Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls rule and boys drool

Zoey- Daddy you are a boy and boys are always wrong and girls are always right. So Mommy is right and you are wrong.

Mommy- Zoey tell Heavenly Father to get Maggie out of me.
Zoey- No, Mommy you just have to wait

Still no Maggie and not only does Brit not have sympathy for me...but Zoey is annoyed with my complaining too.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoey's Anticipation

When I picked up Zoey yesterday she did not greet me with a hug like normal...She simply cocked her head and said, "Did the baby come out yet?" She was a bit silly yesterday.

Zoey and Brit washed the cars and Zoey enjoyed holding the hose...Which meant that they were soaked. She was great for FHE. We sang the whole song to Follow the Prophet I think she has the chorus down pat!

Hawaiian Hay Stacks were on the menu last night...haven't had that in years. Zoey was a bit spectacle but I don't think she was hungry thanks to the junk food grandma fed her!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our last week with Maggie in the belly

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Getting ready for Maggie

My baby!

Zoey and I thought it would be fun to document the last week with MAGGIE in my belly. This is proof of the fun we have had.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Your blog information

If you have a blog I need the web address! If you are not listed on the right of my blog I need your info. Thanks friends!

Week 38 of my Pregnancy

Monday we took the dogs on a walk. I was being pulled by Princess and Leftover and Brit took Franko. Zoey opted to ride her bike but she really just wanted to hold a dog.

Tuesday was a great day... I found a flavor of ice cream that I LOVE!!! Okay so I like chocolate chip cookie dough (minus the chips) and I like cookies n cream...put them together and you get what what Ben and Jerry call "Milk and Cookies". However, I call it heaven...let me tell you it is just PERFECT! It is the best flavor of ice cream to ever be created! You must try it!

On Wednesday Zoey and I went to the Brooke's house and jumped on the trampoline. Zoey enjoyed playing with Conner but I think he was a bit more "boy" than all her other boy friends. It was kind of funny. I jumped for a good 15 minutes which resulted in my thighs hurting and nothing more.

Thursday we ordered pizza and watched a movie.

TODAY I have another doctor's appointment.

Maggie I'm ready! Lets get this party started!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Amazing Dinners or just a sweet 4 year old?

This week has been a hard and trying week. Brit has been working till 6pm and I have been pulling in overtime. Therefore, the traffic on the way home is draining. Needless to say I am exhausted from the day and tired of being prego; dinner is the least of my worries. This week I have "made" the following for dinner:
Sunday- Store bought lasagna
Monday- Egg sandwich
Tuesday- Kraft macaroni and cheese with a side of applesauce
Wednesday- Uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Thursday- Kraft Macaroni and cheese

Every night after dinner Zoey has given me a big hug and with a HUGE smile on her face has said, "Mom, this is the BEST dinner ever!" Each night she has said it with a little more enthusiasm and has even added a kiss here and there. All I have to say is that Zoey is the sweetest little girl ever! It's nice to know someone enjoys my laziness.

*Healthy normal dinners will be planned for next week lets see how well Zoey likes those.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zoey's new bike

We have yet to pay a dime on a bike for Zoey. Free ones from Queen Creek friends have been great! We added a basket, training wheels and streamers to this bike. Zoey totally loves it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Sunday and General Conference

On Sunday we woke up around 9:30am. Yes, late for conference, I know. We pulled it up on the Internet and watched it while we ate breakfast. It is no longer on channel 61 for those that don't have cable. Can't remember all the details but we(me and Zoey) watched conference on the couch while Brit started smoking ribs. Zoey was great for most of the talks. She would watch and wait till their name popped up, then she would ask who's that? then she would wait till it popped up again to ask who the same person was. It somehow entertained her and I was content. However, I was tossing and turning due to being uncomfortable and Zoey was trying to snuggle with Maggie...It really wasn't working for me but I hated the thought of moving when my child was watching conference. During the break we laid out a blanket and enjoyed the sun and played with the dogs...while Brit fiddled with the smoker. Everyone loves it when Brit smokes! The puppies get to lick the bottom of the smoker and get to taste the yummy drips. Zoey gets to help with making dinner. Zoey loves to help with the smoker and BBQ. Brit loves it because he gets to "be a man and improve his smoking skills" and I LOVE it because it requires nothing from me! We BBQ or smoke on most Sundays and we all enjoy it. I took pictures this time because I thought today was special...after all it's Easter.
We also went over to my parents for a bit to enjoy the spa. Zoey was the only grandchild to entertain Grammy with an Easter egg hunt. After I told Grammy to remove all the candy(this was Zoey's 5th Easter egg hunt) Zoey went to town. She scored with getting $7 and a few eggs with raisins and crackers...YUM!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Six Years of Marriage

March 27th 2010 marked our 6th Anniversary. Here is what we did...
Woke up at 6:30am
Brit went to work
Zoey and I went to our ward Easter Egg Hunt
Cleaned the house
Helped decorate the house for the baby shower
Made food for the baby shower
Enjoyed my baby shower
Helped clean up the baby shower (even though I didn't do much)
Brit came home examined the loot we got
Dropped Zoey off at a Birthday party
Went shopping at Target to get Thank You cards
Bought a Maternity shirt and training wheels for Zoey's big girl bike
Picked Zoey up
Bike ride to the park with Zoey's new accessories on her bike
Wrote Thank You notes
Took Zoey to my parents
Went to the Greyhound bus stop
Waited with Brit at the Greyhound for 2 hours
Sent Brit home
Waited another 1 1/2 hours for the Greyhound bus
Jumped on the nasty, stinky, overcrowded, uncomfortable Greyhound to get to California

To say the least it was not a pleasurable way to celebrate our anniversary but we have plans make up for it. After all we do have 2 wedding anniversaries.

*While on the Greyhound I had time to reflect on what we did on our anniversaries over the years. Our first anniversary stood out in my mind. I was 5 months pregnant and we went to Durango Colorado. I remember the long car ride being miserable and the hotel bed was totally uncomfortable we ended up leaving 3 days early. I would have to say that being 8 months pregnant on a Greyhound that does not have a reclining seat was far worse than the trip to Colorado. Heck on month 5 of this pregnancy I was having the time of my life on a cruise ship in Mexico. I am grateful for my experiences so that I can have a new perspective on similar situations.

Showering Maggie with love

I had a baby shower on March 27th but was unable to reflect upon it until now because of the stressful car situation. The good news is that I had all the Thank You cards finished within 5 hours of the shower ending. However, they are still sitting on my counter waiting for me to drop them off or put them in the mail. So much for being on top of things. The shower was perfect! Everyone decorated a baby onesie for Maggie. They all turned out super cute! We had Ashlee Miller's Focaccia sandwiches, pink chocolate covered strawberries and strawberry salad.
We did a raffle for those who brought diapers or wipes. Grammy Miller made a super cute purse and Michelle was happy to be the new owner of it. Everything we got was very helpful. Diapers, wipes, burp cloths, toys, blankets, bath stuff, and of course super cute clothes! I did not have anything for Miss Maggie to wear for the first 6months and now I do!
Thank You so much to all those who came and or sent gifts to support us! We are very grateful for your friendship! Also, Thank You MOM AND DIANA for throwing me a wonderful shower. I loved every min of it.
*And Thanks Jenna for driving 4 hours to see me! I love you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny brought Zoey a bathing suit that she has been eyeing for a while. He also brought a few eggs filled with female Lego people. The bathing suit was the hit of the day and we even got to use it by swimming in the pool/spa. The best part was when Zoey informed me that the Easter bunny shops at Costco...Brit told her Santa shops there too.