Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Countdown

We leave on a cruise for Mexico in 3 days! I am so unprepared! My mind is racing and never seem to have enough time in the day to do what I need to. My simple prayer is that I can do what I need to with little to no tears, not forget anything and relax in 4 days!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Zoey's last Soccer game!

Zoey had her last soccer game on Saturday and she did really well. She played the 1st half and was actually kicking the ball! I was amazed! After playing a while she was brave and went in the pack of kids to get the ball. She was doing great until she hit her nose on someone's head and got a bloody nose. It was a good one and she was a trooper! GO ZOEY! First battle wound from soccer, but I think it's the last. I asked her if she wanted to play next season and she said she did not like soccer. Bummer deal!

Good news is I no longer have to coach!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week 17 of baby #2

I had my 3rd Doctor appointment for this gift in my belly. I would have to say that I have not felt pregnant until today(excluding the missed periods and nausea)! I haven't really told to many people. I guess it's been kinda hush hush to my friends. Likewise, to me. But now you know! It's kinda nice just being in my own business. I like not having 10 questions with every person I say "Hi" to so here is the dish. I'm pregnant...isn't that all you need to know?

1. I'm not finding out what I'm having
2. Because I don't want to
3. Yes, I found out with Zoey
4. I'm feeling fine... but it's random when I'm not and would you really want to know that I'm feeling like crap?
5. Yes, We are all excited
6. Zoey of course wants a girl
7. We would love for it to be a boy...because we already have a girl
8. Sometime in May
9. If I told you the name you would be shocked and say I'm crazy so you'll just have to wait till May
10. Don't ask if I'm going to have a 3rd while I'm still pregnant with #2!

I realized that this child is 5 inches and weighs almost a pound so I should start feeling pregnant. I was doing great on maintaining weight I only gained a pound but today the doctor said I gained 5 pounds. Whatever, I just ate a huge lunch that has to account for 3 pounds! But 3,4 maybe 6 pounds in 17 weeks I guess I can handle that.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Recently, I have not done a good job at being a good "love and logic" parent. I am in the process of correcting my ways. I need to think of better options and have more patients. Brit and I decited that we need to read the book agian. I love having a spouse that is on the same page as me and always willing to improve. So, school homework is at idle till Sunday which gives me 3 days to buy the book, read it and become a better Mom. I always get excited when I decide to be a better Mom because it makes parenting, easy, and most of all fun.

I have had a crazy few months and have neglected to involve Zoey in day chores, options and activities. I have just been taking things away with (bad option) choices. Two weeks ago she would not clean her room so I took EVERYTHING out of her room except for her bed. She has been earning them back. However, I realized that I did not accepted the fact that I was allowing Zoey to be spoiled by not giving her daily options, choices, and chores... If that makes any sense.

Today was a new day! At the beginnings of a meltdown I heard a small voice that said, "Options". The Holy Ghost flooded my mind with great options that both Zoey and I were pleased with. So tonight was stress free and fun. We all had a pleasant dinner, Zoey cleared the entire table while Brit did dishes and I relaxed on the couch! After that we all snuggled on the couch so Zoey and Brit could watch a comic book cartoon while took a nap! Zoey then cleaned her room and got another piece of furniture to add back to her room (her princess table). Life is good with options.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


As I mentioned before, my daughter has a stealing problem. Today, I delighted in the opportunity that I had to teach Zoey honesty.
Zoey came home from daycare and was very excited to show me her fifty cents that Michael "gave" her. As I probed with questions I found out that Michael did not "give" her the money but left the money on the table.

I compared it to hypothetical situation and asked the following questions...If Charity came over to play and took your Belle dress without asking would you be happy or sad? Did Charity ask for the dress? Did you say she could have it? But you left it on the floor and then left, does that mean Charity can take it? What would that be called? Does Michael know where his money is? How do you think Michael feels? What should you do to help him feel happy?

Zoey answered every question perfect! She even had comical happy and sad facial expressions. She decided that she should return the money with a piece of candy to ease the deal. Michael who is 8 was unaffected and possibly a little annoyed with the whole situation but I on the other hand am a proud parent!

The best part is I know that a valuable lesson has been learned because I can hear Zoey (right now) disciplining her frog for stealing!

Unfortunately, Zoey might accuse Charity of stealing next time she comes over...Zoey took that hypothetical situation a little rough.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Dry Night!

Night time potty training has been a process to say the least. I'm not annoyed or frustrated that Zoey is not night time potty trained. I know it will come when she is ready. She is so self sufficient with her pull ups it's great. Last night we ran out of pull ups so we tried super panties(really expensive princess underwear...$8). Every once in a while she has a dry night but that requires wake up times(from me) at 9pm,10pm, and 12am. Yesterday, she did an 8pm, 10pm, 2am, and 4:30am. She did great and the best part about is she did the 2am wake up on her own! I might not have to buy pull ups any more...But if I do, I will not be disappointed because I know it will come in time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A few fun quotes

While carving pumpkins...
Zoey- "Daddy move your fingers or I might cut them!"

While camping...
Zoey-"Lets go looking for monsters."

After camping and visiting Goldfield Ghost town for the weekend...
Mom- "Zoey we have to go home to our church."
Zoey- " I don't want to go to our church, I want to go to the cowboy church."

While taking Zoey Potty at 4:30am because she was in her SUPER undies she noticed that I was dressed. With a groggy voice, messy hair and sleepy eyes she said...
"Mom are you going to work?"
Mom- "Yes"
Zoey- "Well I'm gonna miss you!"

This girl is too cute! I can't get enough of her love and silliness!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here are some photos of Halloween. I was a Christmas Tree and made the costume myself. I got second place in a contest at work. Zoey was BEAUTIFUL as Belle. I did her hair and let her wear lipstick. She was prancing around all night like a princess. While trick or treating she would glide into the wagon as if it was a horse drawn carriage. If anyone asked her what her name was she replied with, "I'm Belle!" She was very graceful and acted the part of a princess. I was very impressed when she wanted to go though a haunted house that some teenagers put on. It had a loud chainsaw! Of course she plugged her ears but other than that she was super brave. We walked 12 long streets then we made a visit to popsie and grammy's house. Brit held down the fort and scared over 200 little trick or treaters!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Poop!

Today was soccer practice and we were 5 mins early. We meet in a park that has a school and lots of activity going on. I got everything set up and Zoey said she had to go potty. I usually tell her to go potty BEFORE we leave the house but this time I forgot. No one was really around so I pulled down her pants and told her she could go on the grass. As I was holding her shirt and yelling at Brit to chill out she let out a grunt. I instantly asked Zoey if she was going potty or poop and while grunting she said, "POOP!" I wanted to say "nooooooooo" but I just started laughing because it was too late. Brit looked up with an annoyed look on his face and told me I was nuts. Luckily, there were doggy bags near by for a quick clean up.

I will have to say next time I will think twice about letting Zoey go potty...in the park.