my hair!

Before Maggie I could wake up at 4am and be to work on time but now I have to wake up at 3:30am to get there on time. Between doing my hair and feeding Maggie it takes me an extra 30 minutes. I guess it's a small price to pay for free milk and a good schedule. Pumping is also going well I only have to do it once while I'm at work. Not too shabby in my opinion.

Maggie is doing good at the sitters but I miss her dearly!

We went to meet the teacher night a Zoey's school and she is so excited. Her teacher is Ms Falsen. Zoey is going to have lots of fun. She has 4 of her church friends in her class including Charity...her BFF. I feel bad for the teacher. =)

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Bitter Sweet Moment

I go back to work tomorrow...AHHH I'm so nervous!

Here is whats running through my mind
Did I pack enough milk for Maggie?
Does she have everything she needs in her bag?
Are my boobs going to explode? Ha ha
Did I get my pump packed?
Did I pack everything for my lunch?
Am I gonna suck when I get back to work?
Is Maggie gonna be good for Heidi?

Hummm I'll feel better tomorrow!


The Lego train that has taken over my dining room table

Just the girls

Were glad you came our way!

UHHHH since Sunday at 11am Zoey has not stopped singing the "Hello, Hello" song from church. It is driving me nuts because I can not get it out of my head either! I'm starting to get annoyed of that silly song.

Sleeping Beauty

She likes her head covered and she is super cute! I guess I wore her out this summer

To do list completed!

Sweep floors
Vacuum downstairs
Shampoo living room
Clean the stove
Finish final
Organize Zoey's back to school stuff
Put Zoey's backpack together
Put Maggie's diaper bag together
Write down Maggie's schedule for sitter

Here is a small video of Maggie with a touch of Zoey wanting to get some attention. I think it's a classic video of what siblings do when they are not the center of attention.

Finishing Projects

This is in the dining room
This is in the entry way
This is over the front door
This is in the kitchen