Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wiggley arms

At dinner Zoey started playing with the giggly fat on my under arms. She said I have "wiggly arms". She was quite impressed that I had "wiggly arms". I could have taken it as an insult but Brit and I could only laugh. I told her that Grammies have bigger and better wiggly arms. She was very excited to hear that and plans to check them out! According to Zoey the bigger the better! HA HA!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's official we now have "his" and "her" scion XBs. This is my new car! Yeah! It was a long and stressful week of looking but glad I found one that I was happy with. This one is 2 years newer than Brit's and has a few extra features but other than that they are the same.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yeah ME!

I did 90% of it!
As I did not get my AC fixed I still suceeded because I sold my car instead
I listed my airplane headsets(3)on ebay
Got rid of all the crappy strollers in the garage

And getting rid of the "main" thing that made me mad is still in the works!
I need to find a car now

Sunday, March 21, 2010

AHHH I just sold my car!

So when I want something done I make it happen...This time I think I made it happen a little too quickly! I sold my car in less then 24 hours of trying. I'm a little nurvus because I have NO CAR! Stay tuned to see what new car I get!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Zoey!

I LOVE to take pictures of this cute girl!

She is even good at taking pictures of both of us...backwards

And of herself

And of me

She changed and added items after I put her to bed...Such a girl

Friday, March 19, 2010

Negative into Positive

At this moment I could yell and scream to make life hell for anyone that comes near me. My goal is to transfer this negative energy into positive results! So as I would love to snap at someone right now I am going to have a great day at work and change what I can and not worry about what I can't change.

A few things that I decided on while on my way to work
I'm getting my AC fixed this weekend
I'm selling my airplane headsets(3)on ebay
I'm getting rid of the "main" thing that made me mad this morning, no it's not Brit
I'm selling all the crappy strollers in the garage

Once I do this I'll treat my self to something good. Don't know what yet but it's gonna be good!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make up time

Today I left work super early to have a Mommy and Zoey day!
I feel that we need some mommy and Zoey time before Zoey has to share me with Maggie. There are a few things that we needed to complete on our list of "fun things to do" that we started at the begining of the week.

We went out to lunch
We painted pottery at a craft store
-Zoey did a princess crown and I did 2 coasters
We looked at a fountian
We ate ice cream
We went to Charity's to play

It was a fun filled day!
And to top it off Brit and I gave each other foot massages for 30 mins...It was great!`

My regrets of working full time

On St. Patrick's Day I would have decked Zoey out in green and explained the fun of pinching pranks...if she didn't. She has many skirts, shirts, tights and shoes that could have been used on this great green day but sadly I was 3 hours into my work day when Zoey was getting ready for the day. She and Daddy picked out a very cute outfit a blue shirt, a fun skirt that matched, black tights, and black shoes...but no green.
I picked Zoey up at daycare and asked her how her day was. The normal response is "good" but today with a sad puppy dog face she said, "the kids pinched me today because I wasn't wearing green."
It was such a sad lesson for her to learn. She talked about how hard they pinched her and how it made her feel sad. While on the way home I hid my green so she could pinch me. When we got home and she quickly changed into a green shirt and asked if I would call Ms. Lonna to tell her she was wearing green. She was very happy when I pretended to call. -I don't know if I can pull that off much longer

Zoey enjoyed corned beef and cabbage and everything else that St. Patrick's day had to offer. But next year I think I will leave a note to remind her to wear green.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Horray for Daylight Saving Time

I love being in Arizona because we do not observe daylight saving time. However, I still work 8-5 EST which means I get off at 2pm! Zoey and I got much accomplished yesterday. We made a list of things that we wanted to do this week and here is what we did in one day! Brit says we will need a new list by Wednesday...

We saw 2 airplanes land at Williams Field Airport
We drove with the windows down
We FINALLY got to the post office
We got drinks from QT
We got gum(I have 14 packs at work)and candy from QT
We paid the water bill
We picked up Chick-fil-a
We had a picnic at grammy's park
We played with Grammy, Jacob and Gabby
We played for 2 hours at the park
Mom paid bills at the park
Zoey took a bath an hour early
Zoey and Daddy played Legos
We put Zoey's laundry away
We put Zoey to bed
I went grocery shopping
I got a Sonic shake and Sonic Ice
I got to watch an hour of TV
We ALL went to bed at 10pm...little missy was reading books

Monday, March 8, 2010

Zoey's Dream

Zoey woke Brit and I up to tell us about her dream. I asked if it was a good or bad dream and she said it was good. Lets see what you think...

Zoey said, We all went to a farm and Mommy was having the baby by the chickens. And then Mommy got older and older and then she died and I was so sad.

Silly dreams!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The lottery for ASU polly tech was the other night and Zoey was 75 out of 80. Let me just say she will not be attending there because they only took 30 4 year-olds. Plan B is under way we are waiting to hear if she gets into American Leadership Academy. Plan C is Ben Franklin 1/2 day. And lastly, I arranged for plan D, Cortina. They had the meet and greet last night and ALL of Zoey's friends are going there. She was excited to see them all and begged to go to the "Tiger" school. Even if I do get her in a charter school I think it might be hard for me to convince her to go to it without her friends and wear a uniform.

Also, I'm not excited that school does not start at Cortina till 8:55am!!!! What the heck are they to do from 7am-9am? LAME LAME LAME!!!