Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas was perfect

We got to sleep in till about 8:15am. Zoey only talked about Christmas and presents once Brit mentioned it. So we went down stairs and Zoey looked at her stocking and said,"Mom Santa came!" As she opened one present out of her stocking she said, "It's princess stickers, but I didn't ask for that." With a sad and disappointed look on her face she said, "It's not Princess and the Popper". I told her to keep looking. She acknowledged the fact that Santa did not bring her dirt so she must have been a good girl. At that same moment she looked next to her stocking to find her Princess and the Popper Barbie doll. She was so excited she said, " Mom look he didn't forget me!" After that everything was good! We opened all the presents some with my parents and some without. We had pancakes for breakfast and watched Zoey's new movie "The 3 musketeers"...(Barbie version). She got the Barbie as well so it was cute to see her mimic the movie with her Barbie.

I was delighted to recieve and orange and white Coach purse! Brit got lots of movies and will buy the new lego ship that comes out on January 1st!

Pictures to come shortly!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It wouldn't be Christmas eve unless I worked at the Gap...11-4 is my shift. Then we will go to In n Out, look at a few Christmas lights, read Luke 2, watch Nightmare before Christmas, and make cookies for Santa. Best of all Santa is all set and will thoroughly enjoy a cookie sandwich with peppermint ice cream! Yum!

We did everything and Zoey was so cute! We read Luke 2, 2 kid books about the birth of Jesus, and then Twas the Night before Christmas. After that the Christmas Elf that has been watching Zoey all month(Elf on a shelf) left PJs for her on the porch. She was so excited! Her prayer tonight was extra special! "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for baby Jesus, grateful for the baby in mommy's belly and grateful for Santa Claus in the name of Jesus christ, amen."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marriage Proposal

Zoey had had her first marriage proposal today at church. I'm not sure on all the details but here is what I heard.
Braden- Zoey when we are mommies and daddies we are going to get married.
Zoey- Yeah and were are going to get married in the temple!
Charity- And we are going to be best friends.
Zoey- And have pretty dresses!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Everyone has an opinion...why can't I?

Just because I don't want to tell everyone the details of my life they feel that they can ask if I'm in a bad mood or if I missed my nap. Why would anyone say such a thing. I'm sure they consider it to be a joke but come on! How rude! Sometimes people drive me nuts. May God help us all to have compassion, empathy and respect for others rather than sarcasm!

Be nice to the random stranger in the grocery store and don't get offended when they don't want to tell you every detail because you ARE a stranger.

Don't be afraid to ask me questions but I'm just saying we all need to be respectful to other people's wishes. And If your reading this blog I sure I am confortable enough to tell you how I really feel. I'm just venting about a stranger who expected me to be their best friend just because I gave them a friendly smile.

21 weeks and counting

This gift is my belly is 21 weeks old and growing. I had an ultrasound to ensure that everything is okay. 90% is okay, baby is healthy and developing fine there is not a life threating issue. However, they are determining me to have Placenta praevia which means I might be forced to have a c-section. This I'm NOT okay with so pray that the placenta moves so that I can enjoy what I can of this pregnancy.

A perk to this is I am excused of strenuous(AKA ALL) housework or heavy lifting...

If you wish to find out more don't ask me read here...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little bit of Love and logic

Last night was a great night for love and logic. We had family night and Zoey got to pick just about everything. We went miniature golfing, I did not force her to golf she mainly rolled the ball in the hole and had tons of fun. She got to pick the course. And tell me how many hits it took her to get the ball in the hole. Zoey won of course! However, I beat Brit by 3 strokes. We had an Oh so sad moment when it was time to leave but it was entirely her problem and not ours. She stopped crying, kicking and screaming after about 3 mins.

After mini golf we went to MC Donald's and Zoey got to pick where we sat and what she ate.

Then we went to see the Temple lights. Zoey got to pick which direct we walked, which hand of mine she wanted to hold, which things to look at and how long. She started to run off to the small pond area that is behind the reflecting pool. If you have been to the Mesa Temple, there is a little ledge that you can sit on but it has water at the same level then water up higher. I wanted to protect her by stopping her or warning her but held my tongue... Zoey did not see the step that had water she just thought it was a step so my little Zoey fell in the water. Her whole right arm, side and face was drenched. She turned and looked at me and started crying. I was so excited I was ALMOST laughing. She did a mistake that was by the book, I was so excited to help her learn. We talked about it for a little and what she learned. She even got to decide if we were to stay for the music with a wet arm or go to the car and get warm. My little Zoey is so SMART she choose to go to the car, get warm, take off her shirt and put on daddy's jacket! She said that the water is cold and she wants to hold my hand the whole time. Brit and I giggled at her fun remarks. We also stopped to get some hot chocolate. Zoey learned a lot tonight and I'm totally excited!

With examining her face at home we noticed she scratched her face pretty good. I just hope she does not get a black eye.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Family Home Evening

Getting updated

I have been doing Homework the last 4 months without wireless Internet. It has been annoying but manageable. Thursday Brit got the wireless Internet to work! I am so thrilled with my mobility! However, on Saturday while doing my final my wire shorted to my laptop and it died! So we went to the store to get a new cord. I expected it to be $40 or $50 bucks but it was $115! I figured for that price I might as well buy a new computer. Sooooo we did and it works great and is super nice. Only problem is I still needed access to my OLD laptop to get all of my work off of it. So I turned around and bought the cord too. Needless to say we now have 2 laptops that work great yet I am still using the old one. Fancy that huh? Brit is happy he doesn't have to worry about fixing the desktop that just decided to stop working a few months ago. With Brits access to the new computer he downloaded all my pictures that I have failed to upload. (Sorry, homework is more important then least for now.) Now that all the pictures are uploaded I will be able to post some for your enjoyment.

*Did I mention I hate computers and if I was not an online student I would do without!

One more down 5 to go...

I finished my research class today. I managed to go on a cruise and still keep a descent grade
That class was so horrible!

Ice Skating

We went Ice skating for the heck of it. Zoey and I bundled up and Brit said he was sweating just looking at us.

Zoey did very well while skating it took us about 10 minutes to get around the Ice the first time and 2 hours later it only took her 2 mins to get around. She got good at keeping her legs together while I pulled her along.

She tried running a few times which didn't help, but she had a smile that went from ear to ear! She even did well on her own but wouldn't let me get too far away. It was a fun night that I hope to repeat very soon.

*Brit and I managed to stay on our feet the whole time

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 8 Picking up Zoey

We disembarked the ship and Doug took us to our car. We then went to pick up Zoey who was very excited to see her parents. The pictures are priceless!

We went back to Dave and Kelli's where Zoey and I enjoyed a nap. After the nap and dinner Zoey and I went to Disneyland to see It's a small world and Jack(the haunted mansion). They were both well worth the wait.

Day 7 at sea

Brit woke up and headed for the pool. I was tired and the water was really choppy so I enjoyed one more hour of sleep. I then ate a bit of breakfast and met Brit at a culinary and kitchen tour. It was in the big theater(which made me queasy the last 3 times I was there) I ended up leaving after a few minutes into the presentation to alleviate my breakfast and take a nap. I took Dramamine so I think it was a combination of sea sickness and being Prego. After a 3 hour nap Brit came back and we went up on deck to enjoy the sun on the back of the boat. Today has been really windy so the pools at the back are the ones with the least amount of wind with an awesome view! The boat has 4 tiers at the back with a pool on each level. Brit swam a bit while I read on a lounge chair. Again, we were stopped several times by guests that wanted to chat and laugh about last night’s game show. We then played trivia and got ready for dinner. Dinner was good, I had a New York strip steak and to be brave tonight I tried muscles. Muscles were very good with a little bit of butter. For dessert I had mud pie and Brit had Baked Alaska, I thought it was good but I’m not a fan of meringue so I’m glad he ordered it. I am proud that I tried so many different things and I am amazed at the different textures and tastes. It was a once in a life time kind of thing and I am proud to say that I did it(the food, not the cruise).

Day 6 Cabo

We only had a ½ day at cabo so we woke up super early to get to the beach. We watched the sunrise and by the time we were getting off the dock the sun was warm and toasty. We walked our way over to Tabasco beach and laid on the beach. We enjoyed the clear and warm water.

We read a bit while baking in the sun while ignoring beach vendors. Within the first 5 minutes of being on the beach we decided that our vacation next year would be 7 days in Cabo! Anyone care to join us?

After that we went to CaboWabo and enjoyed GREAT tacos and some not so great guacamole. I also indulged in a bean and cheese burrito which was AMAZING! I need to figure out how they cook their beans and what kind of cheese they use! We headed back to the boat and I enjoyed a nice lobster dinner with King Prawns both were very tasty! However, I tried white fish caviar and salmon egg row both known as fish eggs. They were very salty I only needed one bite to know that I did not like it.

The highlight of the night was that we were on the boats “marriage game show” We were the newlyweds. The questions were funny and our answers were even funnier. However, the old couple that was married for 53 years won. It was fun to say the least! I would enlighten you in on the questions and answers but this blog is for Zoey so I don’t want to make her puke when she reads it. After that we were like celebrities people were always commenting on how funny we were and our answers to some of the questions. It was fun to say the least.

Day 5 Mazatlan

We slept in a bit more than yesterday. We strolled off the ship around 9 and made our way through the sea time share salesmen. We grabbed a taxi and made our way to the Golden Zone. The golden Zone was for tourist, resorts and shopping. We found a taco shop that had some not so great machacia tacos but GREAT salsa and chips.

The ship and a resort had a deal where we could use the resort’s beach and pool for free. It was there that I got my hair braided for 20 bucks. The woman was amazing! She did one braid in 20 seconds. It took her 20 mins to do my whole head. She started braiding hair when she was 10 years old and it took her 5 years to become fast at it. It was absolutely amazing.

After a day in the sun and lounging on the beach we hired a cab to find us some good authentic tacos. He did a good job, it was cheep but yummy!

Brit ordered a coke and the lady said yes. A few mins later her son ran across the street to a liquor store to grab the coke, ran back and handed it to Brit. We laughed but thought they were inventive. The tacos were just as good as the PV tacos. The taxi ride back to the ship was fun it was these little go carts that were open with no doors or windows. He drove fast and gave us a little tour and some history of the town. I had lamb for dinner… note to self I like lamb. After dinner we went to the comedian who had clean and funny jokes. Many of the jokes had to do with the showers on the boat. I had a good chuckle!

Day 4 Puerto Vallarta

We arose early and got a taxi and headed downtown for an adventure to find some awesome tacos. We walked up and down the streets and shopped for nothing. We looked at the beach and were not impressed. We were told that there are 11 rivers that run down the mountains through the streets and into the not so beautiful beaches. We found some tacos in a so called farmers market. Yummy but different!

We walked along the beach towards some resorts and were bombarded by the portable beach vendors on foot…Ha-ha that was fun! No gracias, no gracias, no gracias, no gracias….you get the picture. We made our way down the beach and snuck into the Sheratons pool area. This pool was awesome it was big and had a few islands in the middle that was made of planters and shrubs. We saw a few friendly and bold iguanas that made their way through the lounge chairs, swam in the pool to make it to the island.

As I was lying out one walked under my chair to make his way to the pool. They were so awesome! It made me miss my childhood pet iguana, Petunia. After that we made our way to the busy streets to find some hole in the wall taco joints! We found what we were looking for they were so tasty and authentic. After the tacos we were debating about how to get back to the boat. Walk, Taxi, or public bus. We talked with the locals to figure out how much and which bus to ride on…there were hundreds! We hopped aboard and paid 5 and ½ pesos… I think that’s 40 cents. There was not really any sitting room so we stood in the back. It was dirty but worth the adventure. The bus had about 30 seats and about 25 people on it and by the time we made it to our stop which was 5 minutes away there were about 50 people crammed into that old, almost broken down bus! The best part is they would gas it really hard and break at the last minute. I thought were going to crash a few times. Another interesting fact about PV is they spare only inches while driving. PV is a place I never want to drive. If I had the crazy idea of looking out the window or even sticking out my hand out it would have been hit by another bus or car speeding by. They have no concept of using a blinker and a horn is blown every second! It was awesome and we arrived safely at the dock. We did a bit of shopping and haggling which worked in everyones favor. Brit was giving the vendors a hard time so one smart one said…"Hey Gordo! I have shirts in your size!” They got very creative with says like...
You buy and I give you free bag
My turn, my turn look at my shop
Name your price…Oh no that’s too low
Oh you don’t want theirs it fake but mine is the real thing
Buy a necklace for your senorita she deserves it
I was impressed with their funny lines
Once back on the boat we had dinner and I was brave by having escargot (snails), French onion soup and for the main course…frog legs! The escargot was not bad I ate 3 out of 6 but then got freaked out that I was eating snails. The French onion soup was to die for. Brit said it was just as good as Claim Jumper (the best in his opinion). I had one bite of the frog legs and wanted to puke! They were very tough and very fishy. I was happy I tried them but they were not worth another bite. I had a creaser salad to make up for it.

Day 3 at sea

I woke up early this morning had a light snack and then enjoyed a 75 min massage and facial. I even got to enjoy it on my belly before the baby bump got too big! We sat at the adult pool and enjoyed seeing a few islands and a bit of Baja. We called Zoey and she like talking but she enjoyed giggling more with Boston and Jackson. It was something funny about diapers…I guess they think diapers are funny now that they don’t wear them! We then had lunch in the dinning room with an old couple that were dating…and a funny and “lovely” couple from England. I LOVED the way she talked. She was so candid and funny. She wanted to know what we thought about Obama and the health care plan. The old couple were strong democrats so we let them have their 2 cents and when they left we gave the English couple our thoughts. She said it was very different from what the news portrayed to them back at home. After lunch I went to the pool and Brit got a shave. He enjoyed having someone else shave him. Fat chance of that ever happening again…just kidding. We played shuffle board and wandered for a while. The highlight of the night was a blackjack tournament that Brit played in. Everyone paid 20 bucks and was given $1000 in chips. Players played 7 hands and whoever maximized the $1000 the best continued on. The best six went to the final round with one wild card. He was at the first table out of 5. After the fist qualifier he was 3rd but ended up tied for 6th with a total of $2,900. So they had a tie breaker. Brit won the tie breaker round and went on to the finals. He ending up in 3rd place over all but did not win the jackpot of $500.

Day 2 at sea

We went to bed early so I woke up and decided to go for a mile run. It was wonderful I felt like I was running up and down hills from the rocking for the boat! We had a late breakfast and were not feeling too well. We went up on deck to get some sun and enjoy the pool. There were a few kids up on deck that reminded us of Zoey but we were glad to be able to sit still and enjoy the sun. We realized that we were not eating frequent enough which allowed us to feel queasy. So our sickness problem was solved but eating more! This is not hard to do on an all you can eat cruise ship. We went to the casino and gambled away some of our money. $40 only got us 30 mins of fun …I picked up some cute diamond earrings aka Cubic zirconium to help my casual skirt and flip flops look formal. Brit went to the buffet and skipped the formal evening he refused to wear kakis and a short sleeved shirt with a bow tie. I told the table that he was not feeling well…bad idea. Old people never forget when someone is not feeling well. He had to answer the “How are you feeling” question every night after that! Whoops.

Day 1 Set sail for Mexican Riviera

We boarded the Sapphire Princess at 3pm and then went on a scavenger hunt to find all the lounges that would be useful. It was something to do and it was fun to wander around. We went to the top deck for the “castaway” party but were distracted by a container ship that was loading and unloading. We then had a survival meeting that required us to take our life jackets and practice putting them on. I giggled at the sight of 1000 people in orange life vests just sitting in a theater. After that we headed to the pool and then went off to dinner. While at dinner and in the theater I developed a headache and started to feel nausea I told myself that I just needed food and rest so I hoped for a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Countdown

We leave on a cruise for Mexico in 3 days! I am so unprepared! My mind is racing and never seem to have enough time in the day to do what I need to. My simple prayer is that I can do what I need to with little to no tears, not forget anything and relax in 4 days!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Zoey's last Soccer game!

Zoey had her last soccer game on Saturday and she did really well. She played the 1st half and was actually kicking the ball! I was amazed! After playing a while she was brave and went in the pack of kids to get the ball. She was doing great until she hit her nose on someone's head and got a bloody nose. It was a good one and she was a trooper! GO ZOEY! First battle wound from soccer, but I think it's the last. I asked her if she wanted to play next season and she said she did not like soccer. Bummer deal!

Good news is I no longer have to coach!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week 17 of baby #2

I had my 3rd Doctor appointment for this gift in my belly. I would have to say that I have not felt pregnant until today(excluding the missed periods and nausea)! I haven't really told to many people. I guess it's been kinda hush hush to my friends. Likewise, to me. But now you know! It's kinda nice just being in my own business. I like not having 10 questions with every person I say "Hi" to so here is the dish. I'm pregnant...isn't that all you need to know?

1. I'm not finding out what I'm having
2. Because I don't want to
3. Yes, I found out with Zoey
4. I'm feeling fine... but it's random when I'm not and would you really want to know that I'm feeling like crap?
5. Yes, We are all excited
6. Zoey of course wants a girl
7. We would love for it to be a boy...because we already have a girl
8. Sometime in May
9. If I told you the name you would be shocked and say I'm crazy so you'll just have to wait till May
10. Don't ask if I'm going to have a 3rd while I'm still pregnant with #2!

I realized that this child is 5 inches and weighs almost a pound so I should start feeling pregnant. I was doing great on maintaining weight I only gained a pound but today the doctor said I gained 5 pounds. Whatever, I just ate a huge lunch that has to account for 3 pounds! But 3,4 maybe 6 pounds in 17 weeks I guess I can handle that.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Recently, I have not done a good job at being a good "love and logic" parent. I am in the process of correcting my ways. I need to think of better options and have more patients. Brit and I decited that we need to read the book agian. I love having a spouse that is on the same page as me and always willing to improve. So, school homework is at idle till Sunday which gives me 3 days to buy the book, read it and become a better Mom. I always get excited when I decide to be a better Mom because it makes parenting, easy, and most of all fun.

I have had a crazy few months and have neglected to involve Zoey in day chores, options and activities. I have just been taking things away with (bad option) choices. Two weeks ago she would not clean her room so I took EVERYTHING out of her room except for her bed. She has been earning them back. However, I realized that I did not accepted the fact that I was allowing Zoey to be spoiled by not giving her daily options, choices, and chores... If that makes any sense.

Today was a new day! At the beginnings of a meltdown I heard a small voice that said, "Options". The Holy Ghost flooded my mind with great options that both Zoey and I were pleased with. So tonight was stress free and fun. We all had a pleasant dinner, Zoey cleared the entire table while Brit did dishes and I relaxed on the couch! After that we all snuggled on the couch so Zoey and Brit could watch a comic book cartoon while took a nap! Zoey then cleaned her room and got another piece of furniture to add back to her room (her princess table). Life is good with options.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


As I mentioned before, my daughter has a stealing problem. Today, I delighted in the opportunity that I had to teach Zoey honesty.
Zoey came home from daycare and was very excited to show me her fifty cents that Michael "gave" her. As I probed with questions I found out that Michael did not "give" her the money but left the money on the table.

I compared it to hypothetical situation and asked the following questions...If Charity came over to play and took your Belle dress without asking would you be happy or sad? Did Charity ask for the dress? Did you say she could have it? But you left it on the floor and then left, does that mean Charity can take it? What would that be called? Does Michael know where his money is? How do you think Michael feels? What should you do to help him feel happy?

Zoey answered every question perfect! She even had comical happy and sad facial expressions. She decided that she should return the money with a piece of candy to ease the deal. Michael who is 8 was unaffected and possibly a little annoyed with the whole situation but I on the other hand am a proud parent!

The best part is I know that a valuable lesson has been learned because I can hear Zoey (right now) disciplining her frog for stealing!

Unfortunately, Zoey might accuse Charity of stealing next time she comes over...Zoey took that hypothetical situation a little rough.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Dry Night!

Night time potty training has been a process to say the least. I'm not annoyed or frustrated that Zoey is not night time potty trained. I know it will come when she is ready. She is so self sufficient with her pull ups it's great. Last night we ran out of pull ups so we tried super panties(really expensive princess underwear...$8). Every once in a while she has a dry night but that requires wake up times(from me) at 9pm,10pm, and 12am. Yesterday, she did an 8pm, 10pm, 2am, and 4:30am. She did great and the best part about is she did the 2am wake up on her own! I might not have to buy pull ups any more...But if I do, I will not be disappointed because I know it will come in time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A few fun quotes

While carving pumpkins...
Zoey- "Daddy move your fingers or I might cut them!"

While camping...
Zoey-"Lets go looking for monsters."

After camping and visiting Goldfield Ghost town for the weekend...
Mom- "Zoey we have to go home to our church."
Zoey- " I don't want to go to our church, I want to go to the cowboy church."

While taking Zoey Potty at 4:30am because she was in her SUPER undies she noticed that I was dressed. With a groggy voice, messy hair and sleepy eyes she said...
"Mom are you going to work?"
Mom- "Yes"
Zoey- "Well I'm gonna miss you!"

This girl is too cute! I can't get enough of her love and silliness!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here are some photos of Halloween. I was a Christmas Tree and made the costume myself. I got second place in a contest at work. Zoey was BEAUTIFUL as Belle. I did her hair and let her wear lipstick. She was prancing around all night like a princess. While trick or treating she would glide into the wagon as if it was a horse drawn carriage. If anyone asked her what her name was she replied with, "I'm Belle!" She was very graceful and acted the part of a princess. I was very impressed when she wanted to go though a haunted house that some teenagers put on. It had a loud chainsaw! Of course she plugged her ears but other than that she was super brave. We walked 12 long streets then we made a visit to popsie and grammy's house. Brit held down the fort and scared over 200 little trick or treaters!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Poop!

Today was soccer practice and we were 5 mins early. We meet in a park that has a school and lots of activity going on. I got everything set up and Zoey said she had to go potty. I usually tell her to go potty BEFORE we leave the house but this time I forgot. No one was really around so I pulled down her pants and told her she could go on the grass. As I was holding her shirt and yelling at Brit to chill out she let out a grunt. I instantly asked Zoey if she was going potty or poop and while grunting she said, "POOP!" I wanted to say "nooooooooo" but I just started laughing because it was too late. Brit looked up with an annoyed look on his face and told me I was nuts. Luckily, there were doggy bags near by for a quick clean up.

I will have to say next time I will think twice about letting Zoey go the park.

Monday, October 19, 2009

California fun!

While on the pirates of the Caribbean ride I asked Zoey which pirate was her favorite. I was expecting her to point to the next pirate she saw but she responded with...Daddy! Can you guess what Brit is going to be for Halloween?

We had a great time in California this weekend. Disneyland was packed to say the least but the Halloween decor in the haunted mansion was worth it. We also enjoyed the fireworks and thought they were spooktacular! Zoey requested to go on haunted mansion twice and liked the Oggie Boogie man's fireworks. On the way home Zoey was singing..."Everybody scream, everybody Scream!"

However, The best part of California was making my very own leather belt! Yep, I made it! Uncle Dave was a great teacher and let me use all his leather making materials. Although the boy scout stamps were tempting...I went with all stars small, medium, and large. The medium stars are orange and the large stars are black. It also has a very special saying going across the back...BACK OFF! It is very impressive you must see it.

While driving to CA I asked Zoey what she wanted to be when she grew up. After thinking about it she said with much enthusiasm, "A Grandma!" I advised her she would have to be a mom first and she said she would be a mom just like me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Phone

Zoey stayed home with Dad yesterday while he was sick. I called to check on him and to my surprise Zoey answered the phone with many things to talk about. We chatted for a few mins then after the me asking 10 times she finally relinquished the phone over to Brit. Well, a while later the phone rang again and Zoey answered...Hello Mommy! However, It was not me! Zoey chatted with this fellow for a few mins and kept repeating, "No, I am ZOEY ORANGE MILLER"! After Brit realized that this conversation did not sound like a mommy-Zoey conversation he took the phone away. Hope that sales guy enjoyed that!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Potty time is play time

Yesterday, Zoey said she had to go to the bathroom. I thought it was silly she was telling me but I think she was looking for company. In hind sight I should have helped her. Long story short 8 hours later I went in the bathroom to find a "log" in the toilet...with no toilet paper and maxi pads circling the toilet seat. It was a sight to see and I should have taken a picture but I was too tired. Brit and I had a good laugh. And when my butt stuck to the toilet this morning from the glue it was hard not to smile! Zoey you never fail to amaze me!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Whats mine is yours...

Zoey got a card in the mail for Aunt Kelli that had $2 bill in it. Zoey claims that it is $1 and regardless of how hard I try it is still $1. She took it an put it in her wallet and then in her purse. She has another $1 in her wallet left over from Valentine's day. Brit and I know that her wallet has $3 in it. Well, Yesterday we all took a nap and as I started to make dinner Brit said to Zoey you better keep your wallet in a safe place because it has lots of money in it. Zoey's eyes lit up and said YEAH! As Brit went to pull out the $3 he was shocked to find $63 in her wallet. Zoey had the great idea to take the money from my wallet and put it in hers. This is not the first time this has happened. She took 2 gift cards from a friend's birthday party when she was 2.

If Zoey's in town and your missing money you might want to check her purse!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There is a first for everything

Zoey has had a few comments lately that have been funny to say the least...
(in no particular order)

  • Talking to Heavenly Father..."Why do you make mommy sick?" Short pause "Mom He said Yes, your sick!"
  • Your a loser (Brit and I both said, "Where did you learn that?" Luckily, she did not say MOM and DAD.)
  • Zoey:"Let's go see Porter" Me: "Where is Porter?" Zoey: "In Idaho" Me: "Is Idaho close or far away like Disneyland?" Zoey: "Far... lets go to Disneyland!"
  • Did you eat a baby?...Silly!
  • sniff sniff, "You stink did you fart?"
  • I want to go in the cow car (Chick-fil-a play place)
  • In the middle of a full blown crying tantrum with tears streaming down her face because Chick-fil-a was closed "I want Mc Donalds!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dentist

I love Zoey's dentist! Why can't businesses cater to kids a little more like Zoey's dentist! Once Zoey found out that the dentist does not give shots she was all about it!

Did you know that Zoey has an Ariel tooth, a sleeping beauty tooth, Cinderella tooth, and even a Belle tooth! And they are very clean! She was very exited to take pictures of her Princess teeth! However, her favorite part was watching TV upside down! Always fun! I am proud to say that Zoey has no cavities and is doing well brushing her teeth.

If you wanted to know Brit has a Prince Eric tooth, King Triton tooth, and even an Ursula tooth! He is berry special.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My bold 4 year old

Today was fast Sunday at church. Zoey being so bold wanted to go and bear her testimony. Brit tried to stop her and change her mind. So, she was sent to me. I asked her what she would say and she told me so I told her she could go up as long as she was reverent. As Zoey ran up there Brit turned to me and said, "If there are any issues you are going up there!" Can you tell we have had this problem before? Well, Zoey sat on the stand waiting for her turn then decided she wanted to find a better she did... the seat was so much better because it was higher on the stand. Once it was her turn the bishop pulled the stool out and lowered the pulpit. Zoey tried to reach for the mic but couldn't so the Bishop helped her. She looked at the crowed then turned to the Bishop (I can only imagine what she asked or told the bishop). I then went up there to remind Zoey of what she wanted to say. All in all it went great (I did not have to cover for Zoey). It was sweet and simple! Zoey is grateful for her family and she loves Jesus! Her favorite part was saying, "I'd like to bear my test-i-money".

I would have to say that Zoey has only seen Brit or me bear our "test-i-money" only once or twice. So thank you Cortina 1st ward for being an example to Zoey.

Way to go ZOEY!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anyone want to care for Zoey?

Brit and I are going on a cruise to Mexico in November. Our sitter that we had for Zoey is enrolling in school full time. So, long story short I need a new sitter for Zoey November 28 to December 5th. Anyone wanna help? I am willing to pay for the week. Arizona or California(we leave from CA) I don't really care I just can't make a trek to Utah. I can see if I can split the week with 2 people. Let me know if you know anyone responsible and interested.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Silly Town

The town of Queen Creek has changed our Zip code and let me tell you it sucks! The unincorporated part of Queen Creek has a new name of The San Tan Valley. Some how with that change they have changed our Zip code even though we were not effected by the new name. I still live in Queen Creek but I have a new Zip code of 85142! LAME LAME LAME I am going to get one of those big signs that say "Shame on Queen Creek"! I have a year to change my zip code for all my bills, friends, and other mail stuff. I just can't figure out the other stuff. Help me think of things that I need to change!

FHE with the Cundiffs

Dinner and FHE was fun. We had home made tacos but like Kristy's kids Zoey opted for cereal and a jelly sandwich. Then we had a kick ball game. Girls vs Boys I would have to say I was prepared to win. However, when Kristy allowed the ball to bounce off her head instead of catching it, I was scared. She did redeem herself by getting 2 outs in one play. I really doubted her but with kids like Nate and Hannah She would have to be rough and tough. The little kids, Zoey and boo boo, were playing in the dirt and stealing as many cookies as possible. (The boys won but it was a close game). On our way home Brit asked Zoey how many cookies she ate...I think she said six but I don't think she was counting!

After the game we played a spare of the moment made up quarter game. It was surprisingly fun. Everyone puts their hands under the table and passes a quarter and a penny. After 20 seconds everyone holds up their closed hands and slams them on the table. Object of the game is to guess which hand the quarter is under...It was a bit challenging with 3 little kids playing with pennies you could never tell which coins were in the game and which were out. However, it entertained the kids a little longer. I did nail it 3 times by guessing who had it. lets just say some people do not have a good poker face. Tip: Try not to take a drink or scratch because it shows that there is no coin under that hand...

I finished my paper for school. It was even turned in on time! And I started some HW for next week. I have a really bad case of senioritis!

Brit and I have been reading the relief society and priesthood manuals for our couples study. We finished President Taylor's manual and have moved on the President Kimbals manual. It was fun reading about his life story and trying to figure of if Aunt Ruth(Miller Side) would have had the opportunity to meet him... Anybody know? She might have been at the church meeting in Thacher Arizona right after his throat surgery.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Schedule

Monday-FHE with some friends. I'm not the host which is nice for a change. Write paper for Critical thinking class(only 600 words, I CAN DO IT!)
Tuesday- Make dinner for Heather(hope you like Costco pizza) and Zoey soccer practice
Wednesday- Soccer for me at 8:15pm in Tempe...It's gonna be a late night
Thursday-Brit church softball finals at 7pm if they win they have a game at 8 too!
Friday-Date night if I'm lucky!
Saturday- Zoey soccer game, Women's conference anyone know what time? HW for critical thinking class(group assignment)
Sunday- Brits turn to teach! Whoo hooo! I had to do sharing time and the lesson today! More HW for critical thinking class

Busy, busy busy fun filled week! Anyone wanna trade places?

Trailer Trash Party

The other night we had a trailer trash murder mystery party. It was a hootin good time. We all got to dress up getto and solve the the case. I was a drunk that was always making a huge scene... I fit this description well. Brit was Big Hoss the trailer park owner. It was great just to see everyone all dressed up. But the best part was having a fart machine hidden in the couch. I kept moving it around and no one could figure out where it was coming from but it was hilarious to say the least! Oh and beer or should I say root beer was passed out which added so much class to the party! Thanks friends for being so much fun!

Emily! Sweet Emily was our Murderer for the evening!

Zoey's first soccer game

Zoey had her first soccer game today and it was entertaining to say the least. All the girls were good but Zoey and another player. Zoey and her friend would throw a full on tantrum when they could not get the ball. Once during the game Zoey said with tears streaming down her face, " that girl stole the ball. It was my turn and she did not share!"It was a sad sad game. Luckily, we don't keep score at this age but I think the girls knew they lost 10-2. As a mom I've done a good job for teaching sharing but as a coach I think I am falling a little short on the rules of the game. I guess I have lots to teach them! Unfortunately, I was given 6 princesses and not 6 soccer players! Where did I go wrong thinking I could teach my princess loving child to be rough and tough! I love my Zoey but I think she just might not be cut out to be a soccer player like me.

Oh I almost forgot I called my #1 fan(Popsie) to come to Zoey's first soccer game and he said he couldn't make it(granted I only gave him an hour notice)! I was so sad but to my surprise he made it. My eyes swelled up with tears seeing my dad give her a huge hug after the game. Dad thanks for always being my #1 fan I loved having you cheer me on every week! I'm so glad Zoey can experience that love too! Your the best!

California trip

Ali and Patrick Moran were in CA so we hit up CA to visit with them. We had the luxury to spend a whole day(no kidding 6 hours on Friday)in Kirk and Alana's pool.

Most of the time we played dibble dabble...humm 4 hours sounds about right. You take a tooth pick and put it at the bottom of the drain and the first to see it, jump in after it, and grab it wins. I would have to say that Hailey and I dominated the game...good thing this is my blog... I wonder what the other players would say...anyway it was fun!
On Saturday Zoey and I hit up California Adventure for a few hours. Then we went to Jacob's Birthday party(Diana's Son). It was a Pirate pool party. More water fun! After that we went to Aunt Susie's for a dinner party with both Prices', Morans, Margaret, Ryan and Alison and us. It was Yummy turkey burgers...thanks Uncle Bill! I bounced out early because I had a Disneyland date with my sister! It was nice to go on Big girl rides all night! Best part about it was eating a WHOLE CHURRO all by ourselves! It was so nice not to hear a kid say, "I want some!" We savored every bite! It was the best girls night out in a long time! Thanks Di!


Labor day my family was in town and we went tubing down the salt river. It was planned for Saturday but it rained and we sat inside all day(and went to a place like Amazing Jakes)! But Monday was nice and sunny so we hit the river missing the Klase family! My brother Don made it which was most impressive!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Zoey Queen of the Outdoors

This last weekend we went camping with our ward from church. We enjoyed taking a day off work to enjoy nature. This was our first camping trip outside our backyard with our new tent(we went last year but used my Dad's tent). We went up to Payson and pitched our tent in a premo spot! We had Chick-fil-a for dinner then had S'mores for a nice treat over the camp fire.

In the morning we made omelets in a Dutch oven that were tasty and healthy. Zoey didn't eat much because her best friend had pancakes so she mooched off of them.

We had all day Friday to have fun and enjoy time away from the city. We got a little bored so we took a drive to check out other camp sites in Payson. We ended up going to Tonto Creek to go to the hatchery but got side tracked when we saw a catch a fish pond. Charity and Zoey were able to go fishing. Before we started I got the low down on the rules and I'm glad I did! You pay a buck for food and a pole and can catch fish all day long. However, If you catch it you buy it. The lady said each fish will be about $8. So, I put some food on the line and before Zoey could grab it I had a fish on the line. Luckily, Zoey was delayed with the net so it fell back in the pond. I got a little smarter the second time... I let them fish with no bate for 5 minutes! Once they got bored with that I put some bate on the line and handed the pole to Zoey. She did great till I said she got a fish and she ran away for safety. The girls were good at catching the fish in the net! Charity had a turn catching a fish too and also ran away when I told her she caught a fish. So with 2 fish in our bucket we checked out. I paid $1 for a pole, $1 for the lady to clean both fish and cut the heads off, and $8 for each fish... all for 10 minutes of fun! I really would have paid more for her to clean the fish! After our fun we went back to camp and roasted the fish in foil with butter, seasoning and lemon juice. The girls each had a bite and I finished it for lunch(Brit only had the guts to document the experience and pull the hook out of the fishes mouth).
We had successful foil dinners with Emeril's Essence seasoning. Brit was impressed because he never had one that turned out right. Then I made a delicious Blueberry Peach Cobbler that was not on weight watchers but yummy!
It was a tasty and fun experience and are excited to do it again soon.
Who wants to takes us rough girls on a real fishing trip?