Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dentist

I love Zoey's dentist! Why can't businesses cater to kids a little more like Zoey's dentist! Once Zoey found out that the dentist does not give shots she was all about it!

Did you know that Zoey has an Ariel tooth, a sleeping beauty tooth, Cinderella tooth, and even a Belle tooth! And they are very clean! She was very exited to take pictures of her Princess teeth! However, her favorite part was watching TV upside down! Always fun! I am proud to say that Zoey has no cavities and is doing well brushing her teeth.

If you wanted to know Brit has a Prince Eric tooth, King Triton tooth, and even an Ursula tooth! He is berry special.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My bold 4 year old

Today was fast Sunday at church. Zoey being so bold wanted to go and bear her testimony. Brit tried to stop her and change her mind. So, she was sent to me. I asked her what she would say and she told me so I told her she could go up as long as she was reverent. As Zoey ran up there Brit turned to me and said, "If there are any issues you are going up there!" Can you tell we have had this problem before? Well, Zoey sat on the stand waiting for her turn then decided she wanted to find a better seat...so she did... the seat was so much better because it was higher on the stand. Once it was her turn the bishop pulled the stool out and lowered the pulpit. Zoey tried to reach for the mic but couldn't so the Bishop helped her. She looked at the crowed then turned to the Bishop (I can only imagine what she asked or told the bishop). I then went up there to remind Zoey of what she wanted to say. All in all it went great (I did not have to cover for Zoey). It was sweet and simple! Zoey is grateful for her family and she loves Jesus! Her favorite part was saying, "I'd like to bear my test-i-money".

I would have to say that Zoey has only seen Brit or me bear our "test-i-money" only once or twice. So thank you Cortina 1st ward for being an example to Zoey.

Way to go ZOEY!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anyone want to care for Zoey?

Brit and I are going on a cruise to Mexico in November. Our sitter that we had for Zoey is enrolling in school full time. So, long story short I need a new sitter for Zoey November 28 to December 5th. Anyone wanna help? I am willing to pay for the week. Arizona or California(we leave from CA) I don't really care I just can't make a trek to Utah. I can see if I can split the week with 2 people. Let me know if you know anyone responsible and interested.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Silly Town

The town of Queen Creek has changed our Zip code and let me tell you it sucks! The unincorporated part of Queen Creek has a new name of The San Tan Valley. Some how with that change they have changed our Zip code even though we were not effected by the new name. I still live in Queen Creek but I have a new Zip code of 85142! LAME LAME LAME I am going to get one of those big signs that say "Shame on Queen Creek"! I have a year to change my zip code for all my bills, friends, and other mail stuff. I just can't figure out the other stuff. Help me think of things that I need to change!

FHE with the Cundiffs

Dinner and FHE was fun. We had home made tacos but like Kristy's kids Zoey opted for cereal and a jelly sandwich. Then we had a kick ball game. Girls vs Boys I would have to say I was prepared to win. However, when Kristy allowed the ball to bounce off her head instead of catching it, I was scared. She did redeem herself by getting 2 outs in one play. I really doubted her but with kids like Nate and Hannah She would have to be rough and tough. The little kids, Zoey and boo boo, were playing in the dirt and stealing as many cookies as possible. (The boys won but it was a close game). On our way home Brit asked Zoey how many cookies she ate...I think she said six but I don't think she was counting!

After the game we played a spare of the moment made up quarter game. It was surprisingly fun. Everyone puts their hands under the table and passes a quarter and a penny. After 20 seconds everyone holds up their closed hands and slams them on the table. Object of the game is to guess which hand the quarter is under...It was a bit challenging with 3 little kids playing with pennies you could never tell which coins were in the game and which were out. However, it entertained the kids a little longer. I did nail it 3 times by guessing who had it. lets just say some people do not have a good poker face. Tip: Try not to take a drink or scratch because it shows that there is no coin under that hand...

I finished my paper for school. It was even turned in on time! And I started some HW for next week. I have a really bad case of senioritis!

Brit and I have been reading the relief society and priesthood manuals for our couples study. We finished President Taylor's manual and have moved on the President Kimbals manual. It was fun reading about his life story and trying to figure of if Aunt Ruth(Miller Side) would have had the opportunity to meet him... Anybody know? She might have been at the church meeting in Thacher Arizona right after his throat surgery.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Schedule

Monday-FHE with some friends. I'm not the host which is nice for a change. Write paper for Critical thinking class(only 600 words, I CAN DO IT!)
Tuesday- Make dinner for Heather(hope you like Costco pizza) and Zoey soccer practice
Wednesday- Soccer for me at 8:15pm in Tempe...It's gonna be a late night
Thursday-Brit church softball finals at 7pm if they win they have a game at 8 too!
Friday-Date night if I'm lucky!
Saturday- Zoey soccer game, Women's conference anyone know what time? HW for critical thinking class(group assignment)
Sunday- Brits turn to teach! Whoo hooo! I had to do sharing time and the lesson today! More HW for critical thinking class

Busy, busy busy fun filled week! Anyone wanna trade places?

Trailer Trash Party

The other night we had a trailer trash murder mystery party. It was a hootin good time. We all got to dress up getto and solve the the case. I was a drunk that was always making a huge scene... I fit this description well. Brit was Big Hoss the trailer park owner. It was great just to see everyone all dressed up. But the best part was having a fart machine hidden in the couch. I kept moving it around and no one could figure out where it was coming from but it was hilarious to say the least! Oh and beer or should I say root beer was passed out which added so much class to the party! Thanks friends for being so much fun!

Emily! Sweet Emily was our Murderer for the evening!

Zoey's first soccer game

Zoey had her first soccer game today and it was entertaining to say the least. All the girls were good but Zoey and another player. Zoey and her friend would throw a full on tantrum when they could not get the ball. Once during the game Zoey said with tears streaming down her face, " that girl stole the ball. It was my turn and she did not share!"It was a sad sad game. Luckily, we don't keep score at this age but I think the girls knew they lost 10-2. As a mom I've done a good job for teaching sharing but as a coach I think I am falling a little short on the rules of the game. I guess I have lots to teach them! Unfortunately, I was given 6 princesses and not 6 soccer players! Where did I go wrong thinking I could teach my princess loving child to be rough and tough! I love my Zoey but I think she just might not be cut out to be a soccer player like me.

Oh I almost forgot I called my #1 fan(Popsie) to come to Zoey's first soccer game and he said he couldn't make it(granted I only gave him an hour notice)! I was so sad but to my surprise he made it. My eyes swelled up with tears seeing my dad give her a huge hug after the game. Dad thanks for always being my #1 fan I loved having you cheer me on every week! I'm so glad Zoey can experience that love too! Your the best!

California trip

Ali and Patrick Moran were in CA so we hit up CA to visit with them. We had the luxury to spend a whole day(no kidding 6 hours on Friday)in Kirk and Alana's pool.

Most of the time we played dibble dabble...humm 4 hours sounds about right. You take a tooth pick and put it at the bottom of the drain and the first to see it, jump in after it, and grab it wins. I would have to say that Hailey and I dominated the game...good thing this is my blog... I wonder what the other players would say...anyway it was fun!
On Saturday Zoey and I hit up California Adventure for a few hours. Then we went to Jacob's Birthday party(Diana's Son). It was a Pirate pool party. More water fun! After that we went to Aunt Susie's for a dinner party with both Prices', Morans, Margaret, Ryan and Alison and us. It was Yummy turkey burgers...thanks Uncle Bill! I bounced out early because I had a Disneyland date with my sister! It was nice to go on Big girl rides all night! Best part about it was eating a WHOLE CHURRO all by ourselves! It was so nice not to hear a kid say, "I want some!" We savored every bite! It was the best girls night out in a long time! Thanks Di!


Labor day my family was in town and we went tubing down the salt river. It was planned for Saturday but it rained and we sat inside all day(and went to a place like Amazing Jakes)! But Monday was nice and sunny so we hit the river missing the Klase family! My brother Don made it which was most impressive!